President Trump Sits Down to Discuss Joe Biden Introducing Communism to the U.S.

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on January 6, 2022 | Sundance | 270 Comments

I am often asked why the ‘system’ is so intensely focused on eliminating Donald Trump.  Sure, the decades past have highlighted attacks against various politicians with the Alinsky purpose to isolate, ridicule and marginalize them; however, in the history of American politics, no individual has been targeted at the scale of Donald Trump.  What makes this different?

I’ll answer that important question below this recent interview.  WATCH:

The answer to the question of why the entire system of institutions and agencies need to eliminate Donald Trump is actually answered by first standing back and remembering where things were before Trump.   The time when political subjects were not the all-consuming part of everyday discussion.

Before Donald Trump stepped into the political arena, the same institutions and agencies who attack him now were successfully able to manipulate public perceptions.  It was all a grand pantomime, a ruse, a Potemkin village filled with jesters, distractions and carefully coordinated illusions of false choice.

When Donald Trump stepped into politics his platform was true, simple, pragmatic and pure.  He never hid the objective; there was no attempt to pretend to be something or hold some opinion/outlook.

Trump’s platform boiled down to: This is what commonsense people want, I agree with them, and so here I am to give it to them.  If you want these things, well, vote for me.

Immediately, literally in the first two weeks, the people who previously claimed to hold those same positions were exposed as part of a larger system of institutional fraud.  The “conservatives” inside the previous ‘fallacy of false choice’ scheme quickly became the Never Trump movement.   Hundreds of Republican politicians and pundits holding a UniParty agenda were exposed.

But the issue is actually bigger than that….

People forget, but Donald Trump was the last candidate to announce his entry into the 2016 presidential race.  The very first poll in August 2015, after Donald Trump made his entry announcement (June ’15), showed Trump in first place.   For the first time in modern history, a person who was totally outside the political system was the #1 candidate.  That position never moved from 2015 all the way to the RNC convention and eventually to the November 2016 election.

The two private clubs who control American elections, the RNC and DNC, were triggered and apoplectic.  Every politician who played the game and came out of the two club stables was also triggered.   The multinational corporations and banks who purchase and control the club charters were also triggered.  Their united assembly at Sea Island, Georgia, in March of 2016, was evidence of this collective apoplexy.

The intelligence agencies were triggered and went to work eliminating the threat, hence “Spygate“.  Heck, foreign nations even joined the destroy Trump mission in 2016, and we saw China, the U.K., Australia, Canada and Europe overall do everything they could to support the destroy Trump movement.

The entire geopolitical system had one enemy, Donald J. Trump.  However, almost no one at the time could grasp exactly what this meant.  Now, with hindsight and the benefit of watching various world leaders weaponizing COVID rules, we can clearly see how those exact same voices and interests were attacking Trump.

But what is it about Donald Trump that makes these attacks so profound and over the top?

Why is Donald Trump considered a ‘threat”?  And what exactly is he a threat to?

Donald Trump isn’t even in office, yet the exact same cast of characters have spent the entirety of their effort over the past year trying to destroy him.

Think about the scale of effort.

Why are they putting this much emphasis on destroying this one person?

When you step away from the noise of what has been created to seem ordinary, that question is quite profound.

I mean really…. what is it about this guy that makes things different?

The answer is really quite simple.

For the past 40+ years, we have been watching a prepared political script.  A production done by people who George Carlin called “The Big Club“, and who other people have started to identify because of the COVID rules, deployments and control over the politicians.

The multinationals, globalists and one-world government people have constructed a Potemkin village in the world of politics.

Donald John Trump represents the one person who could walk up to it all, knock over the plywood and show it’s not a real place at all, it’s make-believe.

To mix metaphors, Trump is Toto, the little dog that might just pull back the curtain.

President Trump not only represents the American majority, but he also represents the people wearing yellow vests in France, the people marching in protest in Australia, and the crowds that gather every day in Europe to fight the COVID mandates.

Donald John Trump is the brilliant, imperfect, sometimes ordinarily common, average person; and he is simultaneously the existential threat to the global elite.

It is Trump’s genuine patriotism and pragmaticism that makes him relatable.  He carries characteristics of being ordinary and yet extraordinary, and flawed, and a hot mess at times, and true, and brilliant, and annoying, and funny as heck, and also just plain likeable.

Often the brilliance he displays is just commonsense – and in a world where commonsense is a rare commodity, well, his gift of the ordinary becomes priceless, because he takes it to a place where it is most missing.

Donald Trump is also not a communist in a world where if you ask me if any well known person is a communist, I normally have to say ‘give me a few weeks and let me watch them before I will give an opinion‘…. which is usually a guess…. because we cannot be sure… because the communists have infiltrated every rank, in every institution… and they hide their ideology, because that is part of what makes communists dangerous.

As a consequence, to know -in ordinary terms- just matter of factly, that Donald Trump is not a communist is, sadly, quite rare.

The other issue for the control agents is the scale of Trump’s appeal.  Black, white, Latino, Asian, gay, straight, male, female, other or any assembly of bits and pieces that people use to assume their tribal identity, it doesn’t matter.  He’s genuinely the least divisive person imaginable, and that is the reason why MAGA is so broad in the coalition.

Does that stuff help people?  Okay, so we shall have a policy to do that stuff.

All of these various sub-groups and special interests that have been purposefully and carefully groomed by the needs of the Big Club are destroyed by one overarching viewpoint, do you want to see people happy – if so, well, let’s go MAGA bitches.

Stupid stuff hurts our country, so we shall have a policy not to do stupid stuff.

Communists hate our country, so let’s Make America Great.

It’s the simplicity of Trump that makes him a threat, in combination with him showing that basic America First policy makes the lives of everyone much better.   He’s already proved that.  That’s why they hate him.  That’s why the communists needed COVID-19 to stop him.

You can’t have the simple happiness of people doing what they want, and having opportunity, come as a result of commonsense policy.

That’s why the Big Club hates Trump.  That’s why they will never stop attacking Trump.  Meanwhile, I cannot unsee everything that Trump has shown me, and that’s why he will always have my support.

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