City of Boston Doxes Unvaccinated Employees

Armstrong Economics Blog/Corruption Re-Posted Feb 16, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

After being declared a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” countless people harbor hate toward those who have not taken the vaccine. Rhetoric promoted by the media and governments states that the pandemic, and therefore restrictions, could have ended long ago if everyone agreed to take the jab. This is simply not true as time has proven. Still, hatred toward “the unvaccinated” remains prominent among those who look at others as the reason for all their woes.

The City of Boston made it easier for people to unleash their unfounded hatred after they “accidentally” released the names and email addresses of all unvaccinated employees. This mistake exposed the personal health choices of around 100 employees. The initial email sent on January 18 was allegedly intended to tell employees that they must receive the vaccine to continue working for the city. “Unintentionally and accidentally, we messed up,” the city responded in a follow-up letter. “The communication was intended to be sent as a BCC so as to respect employees’ privacy. The wrong button got pushed and so the email was sent showing all email addresses.”

Could an employee have simply pushed the wrong button on an email containing sensitive personal information? The Boston Public Library’s union is now stating that someone must be held accountable for the privacy breach. Others may soon follow.

The Biden Administration must tremble when Peter Doocy enters the press room. Below is a video from January 2022 of Doocy questioning Press Secretary Jen Psaki on why the Biden Administration continues to call this “a pandemic of the unvaccinated:”

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