Senator Lisa Murkowski Comes Out in Favor of Even Higher Gas Prices in Order to Adequately Punish Russia

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 2, 2022 | sundance

This DeceptiCon, this specific one, owned by the multinational corporate conglomerates, is one of the worst in office.

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski tells Politico tonight that she is in favor of higher gas prices for Americans if that’s what it takes to punish Vladimir Putin.

…”We’re going to see price increases. Nobody wants to see that. This is going to hurt. But we need to recognize Europe is in the midst of a war w/ Russia. Innocent people are dying. We have not been in as volatile as a situation as anytime in my life.“…

Senator Lisa Murkowski (Alaska)

Here we go with the narrative of you being unpatriotic if you are not willing to financially suffer the pain inflicted intentionally by the U.S. government.  Not willing to pay $7/gal for gasoline?  You’re selfish.  Not willing to forego a better life for your family, in order to save Ukraine?  You are a horrible person.

However, this narrative is even worse, because the NATO (aligned with World Economic Forum) economic warfare is not only a combination of ideology and corporate influence, but it is also made worse by U.S. government energy policy – which is aligned with the multinational corporations demanding the confrontation.  Effen’ FUBAR all the way around.

(Via Politico) – Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski on Wednesday called for the U.S. to stop imports of Russia oil to punish Moscow for the assault against Ukraine — even if it drives domestic energy prices higher.

Targeting Russian energy is the “most significant” tool left for the U.S. to deploy, the Alaska senator said in an interview, and given President Vladimir Putin’s dependence on oil and gas revenues, it’s “the one that can do the most immediate damage to Russia in halting their efforts.”

“We are going to see price increases,” Murkowski said. “Nobody wants to see that. And this is going to hurt. But we all need to recognize Europe is in the midst of a war with Russia now. Innocent people are dying, children are dying. We have not been in as volatile as a situation as anytime in my life. And so we are looking right now from a very short window.” (read more)

This type of stuff just blows my blood pressure cuff.


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