Minnesota Trucking Company CEO Warns About What Vaccine Mandate Will Do to Economy

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on January 7, 2022 | sundance | 110 Comments

Here’s a solid reference point for just one of the multitude of aspects related to the mandatory COVID vaccine and overall COVID mitigation rules that will come together to present an unavoidable outcome within the supply chain.

As CEO Eric Lawrence notes, even without the vaccine mandate, the testing mandate itself becomes an issue.  How and where exactly are truckers supposed to get these weekly, and depending on state, perhaps daily, Covid-19 tests.   How are they expected to modify their cross country routes, to avoid running afoul of the law, without having any idea where this testing is supposed to take place?

Follow the implementation of all these mandate tentacles across multiple industries & sectors, and what you end up with is a merging of unworkable nonsense into a logistical and supply chain mess.   For the U.S. economy, a SNAFU of that significance only ends with one result.

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