Tears Flow at EU Assembly As Ukrainian President Zelenskyy Delivers “Prove You Are With Us” Speech

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There comes a time in every performance of the United Nations production when the arch villain bombs the milk factories.  Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin takes his turn.

As we return to our seats from the lobby during commercial interlude, we discover the model U.N. interns have left the blue and yellow ribbons on our seats. We know exactly what segment of the melodrama comes next; the children are suffering.

The well attired gentlemen in the mezzanine know this is the moment when they must position their freshly pressed pocket kerchief for quick access.  Heart strings will be pulled, and silk gowns do not fare well as the tears begin to flow. Well educated chivalry, passed down from father to son, has prepared them for this moment.  It’s not quite time for the checkbooks yet; first they must feel the sound of the violins.

Surprisingly, Bono and Geldorf have not yet made their appearance.  However, with the speed of modern social media, and knowing the technology of our time means we cannot wait, the EU assembly must lay the groundwork for the great American oration that is center stage from the Capitol later tonight.

New York – Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky urged the EU to “prove you are with us” in a defiant speech on Tuesday.

Mr Zelenesky, who has become a symbol of defiance for his country, issued an impassioned speech via video link, where he called on the EU to stand with Ukraine as Russia continues its deadly advance on the country.

During his speech, Mr Zelensky described the missile strikes on Kharkiv, as an act of terror against the city, and indeed Ukraine.

As he spoke of the country’s fight to defend its “freedom” and land from the Russian invaders, the bloc’s official Ukrainian-English interpreter seemingly becomes emotional as he listened to Mr Zelensky’s defiant speech. Mr Zelensky said: “Without you, Ukraine is going to be lonesome. We have proven our strengths. We are exactly the same as you. (more)

New York II – […] The Ukrainian president’s rallying cry brought members of the European Parliament, many wearing t-shirts emblazoned with #standwithUkraine or wearing blue and yellow rubbons, to their feet.

It also brought the English interpreter to tears, with his voice audibly faltering as he translated the speech, in which Mr Zelensky declared: ‘Nobody is going to break us. We are strong. We are Ukrainians.’

The rousing reception was in stark contrast to scenes over in Geneva, where ambassadors and diplomats staged a mass walkout as Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov addressed a UN human rights forum. (read more)

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