Do We live in a Brave New World?

Posted originally on the Academy of Ideas on June 28, 2021

In 1900 Aldous Huxley wrote the book Brave New World in 1932 in response to the technocratic movement that had been stated in the 1920’s in the United States. This movement was based on the principle that only scientists and engineers were capable of running the world. That movement is the main driver of what is going on today. In 1958 Huxley wrote The Brave New World Revisited where he wrote that he was more worried then then he was in 1932.

Patrick M. wood took up the battle against the technocratic movement in 1970’s picking up what Huxley left him in 1958 and published an excellent book on the subject in 2015 titled Technocracy Rising The Trojan House of Global Transformation. That book is a must read is you are going to try to understand what is going on today.

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