Liars Club 1 – Multinationals, Media and Politicians Attempting to Blame Russia-Ukraine for Rising Gas Prices

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on February 17, 2022 | sundance | 165 Comments

February 17, 2022 | sundance | 165 Comments

Global oil prices are rising specifically due to governmental policy that’s driven by the talking script of the World Economic Forum and the ‘climate change’ financial manipulators who give the politicians their instructions.  However, in this new era of pretending not to know things, the upside down through the looking glass mirror of our bizarre reality, virtually every corporate mouthpiece cannot break the Multinational code of omerta.

We truly are living in an era where the truth & consequences must be hidden in order to maintain a centrally orchestrated narrative.

The ultimate victims of this new multinational corporatism (fascism reversed with corporations telling government what do) are the middle class represented on every continent by yellow vests, MAGA hats and currently truckers.

We know it, they know it and they know that we know it; yet, the deep little lies inside the bigger lie must be maintained.  The Code of Omerta must not be broken.

In the U.S., the people behind Joe Biden must retain the ruse of centralized lying and citizen manipulation. In France, it’s Emmanuel Macron.  In Victoria, Australia, the jackboots of Daniel Andrews have been deployed to retain the ruse of their little lies.  The House of cards in New Zealand is propped up by the smiley-faced facist Jacinda Ardern, and more recently their Canadian cousin, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has invoked the Emergency Act to retain the control mechanisms.

You can almost see Klaus Schwab smiling as the digital identity starts to take shape while the mechanisms for carbon trading await the beta test completion.  Yes, the population will be granted environmental justice, and carbon trade exchanges will apportion to each according to their contribution.   Of course, you can always buy a few extra hours of energy use if you can afford it.

Behind all of the current anxiety, schemes and machinations sits the library of rules and regulations transcribed into every legislative language that will be needed.  It’s only a matter of time…. unless, well, unless the truckers, yellow vests and red hats are able to disrupt the plan.

A small, seemingly innocuous, reference point that highlights the bigger of the biggest picture is the current need for the multinational stenographers to use the convenient geopolitical fraud of a Russia-Ukraine conflict to justify current rising oil prices and the subsequent gasoline costs.

Pay no attention to the cancellation of drilling leases, shuttered pipelines, regulated refineries being blocked and/or coal being defined as the black death of the planet.

Comrade dissidents, to believe the current price of oil is related to Russia and Ukraine, is to convince yourself that Joe Biden writes his own speeches.

(US News) […] Drivers best start bracing for another surge in gas prices amid the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and years of under-investment by the oil industry, warns one veteran energy strategist.

“My guess is that you are going to see $5 a gallon at any triple-digit [oil prices] … as soon as you get to $100. And you might get to $6.50 or $7.

Oil prices have been red-hot lately as geopolitical tensions rise between Russia and the rest of the world.

WTI crude oil has climbed 13% in the past month to $94 a barrel. Russia produces 10 million barrels of oil a day, the equivalent of 10% of global demand. Any loss of that oil due to geopolitical issues could cause a tightly supplied market to become tighter, pushing prices for the hydrocarbon up.

The march up in oil has pushed gas prices further higher from already elevated levels. (read more)

The average price nationally for gas currently stands at $3.47.  The national average stood at $2.44 a year ago.  The rapid rise in prices is contributing to inflation across the economy and is creating a crisis for the working class.

Yes, a sitting president can and does influence the price of gasoline.  What can a U.S. President and administration specifically do?  We have abundant U.S. energy resources.  Quite literally the strongest in the entire world.

  • Permit the use of preexisting approved leases in ANWAR (Alaska) to put more volume into the Alaskan oil pipeline that is severely underutilized.
  • Finish the Dakota access pipeline.
  • Re-approve the preexisting energy leases in New Mexico, Arizona, NE Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.
  • Retract the stoppage of the Keystone pipeline to permit efficient oil transport shipments from Canada.
  • Stop blocking the expansion of coastal oil refineries in Texas, Louisiana and Alabama (regulatory issue), as well as Northwest, Northeast and Southeast Seaboard.
  • Continue to develop natural gas as a clean burning fuel.
  • Drive Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as an export.


Unfortunately, this would mean reversing the entire energy policy of the current administration.  The existing energy inflation and high prices of oil, natural gas and gasoline are a direct and intentional part of Joe Biden policy.  That policy is driven by the leftist demand for a “green new deal.”

None of the actions above require any approval from OPEC.  Strategically the ‘all of the above’ approach enhances U.S. national security and diminishes the influence of Russia, China and Iran.  Within six months of the above, gasoline would plummet.

Globalist climate change policies, as showcased within the Joe Biden energy policy, are the driving force of inflation.  It’s not COVID-19, and it damned sure isn’t Ukraine or Russia.

If they are successful with the digital id, I guarantee you it will connect to government-controlled carbon allowances within 5 years.

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