French President Emmanuel Macron Declares Unvaccinated as “Annoying, Non-Citizens”

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on January 5, 2022 | sundance | 253 Comments

Serrez plus fort, mes amis – squeeze harder. This only ends one way.

The communist leftists in France have always had a problem with their citizenry.  Their biggest challenge is that France, has a strong historic sense of nationalism.  The modern political left in Europe has worked earnestly to erode that cultural truth, and the leftists in the U.S. have tried to assist them throughout.  This is the essential reason why the U.S. State Department deployed the “Rivkin Project.”

Like Barack Obama, Emmanuel Macron was installed by the larger assembly of Vichy Communists; and just like the previous Tea Party rose up to confront President Obama, in France the Yellow Vest movement appeared to confront President Macron.   We are finally at a time where people are able to see these connective tissues, and that my friends is a very good outcome.

We the people, those who understand the deepest values of nationalism in the cultural and political battle against globalism, need these installed leaders to remain visible.

We need them to squeeze harder because every time they do, more people awaken.

French President Emmanuel Macron feels emboldened by the rise of COVID fear.  Pretenses are being dropped as these words were spoken yesterday about the citizens of France:

(EuroNews) […] Macron told Le Parisien that he had decided to act against the non-vaccinated, by “limiting as much as possible their access to social life activity”.  “The unvaccinated, I really want to piss them off. And so we will continue to do so, to the bitter end. That’s the strategy,” the head of state said. “When my freedom comes to threaten that of other people, I become irresponsible. An irresponsible person is no longer a citizen.”

The president’s language is being seen as an inversion of a comment by one of his predecessors Georges Pompidou, who said it was time to “stop pissing off the French people” in 1966 when he was prime minister.

“I am not going to put them in prison, I am not going to forcibly vaccinate them,” Macron went on. “Therefore you have to say to them: from January 15 you can no longer go to a restaurant, you can no longer go for a drink, you can no longer go for a coffee, you can no longer go to the theatre, you can no longer go to the cinema,” the president said.  (read more)

Barack Obama was installed; the American people are starting to realize.

Justin Trudeau was installed; the Canadian people are starting to realize.

Jacinda Ardern was installed; the people of New Zealand are starting to realize.

Emmanuel Macron was installed; the French people are starting to realize.

Ursula von der Leyen was installed; the people captured by the EU are starting to realize.

And yes, when they installed Joe Biden, they went too far, and this installation process started to become transparent.

The beta testing for the globalist (World Economic Forum) controlled and installed efforts became highly visible to many close observers when Barack H. Obama traveled to Cairo, Egypt and triggered the beginning of what became known as “The Arab Spring.”   There it was the visible delivery of what we knew was taking place, but for the first time it was transparent which processes they were deploying.

The Obama visit to Cairo was needed, because it was around the same time when the socialist movement in the European Union was running out of financing for their multi-cultural experiment.   The state department effort was coordinated by Charles Rivkin, hence the Rivkin Project specifically targeting the peskiest country for the globalists pushing multi-culturalism in the EU, France.

Now, thanks to various governments’ weaponizing COVID as a tool for control, people around the world are starting to sense and even see that something is controlling all of this – at least something is coordinating all of this.  Indeed, the political exploits of the multinational corporate elites from Davos and the World Economic Forum are starting to become much more visible.

Squeeze harder I say…. this awakening needs more urgency.  The line of acceptance is different for all people.   We need the forces driving that line to move rapidly in order to assemble the largest army possible.  Squeeze harder.

It takes moments of great consequence to overcome generational complacency.  That is the opportunity we are being given with COVID-19 and the government exploitation of it.

The hidden totalitarian nature of government and the ruling class is being revealed, this is a good development for those who were trying desperately to get people to see it before.

I am optimistic, like the moment in the battle when the disproportionate brutality becomes visible, and the tides change in favor of victim.  The cheers around the colosseum do not have to start out supporting the gladiators in order for the gladiator to ultimately become victorious.  Indeed, any gladiator worth his salt knows the primary goal is to change the chant and instill fear in one gilded chair.

The need for control is a reaction to fear.  Extreme measures to retain control are reactions to equally extreme senses of fear.

All around the world, right now, there are mini dictators tenuously clinging to power and trying to control a much larger mob.  They have multitudes of advisors helping them, they have financial resources, and they have enforcers. However, just as Gaius Julius Caesar lost control with the entire Roman army around him, so too are these dictators and totalitarians subjects to a much larger citizenry.

Squeeze harder…. please, squeeze harder.

As fast as possible, we need to get to the point where we are finally going to deal with them.  Simultaneously, they are trying to avoid being dealt with.  Squeeze harder, says the slave gladiator as others surface to join the fight.  Squeeze harder.

This will not end well for the ruling class.  So, let’s get on with it

Squeeze harder…

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