Australian Govt Set to Launch New Tourist Ad Campaign – Come to the New Australia, We Won’t Beat You, Shoot You or Lock You Up Anymore, Promise

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 23, 2022 

If it seems like only a few weeks ago when Australia was kicking out an international tennis star for not being vaccinated, that’s because it was only a few short weeks ago.

However, with a massive surge in COVID-19 cases ongoing, and heeding urgent instructions from the WEF group, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announces the land down under is now going to launch a new and improved tourist campaign.

Apparently, the Aussie government is concerned their modern ‘prison camp‘ island image might have a negative impact on visitors.

In an effort to overcome the global image of Australia forcibly locking people in quarantine camps, conducting manhunts for the escapees, shooting people with rubber bullets for not wearing masks and beating people in the streets for non-compliance, the Morrison team is going to spend $60 million on a ‘Happy Oz‘ media campaign to get tourism back with no vaccinations required.

We can only imagine the new two-year ad campaign:

“Come to the New Australia, We Won’t Shoot Now – Swear”.   Or…

“We Only Club the Locals, Mate.”

“The Aussie Courts are Open Again, and This Time We Mean It, Tennis.”

“Come Back, Come Vaxxed, or Not – Who Cares?”

“We’re not as Roo’d as you might think”

“Camping’s Great, Come Visit Our New Facilities”

“See, You Really Can Comply Your Way Out of Tyranny”


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