Here We Go, White House Journalists Begin Asking Biden Administration to take Federal Control over Food Supply and Pricing

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on January 12, 2022 | Sundance | 335 Comments

Earlier today, the White House pushed the Director of the National Economic Council, Brian Deese, to the podium to defend the administration from the outcomes of their economic policies.   Consider this presser the pre-quake tremors.

Mr. Deese begins his presentation by saying giving American workers back their jobs, after shutting down their workplaces and locking out their ability to work at their job, is the equivalent of creating new jobs; the administration is very proud of their magnanimity. Mr. Deese then moves on to the inflation data from today and celebrates a “decrease in the rate of price increases.”  Yes, he used those exact words.

Deese then goes on to say [01:59] that despite the claimed 7% inflation, prices at the grocery store are not higher, gas prices have dropped, home heating costs and natural gas costs are lower, and things are going swimmingly.   I’m not joking about any of that, just watch the first four minutes:

There was really bad news following the White House celebrating their current economic success. Brian Deese stated the White House intends to use the federal government to get involved in supply chains (distribution), pricing (federal price controls), availability (distribution of products under newly claimed emergency federal authority power via the “pandemic”) and providing relief (protecting urban areas).

What Deese is saying there [4:00 – 09:00] is the worst thing we could ever want to hear when there are massive price increases and simultaneous shortages.  The federal government is ‘leaning forward’, and is going to get more involved.

Then at 09:00 of the video, the alarm bells start ringing.  Journalists asking Brian Deese what the White House is planning to do to get involved and provide national food security.  “The shelves are too empty, and the food is too expensive. What is the White House going to do?

Whiskey – Tango – Foxtrot!   Danger Will Robinson, DANGER!!


Supermarket gateways, vaccine checkpoint systems, coming soon to all major metropolitan areas.

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