Biden Sends $8 Billion of COVID Recovery Relief as Payments to Offset Outcome of His Energy Policy for Democrat Constituents

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on January 7, 2022 | sundance | 88 Comments

Many people have wondered how the Biden administration could implement massive economic policies against the interests of their own constituents.  The answer to that question is hidden inside the COVID relief bills, which are used as a method to pay the expenses of his policies so that targeted Democrat groups in urban regions do not have to pay for the policy.

One example of this policy and urban dependency scheme is found in the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

The “American Rescue Plan”, the mechanism to use taxpayer monies as redistributive subsidies to special interests under the guise of COVID bailouts and relief, contained $8 billion in funding to pay for the electricity and home heating costs of low income families.

WHITE HOUSE – […] In 2021, the Biden-Harris Administration and Congressional Democrats delivered $8 billion in LIHEAP funding nationally, more than doubling typical annual appropriations, thanks to an additional $4.5 billion provided by the American Rescue Plan. These funds represent the largest appropriation in a single year since the program was established in 1981. (more)

In essence, what this scheme allows is the Biden administration to trigger ‘Green New Deal‘ energy policies that drive massive increases in the cost of electricity, home heating, and energy use for the middle class and working class families, and yet the federal government pays those costs for the constituents they need to keep voting for them.  Lower income families do not feel the energy policy burden, but middle class families are punished.

Yes, this is fundamentally class warfare, using the federal government to select the groups they do not want to feel the pain.  It’s the same principle of increasing food stamp and SNAP food subsidy assistance by 25% this year, while those who do not qualify are forced to pay for higher food costs and the subsidy -via income taxes- of those same groups.

Additionally, “The American Rescue Plan provided other critical resources that states and localities can use to address home energy costs. ERA programs, which received an additional $21.5 billion in funding from the American Rescue Plan, can provide help with past-due utility bills or ongoing assistance with energy costs to help distressed renters avoid shut-offs and keep current on expenses.” (link)

So, when people ask how Joe Biden and the Democrats are able to drive policies that massively hurt the American economy overall; remember, the pain we are feeling from the collective weight of these policies is not hitting the constituents the Democrats need in order to keep them in office.

The champagne socialists and investment class are protected.  The lower income and willingly subsidized class are protected.  It is the middle class who are being punished by the collective weight of this economic mess.

None of this is accidental.  This is a continuance of the ‘share/spread the wealth’ economic roadmap used by Obama.

Lunch-bucket Joe?…  Ya, sure.

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