House GOP Rep Victoria Spartz Delivers Passionate Remarks Calling Russia-Ukraine Conflict a Genocide Against Ukrainians

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 1, 2022 | Sundance 

House Republican Victoria Spartz (Indiana CD-05) is originally from Nosivka in eastern Ukraine.  Mrs. Spartz emigrated to the United States in 2000 after meeting her husband who is from Indiana.

During the Republican House press conference today, Representative Spartz delivered passionate remarks about her homeland and the regional war between Russia and Ukraine that is impacting her distant family.

The region in Ukraine outlined by Representative Spartz, is the eastern Ukraine region that has been in a state of constant conflict over the past eight years.  The Russian aligned separatists in eastern Ukraine have been fighting the western Ukraine military.  The Russian military forces are now supporting the separatists and tilting the outcome of the fight.

WASHINGTON DC – […] “This is not a war, this is a genocide of the Ukrainian people by a crazy man who cannot get over the Ukrainian people do not want socialism, Soviet Union, communism,” Spartz, who represents Indiana, told reporters during a GOP news conference about President Biden’s State of the Union address. “They want to be with the United States of America. They want to be free people. They want to be with the West.” (read more)

Mrs. Spartz also answered questions from media attendees (video below).

There is a lot of complexity within the struggle inside Ukraine.  There are layers of additional motives by outside elements, including the United States government and NATO, that makes that internal complexity exponential.

The conflict as presented by the corporate media boils this complex issue down to a Russia (Putin) -vs- Ukraine (Zelenskyy) issue, and that framework is done purposefully.  However, inside Ukraine there are ideological factions just like there are in other nations.  The influence by the U.S. and the influence by Russia has been an ongoing back-and-forth for well over a decade.

Similar to how the issues within Syria were never as simple as the media portrayed with the ever-horrible Bashir Assad, the issues in Ukraine are more complex than just horrible Vladimir Putin.   When only one side of any complex issue is supported by western corporate media, the truth gets lost, because the truth is different depending on which internal faction you are talking to.

There are many Russians inside Russia who are aligned ideologically with the outlook of New York and California Democrats.  There are many Ukrainians inside Ukraine who are aligned with the outlook of DC Republicans.  The opposite of both is also true.

Overlay the financial motives of the World Economic Forum crowd atop the ideological motives of the Davos globalist crowd, and you realize just how convoluted these geopolitical battles can become.

Because of the influential position of the U.S. on a global scale, the outlook of Americans is valuable for each party.  Therefore, there is a real battle for our mind.

Is Putin all good, no.  Is Putin all bad, no.  The same applies for just about every leader.

In the U.S. we are currently split about 50/50 on many issues, including -as we have seen- the issues surrounding COVID, masks, vaccinations, mandates, etc.  In the battlespace of internet, we can see these differences become more visible.

Historically, our reference points were neighborhood and community based; there was less conflict visible to us, because generally on a local level there’s more unity.  However, now with technology we see a much bigger picture of opinion, and with that scale of visibility we see much more conflicting opinion.

In your local tribe, there’s likely nowhere near as much friction as you witness in the social strata of the internet.  That reality is why CTH continues to reemphasize the value of fellowship and local contact.

Keep this in mind as you absorb information from all sources, as you are always witnessing more conflict on-line than exists in local reality.  That is the nature of this massive interconnected system that has been created by big tech.

In eastern Ukraine there are just as many people who would dispute how Representative Spartz would frame the issues, if not more.  That’s not to say her outline of the situation is wrong, it just comes from a different point of reference.

In the larger dynamic, the problem that always existed with “globalism”, and the multicultural utopia they have hoped to achieve, is that in the largest of assemblies there is always more friction.  The “new world order” is conflict against freedom. (Think of this as a big picture Western Ukraine outlook)

The smart nationalists have noticed this conflict; they have discussed and studied it and eventually chosen a different direction.  Eventually the desire for peace, to be left alone, becomes the fulcrum of why the independent nation state is the best form of government. (Think of this as a big picture Eastern Ukraine outlook)

We in the USA are fortunate because we still have, albeit in a weakened status, a genuine constitutional republic. Meaning, each state can modify lifestyle according to the desires and choices of the people within it.  If more nations took that approach, perhaps there would be less civil conflict.

Ultimately, if the United States ever fully dissolves the distinction of states, we will see greater conflict.

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