Institutional Hoaxing – Brilliant Video Shows How Media, Joe Biden and Govt Health Officials Drove the Omicron Fear Narrative

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on December 31, 2021 | Sundance | 241 Comments

The already low credibility of media and the political health establishment has collapsed more in the final week of this year than most months preceding it.   Why?

The main cause of this specific moment, an inflection point in the arc of COVID history, was the Omicron “winter of death” narrative pushed by Joe Biden, the COVID taskforce, government health officials, left-wing politicians and media.   The Omicron doom and fear narrative became a parody of itself.   One brilliant videographer has put together a mashup showing what took place in the past ten days.

It all started with ultra-progressive Harris County, Texas, Judge Lina Hidalgo holding a dramatic press conference to report that an unvaccinated man in Houston, who was in his 50s, had died from the omicron variant (pictured left).

However, only one journalist actually called the hospital to check the claim and discovered what progressive Judge Lina Hildago claimed was actually false.  There was no unvaccinated 50-year-old man who died from Omicron in the hospital.  It was all made up by the judicial version of AOC.

Unfortunately, once the media, medical establishment and politicians had that press conference soundbite, FROM A JUDGE – not a doctor, they were off to the races.  This video brilliantly shows what happened next.  WATCH:

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