As the World Debanks the Country of Russia, There Are Some Individual Lessons To Be Learned

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on February 28, 2022 | Sundance | 246 Comments

recent image attributed to the Moscow subway system presents some consideration for a potentially larger problem.

Increasingly, people everywhere have stopped using cash to pay for simple purchases.  The electronic payment systems shifted to credit cards and debit cards, and then, eventually as technology merged with phone platforms, the linking of your portable transponder to your financial institution in order to make purchases became an efficient way to make transactions.

However, as governments start using definitions of who is good and who is bad to create sanctions against the bad actors, and with Russia representing the most expansive modern targeting of the global financial system, the control of monetary transactions enters the sphere of integrated payment systems like VISA, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay and others.  With Russia being essentially “de-banked” on the world stage, this happens:

There’s an irony to this surfacing now… so soon after the Canadian government began targeting their political opposition for de-banking.

Essentially, what is happening in Russia, on an entire citizen scale, is the same issue that happened in Canada to the individuals targeted.  The financial mechanisms in this integrated system of payment are now creating havoc for the individual.

The SWIFT transfer system sanction(s) against the Russian government, end up debanking everyone in the country.  These are remarkable times, and this is an example of something that needs to be factored into how you can retain individual liberty and freedom.

First, they came for the Canadian Truckers……

Then they expanded to all Russian citizens….

Two questions:

(1) Who’s next? and… (2) Who’s “they”?

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