Canadian Public Safety Minister Claims, Without Proof, That Protestors Were Really Violent Terrorists Attempting to Overthrow Canadian Government

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on February 18, 2022 | Sundance | 191 Comments

Worth watching this entire diatribe from start to finish.  In his public statements today, Trudeau’s Public Safety Minister, Marco Mendicino, definitively says the people charged by federal RCMP officials are tied to far-right extremist groups who are funded by international terrorist organizations with an intent to overthrow the government.

According to the statements, the Canadian government is under attack from thousands of highly organized terrorists within the country.  Their goal is to overthrow the government and install an entirely new form of national assembly.  This is what he is claiming.

Specifically, Mendicino claims the protestors, charged with firearms offenses in Coutts, are the first wave of a well known domestic terrorist group directly connected to the trucker protest group in Ottawa.  However, when challenged to give the name of the terrorist organization he is speaking about, Mendocino completely walks back the claim to an unrecognizable point.

In related news, seven masked midgets were captured running amok in an Ottawa supermarket.  No one was hurt during their apprehension, but several bruises were noted on the knees of the special military operators after their tactic operations were concluded.

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