There It Is, The Canadian 2022 Budget Authorizes a Central Bank Digital Currency

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on April 7, 2022 | Sundance 

CTH noted earlier, in the aftermath of the COVID-19 control mechanisms, things were being done legislatively to follow a ‘new world order’ for western democracies {Go Deep}.  One of the nations we noted following this new direction, was Canada.  Today, a review of the proposed Canadian 2022 budget finds something to align with the new version of democracy – the establishment of funding to create a central bank digital currency.

That should not necessarily come as a surprise.  After all, despite a massive amount of denial from the Canadian Finance Minister and Canadian Prime Minister toward the context of CTH research {Go DEEP}, the direct evidence we were looking for is now discovered.

Buried deep, very deep, in Chapter 9.2 of the Canadian Budget you will find this:  …”In the last several months, for example, there have been a number of high-profile examples—both around the world and here in Canada—where digital assets and cryptocurrencies have been used to avoid global sanctions and fund illegal activities.”

(Chapter 9.2) […] Budget 2022 includes measures that will help maintain the integrity of the financial system, promote fair competition, and protect both the finances of Canadians and our national security.

  • Budget 2022 announces the government’s intention to launch a financial sector legislative review focused on the digitalization of money and maintaining financial sector stability and security. The first phase of the review will be directed at digital currencies, including cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.
  • Budget 2022 also proposes $17.7 million over five years, starting in 2022-23, to the Department of Finance to lead the review.

The review will examine, among other factors: how to adapt the financial sector regulatory framework and toolbox to manage new digitalization risks; how to maintain the security and stability of the financial system in light of these evolving business models and technological capabilities; and the potential need for a central bank digital currency in Canada. (LINK)

Huh. Imagine that.  What was called a “conspiracy theory” just a few weeks/days ago, is now the expressed intent of the same government who denied it was ever being considered.

(Source link – Chapter 9, sub section 9.2)

You may remember when Chrystia Freeland and Justin Trudeau triggered their use of the Emergency Act to confiscate the bank accounts and financial assets of protest groups.  Trudeau and Freeland essentially broke the financial code of Omerta, by highlighting how easy it is for government to seize your bank accounts, credit cards, retirement accounts, insurance, mortgages, loan access and cut you off from money (without due process).

However, when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland announced they would use the Emergency Act declaration to target the financial support systems, banks and accounts of the people who were protesting against COVID mandates, they not only undermined the integrity of the Canadian banking system – they also inadvertently stuck a wrench into the plans of the World Economic Forum and the collaborative use of the Canadian Bankers Association to create a digital id.  WATCH:

If the Canadian government can arbitrarily block citizen access to their banking institution without any due process, what does that say about the system the Canadian Banking Association (CBA) was putting into place as part of their Digital ID network?

If the CBA digital identity were in place during the trucker protest and the deployment of the Emergency Act, the same people targeted by Trudeau’s use of the Act could have their entire identity blocked by the same government measures.  The realization of the issue, reflected by a severe undermining of faith in the banking system, surfaces as a dramatic problem for those working to create and promote the Digital ID.

It is not coincidental the financial targeting mechanism deployed by Trudeau/Freeland, the Canadian banking system, was/is the same mechanism being used to create the digital identity, which is now the same mechanism they are budgeting to begin establishing the Canadian digital currency.

♦ It is all one continuum.

Using the COVID-19 pandemic, they created a specific vaccine mandate.  Using the vaccine mandate, they created a vaccine passport.  The vaccination passport and registration process tracked/monitored human behavior.  In actual substance, the vaccine passport can be looked at as the beta test for a larger mission of a comprehensive digital identity and/or social credit tracking system.  Most Canadian’s complied, willingly.

Now, it is a simple process to shift into a digital identity, as noted above by the Canadian Banking Association, and presto – the government has just created the foundational infrastructure for the digital currency.

The 2022 Canadian budget provides the funding to create the digital currency mechanisms.

Once the mechanisms are in place, then it becomes a simple process to control how the digital currency is spent.

That car is not environmentally friendly, transaction denied.

You’ve exceeded your allotment of beef this month, transaction denied.

Or perhaps…

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Living in the Past – Stalin v Lenin

Armstrong Economics Blog/Russia Re-Posted Apr 7, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

I live in Finland/Helsinki. The Soviet Union attacked Finland in 1939, Stalin was one who arranged a false flag in Manila. A lot of Finnish soldiers and civilians died. But we survived. We Finnish people know Russians extremely well. It is a historical fact that Russians always arrange false flags and try to slave other nations and people. And that is happening just now in Ukraine. Putin attacked Ukraine and he is trying to slave Ukraine.
Best Regards from Finland


REPLY: It is important to not judge a country by its leaders. There are always left and right in every country and no country enjoys 100% approval of its people. Just look at the United States. There are ONLY three presidents who won with 60% or more, FDR 1st term, Johnson following Kennedy’s assassination, and Richard Nixon who promised to end Vietnam. All others won with just a few points over 50%. In the 2008 Election of Obama v McCain score his victory with just 52.9%. Even Lenin warned not to put Stalin in charge.

It is wrong to judge Russia by Stalin and today the powers that be just hate the Russian people and attribute everything to Putin. It is essential to also understand that there is a left and a right in Russia that still prevails today and Putin is a moderate that if ignored by the West, will drive Russia into the hands of the extreme right.

We MUST understand history for there has always been a question of where Russia begins and ends and who constitutes the Russian people. These questions have been debated by Russian thinkers themselves for centuries post-Russian Revolution which ended more than 300 years of tsarist rule. Believe it or not, Putin is NOT trying to resurrect the Soviet Union for that was not even the vision of Lenin – but Stalin.

At first, Lenin was revered as the architect of the new Russia. He was the elder statesman of the Bolshevik revolution. Stalin, on the other hand, was what we would call a Neocon. He was the ambitious party leader with visions of absolute authoritarian control. The two clashed not only over their political vision for Russia but also on a very personal level hurling insults steeped in grudges. It was this battle that actually proved to be too much for Lenin resulting in his premature death.

The conflict between these two Russian leaders reached a climax in the last days of December 1922. This is when 2,000 delegates from all over the former Russian empire gathered together in Moscow to create a new state which would become the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The vision of this new state was starkly different between the two men. There were republics of Ukraine, Belarus, and Transcaucasia, which were formally independent of Russia. When Georgy Chicherin, the Soviet Russian commissar for foreign relations, signed the treaty with Germany where each surrendered their claims against the other for war reparations in July 1918, there was a problem of unity. Ukraine and Belarus were independent before 1919 but were then overrun by the Bolsheviks in 1919. They had objected to forgiving Germany.

Ukraine and Belarus took the position that the Russian authorities had no right to speak on behalf of Ukrainian and Belarus. In Georgia, there too they objected insisting that their rights as the members of an independent republic were violated. This is was ultimately set in motion the birth of the final version of the Soviet Union.

It was in August of 1922 when Joseph Stalin created a special commission to recommend a new political model of relations between the communist Party’s Central Committee, Russia and the republics. Stalin’s proposal was called the “autonomization of the republics” whereby the formally independent republics would be incorporated into the Russian Soviet Federation with rights of autonomy. However, the Russian Federation would become the central authority subordinating the formally independent republics. This resulted in a rebellion with the Georgians led the revolt against Stalin’s model. They were joined by the Ukrainians and Belarusians.

This conflict between Lenin’s vision of a union more akin to the United States model and Lenin’s vision of absolute central power resulted in the heated conversation with Feliks Dzerzhinsky, who was the head of the secret police and a supporter of Stalin. Stalin and many of his supporters, such as Ordzhonikidze and Dzerzhinsky, were actually non-Russians. Stalin was Georgian and Dzerzhinsky was actiually Polish. Interestingly, Felix Dzerzhinsky was remembered in St Petersburg on a Commemorative plaque dedicated him.

But the stroke prevented him from taking any decisive steps against them. Two days later, a commission of party officials, led by Stalin, placed strict limitations on Lenin’s activities, effectively isolating him. They said the restrictions were designed to prevent the worsening of Lenin’s health. But they also served a political purpose.

Lenin could not attend the congress and he certainly did not trust Stalin. Consequently, the paralyzed Lenin dictated his famous thoughts on the nationality question in a document he sent to the party leadership. It was a letter titled “On the Question of Nationalities or ‘Autonomization.’” On December 31st, 1922, he attacked Stalin’s policies criticizing the rights provided to the republics by the Union treaty, deeming them inadequate to stop the rise of Great Russian nationalism. Lenin called this threat as “great-power chauvinism.” To Lenin saw these people as non-Russians who he did not trust and feared for the future of the Russian people.

In Lenin believed that Stalin, who was not Russia, posed a major threat to Russia. He viewed Stalin’s dream of the USSR as a threat to the unity of state which he was correct. Lenin’s idea of a union of independent states would be sustained by local autonomy taking into account their local customes. Lenin was prepared to replace the Union he had originally proposed with a looser association of states with the centralized powers to be confined to matters of defense and international relations exclusively. Lenin also maintained that the republics should retain the right of secession to prevent Stalin’s central dominance of authority.

I highly recommend watching the movie Mr. Jones. While this will NOT show the battle between Lenin and Stalin, it will show the ruthlessness of Stalin that Lenin feared. But Stalin was NOT a Russian, but he has tarnish the reputation of all Russians ever since. It is ironic that Stalin was a Georgian, which is in the Caucuses bordering Turkey where they hate Russians for the very oppression of Stalin.

So, as you can see, this is a very complex subject. Putin is not a follower of Stalin wheras other behind him are. So we should be very care what we wish for when it comes to Regime Change. Just maybe they know this as well and want Regime Change to ensure war. Very interesting indeed. We should NOT judge Putin by Stalin or all Russians for that matter. That is the propaganda of the Neocons who are still fighting against Stalin.

Canada Begins Eugenics Program

Armstrong Economics Blog/Canada Re-Posted Apr 7, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

While people always point to Nazi, Germany, Canada is no stranger to eugenics. The Sexual Sterilization Act in 1928 forced Indigenous women to undergo sterilizations to diminish their population. Canada provided these women with a skewed “mental deficiency” test in an attempt to prove they were unfit to reproduce. The practice was widespread until the 1970s, although numerous women have reported being coerced into the practice in recent times.

Justin Trudeau’s dad, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, supported eugenics and population “cleansing.” The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation provided the initial foundation for the practice by highlighting the scientific achievement of genome sequencing and combining it with the potential for “reducing the burden of disease on themselves and on society as a whole.”

An excerpt on “Technology and Ethics” that can be found on the Trudeau Foundation website:

"For some analysts, genetic tests, along with the 'genetic understanding of health' that they shape, reflect our society's focus on individual responsibility and productivity. In the words of Roxanne Mykitiuk, 'with genetic tests marketed as a kind of health-risk kit, individuals are being called upon to undertake self-surveillance in the name of reducing the burden of disease on themselves and on society as a whole,' and in doing so to maintain a 'disciplined order of productive citizens.'”

This thinking is identical to other current and past forms of governments who have actively sought to eliminate those who are not considered “productive citizens.” The aforementioned report concluded:

"One of the most significant and pervasive issues is the risk that these new technologies will give rise to new forms of discrimination, inequality, and violations of human dignity, such as discrimination on the basis of genetic characteristics or unequal access to genetic enhancements. Other potential adverse effects include irreparable damage to the environment and to human health and the human genome."

Justin Trudeau is now following in his dad’s footsteps. Beginning in March 2023, Canada will expand its Medical Aid in Dying, or MAID, for people “whose sole underlying condition is depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, schizophrenia, PTSD or any other mental affliction.” There is no denying that mental disorders cause suffering – but do they call for government-aided suicide? This means that a vulnerable person suffering from a mental disorder, who may not be able to make a decision on their own, could be persuaded by a doctor to end their life. The measure also notes that “any other mental affliction” could be grounds for death by the government, which is more dystopian than anything George Orwell could have imagined.

Mental health providers stress that suicide is never an option. This bill is about voluntary eugenics, encouraged by healthcare providers, rather than public health.

Conveniently, Canada is implementing this measure after its COVID restrictions sent the nation into a mental health tailspin. Young Global Leader Trudeau is pushing forward the Great Reset and will likely call for universal healthcare. He considers these people a “burden” to his socialistic dreams as psychiatric conditions usually require lifelong care.

This is one of the evilest measures implemented by Justin Trudeau. He is persuading vulnerable Canadians to end their lives to create Schwab’s (Justin Trudeau does not have original ideas) dream Utopia where everyone will “be happy.”

Is Biden also a War Criminal Bringing Civilization to a Complete Collapse?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Ukraine Re-Posted Apr 6, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Biden has declared that “major war crimes” are now being discovered in Ukraine as Russian forces retreat from areas around Kyiv. In a total propaganda move where he just takes whatever Zelensky says at face value who is a puppet intended to create World War III because the ability of government to continue to function under Keynesian Economics is coming to an end. On top of that, Biden is desperate to change the focus from his own corruption and that of Hunter Biden hoping to change the topic. Biden is denying any independent investigation just taking the word of Zelensky who has done NOTHING but tried to create war with Russia refusing to comply with the 1991 Belgrade Agreement of Neutrality and the Minsk Agreement which was to allow the Donbas to vote on their own independence.

Biden has set in motion World War III calling Putin a war criminal which by the same standards would have applied to every president during times of war. The US has refused to address all the claims of war crimes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lybia, etc. The US admitted to killing civilians in Kabul in a drone attack. Who is responsible for that war crime? Under Biden’s definition, he himself is also a war criminal for Kabul. That too was a brutal, cold-blooded execution-style but the US is exempt from being tried in the ICC for the US refuses to be judged for war crimes in the Netherlands.

Biden’s rationale for ratcheting up US sanctions on Moscow now targeting Putin’s daughters is outrageous. Biden said: “Responsible nations have to come together to hold these perpetrators accountable.” Biden has further increased sanctions targeting Putin’s two adult daughters. Why are they responsible for this?

Biden has DESTROYED the world economy and abused the SWIFT system that has shown it is now not independent but just a political tool. China would be absolutely braindead at this point if it did NOT set up its alternative to SWIFT. More and more countries are starting to side with Russia. Even India has seen its action of Biden as totally reckless. Biden’s constant expanding sanctions have cut off Russia entirely just as FDR did to Japan. If history repeats, I would NOT live in Washington, LA, Chicago, or New York. They can be taken out with supersonic nukes and there is nothing Biden can do to stop it. He needs to be removed from the office. Every administration has sought world peace. Biden seeks ONLY war.

There will NEVER be a return to NORMAL and only a madman would act like Biden deliberately destroying international relations that took decades to establish. You will not cause Putin to recoil, and any regime change will only lead to people behind Putin who are FAR more Neocon than Putin.

Rome lasted for 1,000 years, but it collapsed in just 8.6 years. History is repeating. Biden has been FAR WORSE than anything I personally would have speculated. The forecasts come from Socrates, not me personally. There is NO human being who would have postulated that ANY world leader would be this outrageous. Indeed, 8.6-years from the time Biden took office will be 2029.65 (August 25th, 2029).  Just as our models are warning that the French Fifth Republic will come to an end by 2030, the same is true for most Republics that will include the United States.

There Is Something Very Troublesome About the Western Govt, Post-COVID, Rules-Based Order

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on April 7, 2022 | Sundance 

While the western media quickly jumped from the COVID crisis to the Ukraine crisis, in the background of current events there is a lot of activity amid western government that does not look very democratic.

The word ‘autocracy‘, with all its variants, has been used a lot frequently by western government politicians as they attack the ideology of Russia, China and essentially every national leader who does not join their “rules-based order” club.  There is so much linguistic repetition from the same western leadership, it’s impossible not to see this autocracy narrative as some form of talking point that stemmed from some G7 or NATO collaboration meeting.

It does not seem coincidental the new catch phrases of “autocracy” vs “rules-based order” surfaced at the tail end of the COVID crisis, when Build Back Better shifted from a talking point into an actual set of western legislative constructs  perhaps intended to codify the emergency powers those same officials deployed.

What kind of democracy, or rules-based order mindset, was the European Commission carrying when they decried the overwhelming national election in Hungary?  Surely if the EU wanted to celebrate democracy, they would cheer for the high voter turnout that reelected Prime Minister Viktor Orban, yet they did exactly the opposite.  Apparently, some democracies are more valued than others.

At the same time the EU is clutching pearls over the results in Hungary, another western ally, Canada, is codifying the government’s emergency act power to seize property without due process.  As we are directed to be distracted by everything Zelenskyy, it might be worth noting that Ontario Bill 100 is about to permanently change the rules of permitted political protest. You can read about Bill 100 here and watch the economic debate here.

Essentially, Bill 100 gives the Canadian government the power to seize your home, finances, bank accounts and assets if you take part in any form of protest that would create economic harm to any loosely defined entity.  Protest at the border, lose your house; at least that’s the threat they are about to make into a law.

It seems rather incredulous to me that securing a corporate financial interest would override the concerning possibility of forever losing liberty and freedom for the individual citizen. However, in this new post-COVID ‘rules-based order’, that’s the official justification from the Canadian government.  Slippery slope and all that accepted, this Ontario Bill 100 is a few slides beyond the slippery.

Similar actions are taking place in New Zealand and Australia, where codifying the emergency powers of public health officials post-COVID rules, is at the forefront of their legislative and constitutional reform efforts.

Creating new era ‘rules-based democracy’ stuff is filling up the business end of western government attention in Europe, North American and the land down under.

But it’s not just Europe, Canada, New Zealand and Australia doing this.  In the United States we have a combination of new restrictions on liberty and freedom around emergency health issues in combination with J6 “threat to democracy” outcomes being created.  The J6 committee is looking at Trump supporters the way the EU commission is looking at Hungarian citizens.

Add it all up, and this new version of western democracy doesn’t look like it is based on the same principles the older version, the non-rules-based version, was using.

These new “rules of democracy” are also being overlaid by new rules for discussing democracy as found in the guidelines from the tech overlords.

Google just recently announced, in the era post-COVID, they will no longer tolerate content that “makes claims that are demonstrably false and could significantly undermine participation or trust in an electoral or democratic process.

So, if you are to speak against the new “rules of democracy”, or the legislation that is going through the “democratic process” in the EU, NZ, AU, Canada or the United States, you can be targeted by the online Google wrong-think police.  Isn’t that convenient considering the effort to codify the totalitarian tendencies of the new “western democracies.”

If you speak against the newer version of the ‘rules-based order‘, the leaders of western democracies will enjoy protection from the internet police.  A rebellious sort, as defined by a person who still thinks independently, might say that sounds almost autocratic or something.

There was always a concern that any political leader who granted themselves extreme powers, under the pretense of the pandemic threat, would never want to relinquish that scale of control over their citizens.  Indeed, it can be argued we are seeing those concerns come to fruition with supportive action from ruling elites in the various parliamentary and congressional offices.

A wise fellow of steward-minded disposition stated today that if U.S. government officials were genuinely concerned about the welfare of Americans, they would immediately be holding legislative sessions to ramp up energy production, cut through regulatory hurdles, lower gasoline prices, seal our borders and prepare our national food stocks for a concerning global food shortage.

Perhaps, just perhaps, if a legislative body was truly representative of the citizens, they would be using a few billion taxpayer dollars to purchase or offset fertilizer costs, help farmers with diesel fuel prices and work earnestly to insure full harvests this year.

Alas, the only nation worthy of such financial consideration is a tenuously manipulated -by them- country called Ukraine.

These new western democracy rules certainly appear to be rules of priority for the few, and not rules that would be a priority for the many.   Perhaps that’s the whole point.  Maybe that’s the bigger picture.

As it appears by action and consequence, this new western, post-COVID, ‘rules-based order’ is focused exclusively on providing benefit for the self-described elites.

I wonder what will happen if the many just don’t comply?…

… Or have the autocrats thought about that with the open border rules coming May 23rd?

FWIW at Least Someone Said It Out Loud

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on April 6, 2022 | Sundance

While the jackboot on our neck doesn’t seem to be getting any lighter, at least someone says what’s going on out loud. {Direct Rumble Link}

House GOP representative Jim Jordan delivered a speech on the floor today that essentially encapsulates most of the current issues that have become the collective weight from the jackboot.   Insofar as congressional speeches have value, this summary from Jordan is quite succinct. WATCH:

Counter Move, Hungary Will Pay for Russian Energy in Rubles if Russia Asks

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on April 6, 2022 | Sundance

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban was overwhelmingly reelected last weekend {LINK}, despite the massive efforts against him by the European Union, western and euro-centric multinational globalists.   Brussels was furious at the Hungarian people.

The European Commission responded to the election by announcing they would fine Hungary €5 billion {LINK} for not following the ideology of the collective New World Order and western democratic norms.  The EU intent is to punish Hungary for perceived transgressions against the European order.

Delivering another blow, while pushing back against the EU, Western Alliance and NATO today, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Hungary will purchase Russian energy in rubles.  With the overwhelming support of the Hungarian people behind him, Prime Minister Orban is not going to be kowtowed by Brussels pressure.

BUDAPEST/LONDON, April 6 (Reuters) – Hungary said on Wednesday it was prepared to pay rubles for Russian gas, breaking ranks with the European Union which has sought a united front in opposing Moscow’s demand for payment in the currency.

Hungary will pay for shipments in rubles if Russia asks it to, Prime Minister Viktor Orban told a news conference on Wednesday in reply to a Reuters question.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned Europe it risks having gas supplies cut unless it pays in rubles as he seeks retaliation over Western sanctions for Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

[…] Hungary’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto earlier said that EU authorities had “no role” to play in its gas supply deal with Russia, which was based on a bilateral contract between units of Hungarian state-owned MVM and of Gazprom.   The European Commission does not comment on declarations from national authorities, a spokesperson said.  (read more)


Twitter Suspends Former U.N. Weapons Inspector for Questioning Ukrainian Government Claims of War Crimes

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on April 6, 2022 | Sundance

A quote attributed to George Orwell states, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.”  It appears that quote was considerably prescient as Big Tech and the U.S. intelligence apparatus collaborate to retain their narrative.

Former U.N. Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter has been suspended from Twitter for questioning the transparently sketchy circumstances around Bucha, Ukraine.

Regardless of your position on the Ukraine -vs- Russia conflict, the larger concern is the manipulation of information in an increasingly totalitarian era. The entire premise of democracy, speech and open debate is being undermined by the collaboration of tech platforms and the U.S. intelligence apparatus.

In this era of new “democratic norms”, trust in the institutions of government has collapsed.  As social media platforms increasingly align their efforts with those collapsing institutions, the battle for your mind carries deadly consequences.  Think, while it is still permitted.

Macron & the April 10th Election

Armstrong Economics Blog/France Re-Posted Apr 6, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

On April 10, the election in France will take place, and Macron is ahead for now with 27% of the vote. But Macron has been using his position as the European Union bloc’s president for six months. Macron has cleverly used this position as a powerbase toward a reelection bid by not merely pushing for a strong EU government, and surrendering French sovereignty to Brussels, but he has been using the Ukrainian crisis to justify his return to power.

Macron’s remarks have been closely watched at home as he is strategically using his EU position to win reelection. Macron has stated that he wants to add changes to the charter of fundamental rights of the European Union to make it “more explicit about environment protection and the recognition of the right to abortion” in an effort to “breathe new life” in Europe’s democratic values. He is also pitching a minimum wage or a “decent” minimum salary across the EU bloc and moving on reducing “inequalities” by fighting discrimination, which is the pitch of the World Economic Forum as to WHY a Great Reset is needed.

Macron has also said it’s time for the EU to “take action” to meet its environmental ambitions, including the bloc’s commitment to reach climate neutrality by 2050. That too is from the World Economic Forum agenda.

Macron also called on the EU to quickly draw up a new security plan to ease tensions with Russia. Many have seen Macron as using his position not to promote EU policies, but to boost his candidacy rather than caring about EU issues. Most of the opposition has pointed out his failure with dealing with the massive migration into Europe. He had 5 years to deal with that and has done nothing.

For now, Macron is basking in the limelight of Zelensky and the threat of Putin to Europe. But our model shows that this will be the last president to be elected in the Fifth Republic of France. Jacques Chirac (1932–2019) was elected in 1995 initially as a Gaullist, but he turned Neo-Gaullist, and thus the slippery slope of France began. We will see a new government emerge by 2030. The risk of a European war will be at its peak in 2027. There will be NO return to normal!

Remember, Rome lasted for 1,000 years, but it collapsed in just 8.6 years.

Danish Politician Advises EU Residents to Avoid Long Showers

Armstrong Economics Blog/Energy Re-Posted Apr 6, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Danish Politician Margrethe Vestager is utterly uninformed about the true factors surrounding rising inflation among the 19 counties in the European Union (EU). According to EU politicians, the only problem is Russia, and the only solution is for the people of the EU to continue sacrificing their quality of life.

“Everyone is asking what I can do. You can do two things: control your own and your teenagers’ showers. And when you turn off that water, you say — “Take that Putin!” Vestager stated, declaring that limited hot showers, a simple pleasure in life, could be an act of unity with Ukraine. Putin will not ask his troops to retreat because you let your hygiene decline. This is another measure to punish the people for the ignorance of politicians.

Germany’s economic minister Robert Habeck went as far as denying the supply chain crisis. “There are currently no supply shortages,” Habeck remarked. “Nevertheless, we must increase precautionary measures in order to be prepared in the event of an escalation on the part of Russia.” Instead of making any attempt to become less reliant on Russian energy, the politicians are simply asking the people to consume less energy. Consuming less is not a solution. It is an insult to the people living within the European Union who had no say in voting for the decision-makers in charge who are sending the entire bloc into a downward spiral.