Chuck Schumer Threatens Deadline, Without Votes, of January 17 to Change Senate Rules for Legislation

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on January 3, 2022 | Sundance | 190 Comments

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is using the J6 ‘threat to our democracy‘ narrative in an effort to gain support for legislation that will permit the federal takeover of elections.  In a letter today, Schumer sets a deadline date of January 17 for a change in the Senate rules to remove the filibuster.

Schumer writes this letter without actually having the needed number of votes to change the rules, but he’s attempting to create pressure on fellow Democrats.   Full propaganda letter below, but here’s the part that matters:

WASHINGTON DC –  Chuck Schumer is attempting a filibuster Hail Mary as Democrats’ agenda on both elections reform and President Joe Biden’s economic plans remains stalled at the beginning of a critical midterm election year.

The Senate majority leader warned Monday that the Senate will debate and vote on changes to the chamber’s rules by January 17, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, unless Republicans get out of the way on elections reform. His threat seems inevitable, since Republicans are almost certain to block Democrats’ next attempt to bring up their priority legislation. (read more)

As we previously noted, the entire roadmap for Democrats in the 2022 mid-term election is predicated on exploitation of the J6 ‘danger to democracy‘ narrative.  They have multiple approaches, most of which will evidence as efforts in stupidity, toward using the J6 narrative.

With the current landscape of diminished support for Biden and Democrats, and with the Biden administration increasingly looking ridiculous as they try and rebrand their messaging, the political outlook simply does not look *good for their success.  However, it’s likely they will keep trying.

*Note of caution – it must always be remembered, no political group has more experience than Republicans at turning an easy win into a convoluted hot mess of failure, simply because almost half the GOP idiots are closet Democrats.  There are approximately 16 to 18 Republican senators less conservative than Democrat Senator Joe Manchin.

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