The Pantomime Continues – Kamala Harris Meets With Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Munich and Delivers Cringeworthy Remarks – Zelenskyy Proclaims Someone is Lying

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The fiasco of U.S manipulation in Ukraine continues as the Biden administration dispatch Kamala Harris to play the role of a grown-up at the Munich conference.  She failed.

You will see, in the first video below, how positively cringeworthy the effort was from Harris as she tries to present herself as a serious person within a high stakes geopolitical pantomime.

The baseline remains the same, and at the end of the meeting between Harris and Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian president delivered remarks to call the bluff of Joe Biden (video also below).  The words “someone is lying” lead off his speech.

President Zelenskyy emphasized the geopolitical farce when he said to the world if the United States, and as an extension NATO, is so certain that Russia is about to invade and destroy Ukraine sovereignty, then why are they waiting to trigger deterrent sanctions?

Underneath the true answer to that question is the crux of the issue.  All of these events within Ukraine are being manipulated by the U.S. State Department and the U.S. intelligence apparatus, just as the events of 2014 in Ukraine were done before.   First, watch the meeting between Harris and Zelenskyy:

President Zelenskyy has to pretend the words from Harris are accurate, while simultaneously knowing she is a totally clueless pawn, a tool of the people behind Biden who sent her specifically in an effort to improve the way she is viewed by U.S. voters.   The team behind Biden are trying to rebrand Kamala Harris as a serious person, but her stupidity is so evident we cannot hear a word she is saying.

So, Zelenskyy knows the messenger from the U.S. is part of an act for domestic consumption, and yet the ramifications of the background conflict created by the United States in his nation are serious.  Additionally, Zelenskyy knows the U.S. wants him removed, which is the only way the State Department (and DC politicians’ writ large) can achieve a stronger influence operation over internal politics within Ukraine.  It really sucks to be Zelenskyy.

The events unfolding inside Ukraine are being manipulated by the United States intelligence community and U.S. State Department.  The presumed conflict surrounding the always near Russian invasion is a total pretense.

Eastern Ukrainians consider themselves Russian, they always have.  Eastern Ukraine likes Russia, relates to Russia and is not predisposed to like the western influences in the rest of the country.  Eastern Ukraine is to Russia what Puerto Rico is to the United States.

CONSIDER – Within Puerto Rico there are people who want to be authentic to their own territorial sovereignty, they want to get away from the United States.  At the same time, there are people in Puerto Rico who want and need the relationship with the United States to remain connected.  The business interests in Puerto Rico, and specifically the multinational investment groups in Puerto Rico, want the benefits of the U.S. treasury to remain in place.

About half of Puerto Rico wants to be independent, and about half of Puerto Rico wants to remain connected to the U.S.

In Ukraine, about half of the country wants to be independent (separatists), and they are what we would call “nationalists.”  They have no issue with Russia.  However, about half the country also wants to be connected to the ‘west’ in the sense and values of NATO and European perspectives. They are a blend of globalists, moderate leftists and independent thinkers.

As in Puerto Rico, the multinational corporations and business interests in Ukraine come down on the side of keeping Ukraine connected to western Europe.  The U.S. State Dept is aligned with those multinational goals and globalist objectives.

♦ Into this mix of convoluted interests, a battle for influence is taking place.  Russia is portrayed as the enemy, because an honest conversation about the dynamics is never permitted by the globalist team members.  The last thing NATO wants is a public discussion about how their geopolitical aspirations and intents are created around the western European support for globalism and the World Economic Forum.

The eastern Ukrainian separatists (looked favorable by Russia) are having small military battles with the western Ukrainian military (supported by Joe Biden, NATO).   It is in Biden and NATO’s interests to overemphasize the role of Russia and position the western media view as if Putin is about to invade.  This helps cloud the ongoing underlying internal battle and the influence operations carried out by the intelligence apparatus, the State Dept and the multinational benefactors.

Then there’s Zelenskyy….

♦ On one hand, Zelenskyy doesn’t want to be to Vladimir Putin what Kim Jong-un (N Korea) is to Chairman Xi Jinping (China).  However, on the other hand, Zelenskyy doesn’t want his country Ukraine to be a playground for geopolitical influence operations by the U.S., NATO, Western Europe and multinationals like the World Bank and World Economic Forum.

Right now, for his country, it sucks to be stuck in this position.  That aspect is made worse, because the Biden administration wants to remove Zelenskyy so they can have a person in charge of Ukraine that is more easily manipulated for their interests.   The Biden administration is using the threat of a Russian invasion to weaken Zelenskyy.

Zelenskyy knows Russia is not invading; he also knows there is a large faction of people in the eastern portion of his country who like Russia.  The people in the pro-Russia Eastern Ukraine region, those who do not like Russia and are in the minority, are physically moving back toward the Western side just in case.

The U.S. intelligence apparatus and propaganda machine (State Dept) is currently carrying out operations in Eastern Ukraine working both sides of the separatist movement as they seek to portray Russia as the influence agent.

[Consider if a large portion of Texas wanted to finally get rid of the leftist lunacy and  secede from the United States.  The Biden administration then blames Mexico and shouts that Mexico is about to invade Texas as cover for their support of that portion of the Texas Democrats who want to remain in the U.S.]

After the unavoidable pretense of a meeting with clueless pawn Kamala Harris, President Zelenskyy spoke to the Munich conference and called the bluff of NATO and specifically Joe Biden.  However, he has to do it carefully… yet, he is frustrated…  “Someone is lying!”  WATCH:

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