How you lose money in the market

False Moves & the Force Behind Them


QUESTION : Mr. Armstrong,
I’ve heard you refer to “the false move”, and have witnessed it myself. I know there is no conspiracy to ruin my day nor deter me from trading. I was just curious, what causes this?

Thank you,

PS-Merry Christmas!

ANSWER: The real energy within a market is always to trap the majority for then they lose money and it forces them to cover their position. If 90% of the people are long, then any news can set off the collapse. If you scare the majority, there will be no bid when you try to sell, which results in a flash crash.

Likewise, the lows are made by excessive short positions. Again, something takes place and then the news sparks a short-cover panic. Likewise, because the majority are actually short, they are forced to cover and reverse the position which creates an abrupt swing to the upside.

DJ2731-W False Move

Therefore, markets always make the false move for that is the sling-shot that propels the market in the opposite direction. This is simply the REQUIRED movement of markets to further an important directional change.

We may see that FALSE MOVE yet with a sling-shot on a very major scale. This is the BIG SHIFT that will set the stage for markets to align in order to prepare for what is looking to be the collapse of Western Governments & their Monetary System that is now way out of control. The closings today are an omen of what is to come.

Swedish Society Collapsing Amid Horrific Crime Wave From Muslim Refugee Swarm – Now Trying To Stop Onslaught….

Sweden is finished as a christian country as is most of what we now call the EU. There are now enough Muslims in the EU to take it over through violence and just plain out breeding them.

Clinton Email Release – George Soros Regrets Not Supporting Her Over Barack Obama…

The Dark side hasn’t won yet, And there are a lot of us that will not let them win against what they want with total world control bu the likes of the most evil among us like Soros.!


Obama maybe the 21st Century Hitler but the worst of it is that the GOPe are Obama’s Brown Shirts.

Trey Gowdy Endorsement of Marco Rubio Highlights The GOPe “Amnesty Masks” in Congress…

Gowdy showed his true colors as a RINO when he didn’t take down Clinton in the Hearings. There was enough out there to do a much better job than what was done and the reason that it wasn’t is the GOPe wants Hillary to win. They know Jebb can’t beat Hillary and they, the GOPe, DO NOT WANT TO WIN THE PRESIDENCY! The reason is that if they did there would be no excuse to fixing things, with Hillary in things will be the same as they are now and that means they (the power elites) have destroyed the republic and achieved their objective of total power over the country!

Obama Executive Action on Guns 12/31/15 Obama to announce new executive action on guns

The Government is afraid of its citizens and so it must try to take the guns: the issue is will the citizens give them up knowing what is coming? Given the number of guns that there are its unlikely and could trigger a civil war which is exactly what Obama wants. The military could stop all this if they wanted to and it would be legal! I know what I would do if I had stayed in and made general, but them I’m old school and we are a dying breed.

Three Top Ben Carson Campaign Aides Resign – Campaign “Shakeup” or “Collapse”?…

This is too bad I really Like Ben but sometimes you can stick with someone for too long!

American Truckers for Trump…

That would be something if they could get a lot of the independents to do this … 🙂


I’m pleased that there are still some officers in the military that take their oath of officer seriously.

Afterburner with Bill Whittle: ‘2016: Into the Fog’

Bill Whittle is out with  his newest Afterburner video entitled “2016: Into the Fog.” In this video Mr. Whittle declines to make predictions about the new year because it is just too foggy out there, however he does have several questions. My favorite part is when he states America is no longer a nation of laws because if it were, Hillary Clinton would not be running for office but instead running for Mexico. He also has questions about Donald Trump, I don’t but Whittle is good at what he does; and does end on a positive note however.