Zelenskyy Gives British Prime Minister Boris Johnson a Guided Tour of The Great Western Battle to Save Kyiv

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To get a better context for the catastrophic and dangerous war zone that is Ukraine, yesterday European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and European Commission Vice President Josep Borrell Fontelles visited President Zelenskyy in Kyiv {link}.  The primary purpose of the meeting was to affirm the intent of the EU to accept Zelenskyy into the Union.

Earlier today, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also went into the war zone, toured the extreme chaos and battleground, and met with Zelenskyy (video below).

(Via MSM) – The UK is to send 120 armored vehicles and new anti-ship missile systems to Ukraine, Downing Street announced Saturday, after Prime Minister Boris Johnson paid an in-person visit to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Johnson and Austria’s Chancellor Karl Nehammer made separate visits to Zelensky on Saturday, the latest in a string of leaders to travel to the country during the ongoing Russian invasion.

Johnson posted on Twitter that his visit to Kyiv was “a show of our unwavering support for the people of Ukraine” and announced a new package of financial and military aid.

“Ukraine has defied the odds and pushed back Russian forces from the gates of Kyiv, achieving the greatest feat of arms of the 21st century,” the UK PM said in a statement.

He praised Zelensky’s “resolute leadership” and the “invincible heroism and courage of the Ukrainian people,” adding that the UK “stands unwaveringly with them in this ongoing fight … we are in it for the long run.”  Later in his nightly address posted on social media, Zelensky thanked the UK and Johnson. (read more)

As seen in video promoted by the NATO alliance, Johnson and Zelenskyy ignored the threat of bombs, missiles and artillery that could be raining down upon them, and bravely walked without flak jackets, vests or even helmets despite the chaos.

Unfortunately, the cinematography produced by the western NATO alliance failed to capture the smell of burning diesel fuel from the aftermath of hundreds of tanks and weeks of street-to-street urban warfare.  However, it does appear that Johnson was prepared for hand-to-hand combat if any angry shopkeeper stepped out of line.   Courage is, as they say, contagious.  Footage below:

Pentagon Cannot Confirm Bucha Atrocity

Armstrong Economics on Blog/Ukraine Re-Posted Apr 10, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: So you think Russia did not do that in Bucha?


ANSWER: It is to the advantage of Zelensky who is appearing before every parliament he can ask for money. The US Pentagon has come out and even said that they CAN NOT independently verify what took place in Bucha. There is no way to verify anything in Bucha and there are videos that show people laying in the street pretending to be dead with no blood and then there are videos showing they get up when the camera passes.

If you want your family or someone else to rush over there and kill Russians to avenge Ukraine, you should go there and fight yourself. Don’t send others there to die for propaganda. Don’t worry. Congress just authorize handing all the weapons on the Christmas list of Zelensky so we will get your war that you so are eager to engulf the entire world. If you really think Ukraine can defeat Russia, please, volunteer for the vanguard.

know, Ukraine and you better count your fingers when shaking hands. The government there is texting me asking for money. There is ABSOLUTELY zero confirmation that ANY money being sent to Ukraine gets to the people and not the pockets of one of the most corrupt governments in the world. Only a fool will send money to Ukraine based on all of these solicitations. The ONLY people to send money to are the International Red Cross or Crescent.

There has been NOT a single war that ever began that was based on truth. Every war was sold with propaganda.

Rebel News on the WEF Infiltration of Governments

Aemstrong Economics Blog/WEF Re-Posted Apr 9, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

These people are against Democracy where the people make decisions. Republics are authoritarian regimes in sheep’s clothing. They run pretending one thing and then do everything in their power to accomplish undemocratic goals.

Neil Oliver, the COVID Schemes Cost Billions, but the Aftermath Costs Are Worse Than Money

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Neil Oliver takes a look at the economics of COVID and how government intervention and spending has crushed the working class.  However, it is not the financial aspects that carry the worst debt in the aftermath, there is a human cost that can never be repaid or recreated.  WATCH:

{TRANSCRIPT} –  “There are debts that can be repaid and debts that can’t. During the time of Covid, vast piles of money were conjured into being by the government, borrowed as if by magic from the distant future. Unimaginable quantities of that funny money were wasted – spent on PPE that didn’t work or that wasn’t needed and is now yet more plastic heaped into landfills or otherwise littering the landscape and seascape. Millions went on the Nightingale hospitals that were never used. Around 37 billion pounds – ten percent of a total of 370 billion pounds set aside for Bounce Back Loans and the Eat Out to Help Out scheme – were lost to fraudsters. £37 billion pounds.”

“Lost to fraud and gone for good. Whatever the final figure for the theft, that money has simply been written off as irrecoverable. Taxpayers will foot the bill for it all eventually of course – along with paying back the rest of the trillions sprayed around with abandon by a government of headless chickens.

Furlough schemes paid billions more to employers so they could pay and thereby retain staff sent home to months of lockdowns during which the economy ground to a halt. All that debt has to be repaid too, by taxpayers. Hundreds of thousands of people, at least – many of them self-employed, did not qualify for any help at all while simultaneously being barred from going to work to try and earn livings for themselves and their families. To add insult to injury, those who received nothing, many who thereby lost everything – who had their noses pressed up against the outside of a window showing a financial feast to which they were not even invited – still have to put their hands in empty pockets to pay for help enjoyed by others but denied to them.

Those debts – including sums squandered, sums exploited by friends of those in power – will eventually have to be repaid, you might reasonably assume, one way or another, even if the sums concerned are so eye-wateringly huge those accounts will be glowing red for decades. It’s only money, you might say. You might say that if you’ve never gone without.

But then there are the other debts. Other debts that can’t be repaid and will never be repaid. Many and determined were the voices that warned and kept warning month after month that society was being undone by lockdown and the masking of faces.

The isolation and, perhaps worst of all, the incessant fear deliberately whipped up by government nudge units and pushed day after day until too many souls didn’t know which way was up, and still don’t. All of it was deliberately inflicted upon millions of people, some of them the most vulnerable – the poor, the elderly, children.

There were warnings of inevitable damage to mental health, to physical health – and so it has come to pass. The NHS has acknowledged what it has described as a “second pandemic” of depression, anxiety, psychosis and eating disorders.

So overwhelmed are specialists they are “bouncing back” many of those in need of help to the GPs who referred them – even those most at risk from suicide, self-harm and starvation. Doctors have warned people will simply die of conditions that must only be left untreated.

And then there are the children, and yet more debts that cannot be repaid. An Ofsted report says face masks and lockdowns have left a generation of our youngest children struggling to crawl, walk, talk, dress themselves, make friends – even to go to the toilet unaided.

Children that are two years old now spent their whole lives in a locked down, masked up world. Many of those of the poorest families spent weeks and months in homes with no outside spaces, stuck in rooms watching screens of one sort or another. The same report revealed children were mimicking the voices of cartoon characters after long hours spent watching and listening to nothing else.

The authors noted, in the simplest terms, that youngsters had missed out on: “stories, singing and having conversations.”

Babies born and raised in masked worlds are: “struggling to respond to facial expressions … particularly anxious and not used to seeing different faces.”

Stories, singing, playing, talking, seeing faces, after being fed and held in loving arms, these are among the most fundamental necessities of childhood. Tens of thousands of years ago our ancestors knew it mattered to tell their children stories, to sing them songs, so that all that had been learned by the ancestors would not be forgotten and the tribe would remain closely bound by the sharing of it all.

That some stories and songs have come down to us from a time beyond the reach of memory is testament to how much they were deemed to matter. Behaviour that was possible and essential around campfires in worlds separated from our own by ice ages, was thrown away by ours. What is lost or denied at the beginning of a life, is not necessarily obtained or regained later.

That an Ofsted report should find such basic life experience knowingly denied to millions of our youngest is appalling, unforgivable and shaming. This is nothing less than neglect – wholesale neglect by society of the most precious and vulnerable resource we have. All of it was avoidable and should have been avoided.

The decision to lock down and to enforce mask wearing was, I say, utterly wrong. And yet, this week, when questioned by this channel, prime minister Boris Johnson said he would not rule out applying lockdowns again in the future.

Obviously, to vow never to lock down again would be a tacit admission by him that they were the wrong move all along – and no modern, self-preserving PM would ever be so honest – but there we are … the lockdowns that did so much needless damage, caused so much unforgivable harm, remain on the table.

There will inevitably be those that say children are resilient – and so they are, thank goodness. But just because children are resilient doesn’t mean we should stress test them to destruction. And make no mistake – some of the ground lost already will never be recovered by many. Our debt to them will remain always unpaid.

Children now are growing up in a world very different to the one most of us remember. To take but one example: online, on social media, are images, videos and posts all pushing the same message – that changing your gender is the cure for all manner of problems.

Crowdfunders raise money to help children bypass the NHS and obtain puberty blocking drugs from private sources, and to pay for private operations to remove breasts, or to construct them, or to reshape genitals, or to remove internal anatomy including the womb. No one can honestly claim to know the long-term consequences of taking such steps.

This is another epidemic.

Between 2014 and 2015 there were around 700 referrals each year to the Gender Identity Service at London’s Tavistock clinic. That number rose to around 2,600 each year between 2019 and 2020.

That more and more children are unhappy, at the existential level, and reporting feeling uncomfortable with the sexual identity they were born with, is undeniable and poses all manner of questions in urgent need of answers. It is almost as though Gender Dysphoria had mutated to become as airborne as Covid ever was.

There is also, anyway, a growing preoccupation with the sexuality of children – all children. In Scotland and Wales, government surveys ask children as young as 13 about their “sex lives”, enquiring about what age they were when they first had sex, how long it has been since they last had sex.

Those are not even the most intrusive or intimate of the questions in those surveys. If I had been asked questions like those, by relative strangers, when I was 13, my explicit instructions from my parents were to run for home.

The incessant, relentless push to spend more and more time talking to children about sex and gender means I personally find it hard not to conclude that we are, as a society, being increasingly familiarised with the thought of sexually active children. Why would that be? To what end? For whose benefit? Certainly not necessarily the benefit of children who are, anyway, below the legal age of consent.

Life is short. Childhood is shorter still and, judging by what schools and other manifestations of officialdom want to talk to them about, have them think about, getting shorter every day.

Psychologists have known for years that children must be socialised by the age of four. If they have not become by then children able to take up their place in society – through mixing and playing with their peers and being supervised by responsible adults, whose faces they can see, whose mouths they can watch forming words, and all the rest of it – then at the most fundamental level they never will.

More and more it feels like the needs of children are being set aside and overlooked – sacrificed to ensure the wellbeing, comfort or objectives of their elders. Childhood itself is under attack, sullied by earlier and earlier confrontation with, and initiation into, the ways of adults.

During the time of Covid, the needs of children were put last. Education compromised or abandoned altogether. Play reduced to an afterthought, contact with family and friends forbidden. We could argue all day about the threat posed to children by the vaccines. Undeniable harm however has been done by two years of the mass psychosis of their elders.

More has been taken from children than might ever be measured. That debt will never be repaid.” (LINK)


Globalism v Nationalism – Last Weekend Hungary, Tomorrow France Round One

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Last weekend, it was the Hungarian election that surfaced as the first contest between globalism -vs- nationalism in the “post-COVID” era.  This weekend, it is the election in France that will indicate how the French people feel about similar issues of the totalitarian, fascist or corporate state, i.e. “globalism.”

There are a multitude of parties and coalitions in France represented by multiple candidates.  However, if no candidate wins 50% of the total vote tomorrow, only the top two candidates will advance to the second round national election on April 24th.  Those top two candidates are likely to be current French President Emmanuel Macron (globalist wing) and Marine Le Pen (nationalist wing).

Currently Macron holds around 25% and Le Pen around 23% (individually) for the first round, with multiple candidates holding smaller percentages of the remaining vote.  Therefore, it is almost certain that Macron and Le Pen will advance to a head-to-head matchup on April 24th.  That’s when things will really become important for the larger battle of globalism v nationalism.

The two candidates have faced off before, however, this time the pandemic response by Emmanuel Macron could likely tilt the election in favor of Le Pen.

SIDEBAR – I predict we will see Barack Obama enter the French presidential election again, as an influence agent, between Monday of next week and April 24th, just as he did the last time in order to try and convince the French people to stick with Macron.  Foreign interference in national elections (think Russia interfering in U.S. elections) is a horrible thing, a terrible threat to democracy, except when the U.S. globalists need it.

When the U.S. leftists, Democrats, need to influence the Canadian election, suddenly election interference is a good thing.  When the Democrats need to influence the Mexico election, no big deal. When the U.S. leftists need to influence the French election, or Egyptian election, or Israeli election, or U.K. election, no biggie, no biggie, no biggie.  Their hypocrisy is boundless when they know the media will let them pretend not to know things.  Watch for it, I’ll bet one donut the U.S. will pull out all the stops to support Macron. I digress…back to the point of current France.

During his pandemic response, Macron went totally overboard.  He was the first one to announce (July 2021) that a vaccine passport would be needed in order to shop, drink, eat at restaurants, travel or worship.  Many other western, fascist totalitarian dictators, the new democracy leaders, followed soon thereafter.  Macron’s ideological fiats may come back to haunt him. We can hope.  The French people were not happy with this unilateral decision, and it showed people how quickly some leaders will become dictators.

President Macron took that dictatorship even one step further in January of this year, and this is likely the biggest problem for him right now.  In January he announced that any unvaccinated person was “irresponsible” and therefore “no longer a citizen.”

Macron told Le Parisien that he had decided to act against the non-vaccinated, by “limiting as much as possible their access to social life activity”.  “The unvaccinated, I really want to piss them off. And so we will continue to do so, to the bitter end. That’s the strategy,” the head of state said. “When my freedom comes to threaten that of other people, I become irresponsible. An irresponsible person is no longer a citizen.” 

“I am not going to put them in prison, I am not going to forcibly vaccinate them,” Macron went on. “Therefore you have to say to them: from January 15 you can no longer go to a restaurant, you can no longer go for a drink, you can no longer go for a coffee, you can no longer go to the theatre, you can no longer go to the cinema,” the president said.  (read more)

That extremist approach is the opening Marine Le Pen now has in front of her – to expose Emmanuel Macron as the installed, WEF approved, multicultural economic globalist everyone knows him to be.

Tomorrow, the first round of the French election carries a similar background framework as the Hungarian election last weekend.

The CIA is also worried….

“In Europe, two pivotal elections — in Hungary and France — tell the tale. As recently as a few days ago, it was possible to suggest, as an essay in the Atlantic did, that the Ukraine war was “upending European politics” by highlighting the illiberal and pro-Putin records of French far-right leader Marine Le Pen and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Experts were quoted saying that Orban was “desperately trying to reframe the events” around the war and predicted the French would now see President Emmanuel Macron as “probably the only person … who can lead them through this crisis.”

In fact, Orban has just won reelection — and a fourth consecutive term in office — by a handy margin, with his coalition getting about 53 percent of the vote compared to the opposition coalition’s roughly 34 percent. The same day, voters in Serbia reelected a populist, staunchly pro-Putin president by a landslide. In France, where the first round of the presidential election is set for April 10, polling suggests that Macron’s lead has been evaporating and that Le Pen has surged significantly. As a New York Times headline says, “Even Before France Votes, the French Right Is a Big Winner.” In Europe, at least, right-wing populism continues to thrive.” (read more)

The professional political leftists in the U.S. are worried:

[…] It’s not really clear why Macron’s numbers have dropped so dramatically, as he still enjoys relatively high support for his handling of foreign policy. Part of it could have to do with low marks for his attempts to liberalize France’s economy, including making it easier for companies to lay off workers and lowering business taxes, which haven’t been popular.

Some critics have called him “the candidate of the rich,” and moves like getting rid of the wealth tax and reducing social spending assistance have played into that. And Macron’s policies have resulted in populist outcry before, as a proposed gas tax hike in 2018 led to nationwide protests in what became known as the Yellow Vest Movement. Now his campaign is pushing the unpopular position of raising the retirement age, which may also explain why the race between him and Le Pen has narrowed.

In fact, polling between Macron and Le Pen has gotten close enough that Le Pen is just a normal polling error away from winning. (more)

Prayers for France!

Exclusive Klaus Schwab Tell All interview!

By Awaken With JP  Published originally on Rumble on April 9, 2022 41

Join me for an exclusive sit down interview with Klaus Schwab himself! The leader of the World Economic Forum opens up and speaks very candidly about his plans for you, and the future of our planet! Featuring The Great Reset, Fourth Industrial Revolution, and More!

Justice Jackson

Armstrong Economics Blog/Rule of Law Re-Posted Apr 9, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: So what do you think of the Supreme Court nominee?


ANSWER: It is a joke. Biden ruled out everyone other than a black woman, which is in itself racist. This is all propaganda. In NYC, I have watched judges. A black judge will typically impose a harder sentence on someone who is black because they view that they have suffered prejudice because of them and the criminal can never claim racism. I saw a Jewish guy sentenced to an extra two years because the Jewish Judge went to the same school that he disgraced. I saw a black defendant who thought he would be treated fairly because he had an all-black jury. They found him guilty of everything because they do not like the young blacks shooting up their neighborhoods. I seriously doubt Justice Thomas would rule in favor of a black man simply because he was black.

To think that putting a black woman on the court will somehow support black women is just absurd. As I have stated before, just because a Republican president appoints a justice does NOT mean they will always rule in favor of Republicans. Justices do not always vote on Party Lines.

Roberts v Scalia

King v. Burwell upholding Obamacare was a political decision, not law, and it revealed the stark difference between Chief Justice Roberts, appointed by a Republican, and Justice Scalia, who was also appointed by a Republican.

It was Justice Scalia who spoke the truth. He wrote about Roberts’ decisions:

“… this Court’s two decisions on the Act will surely be remembered through the years. The somersaults of statutory interpretation they have performed (‘penalty’ means tax, ‘further [Medicaid] payments to the State’ means only incremental Medicaid payments to the State, ‘established by the State’ means not established by the State) will be cited by litigants endlessly, to the confusion of honest jurisprudence. And the cases will publish forever the discouraging truth that the Supreme Court of the United States favors some laws over others, and is prepared to do whatever it takes to uphold and assist its favorites.”

This is what Biden is shooting for. Not the rule of law, but twisting the Constitution to achieve his progressive agenda to turn the Constitution inside out. This is when we really need Will Smith to slap people in the face to wake up in Washington as they keep moving to destroy everything that made America great. There is now absolutely NO guarantee of how Justice Jackson will rule. I did find it disturbing for her to say she could not define “woman.” If we cannot define that, then can a guy go into the lady’s room and look at girls in there, claiming he identifies as a woman? Where does this ever end? What’s next? A pedophile can claim he identified as a child and was just playing doctor? There are basic norms that have always existed in society and I fear they are going out the window with the baby and the bathwater. I hope she does not rule with this inanity.

Interview: The Russia/Ukraine Story From Martin Armstrong

Armstrong Economics Blog/Armstrong in the Media Re-Posted Apr 9, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Click here to watch Martin Armstrong’s latest interview with Patrick Timpone from One Radio.

The End of Ukraine – The Cyclical View

Armstrong Economics Blog/Ukraine Re-Posted Apr 8, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Marty; Socrates is always amazing. I understand this forecast of war and Russia comes from the computer and you wish you were wrong. There is a video out there also saying the Bucha is a false flag even showing that people pretending to be dead in the streets with no blood and then when they think the camera passed they get up. It does seem that they are trying so hard to justify war and MSNBC is advocating America should invade Ukraine. Do you have any idea why these people just love war?


ANSWER: I don’t know. It seems that these Neocons are just always trying to create wars. They can’t sleep at night without worrying about what other people are doing. My concern is that come January 2023; things will get much worse. Zelensky is a Neo-Nazi who just hates Russians and he is in bed with the Neocons and does NOTHING but try to create World War III. Zelensky has been bought and paid for and pushes the world into war so these people can implement all the tyrannical measures governments and the World Economic Forum have ever dreamed of. That’s what a real Young Global Leader of Schwab was trained to do. They will impose global digital IDs and claim that they are necessary to prevent Russian spies from infiltrating. They will also use them for rationing, especially with regard to food. They are calling for “equality” deliberately instigating race wars to keep the people divided. Then they use climate change as the excuse to impose a one-world government all because a single nation cannot win this fictional battle alone.

We are living in the midst of deliberate manufacturing of World War III, no different than every other war. Just as FDR imposed outrageous sanctions on Japan even seizing all Japanese assets and cutting off their energy supply all to compel them to attack Pearl Harbor to start the Pacific War and justify entering WWII. The US not only seized all Japanese assets in America, they then just imprisoned all Japanese even those born in America in a plain racist move. Their view of FDR was ruthless and there were even Congressional investigations into whether or not FDR deliberately created war with Japan finding it was “inconclusive” which neither exonerated him nor found him guilty. President Truman issued an executive order to withhold all evidence that the US had broken the Japanese code and as such knew in advance of Pearl Harbor. So once again, the government lied to the American people.

Then there was Lydon Johnson who started the Vietnam War, admitting we were never attacked. You can’t forget the weapons of mass destruction that never existed in Iraq or Obama’s attempt to start a war against Syria also on false flags of chemical attacks. Our leaders have NEVER told the American people the truth even just once about their constant desire to create wars.

Putin will most likely regroup and dig in taking the Donbas. Zelensky has no intention of peace talks for if he actually agreed to let Crimea and Donbas go complying with the Belgrade and Minsk Agreements, then there would be no reason for any sanctions against Russia which Washington will not support. This is a dog and pony show as always, and Zelensky will do everything possible to create World War III for they need to defeat Russia and China for the Great Reset.

I fear that this will get much worse in 2023, and sources in the military are deeply concerned over China’s supersonic missiles, which are a first-strike weapon that the US could not stop. If China and Russia were really seeking world dominance as the co-conspirators with the World Economic Forum, they would take out Washington, New York, London, Brussels, and Geneva in a rapid first strike before the West could even retaliate. These people want all sovereignty to be surrendered to the United Nations and thus the military power with all nukes will be in the hands of the United Nations and the deranged egotistical co-conspirators of Schwab and his World Economic Forum which is perhaps the greatest threat to human civilization. That’s why they needed a senile Joe Biden to just read the teleprompter.

Biden has destroyed the world economy, or the people writing these executive orders. There will NEVER be a return to normal. Removing Russia from SWIFT set China in motion to launch CHIPS and this is the END of globalization and world peace. Once nations are decoupled from trade, then there is no longer the worry of biting the hand that feeds them. This is simply how the co-conspirators of the World Economic Forum are planning to bring about their Great Reset. The only way to “reset” the world economy is to destroy it FIRST – then you get to BUILD BACK BETTER. These egotistical maniacs who think they can redesign the world as Karl Marx attempted, think they will terminate paper money, move to a digital currency, end black markets, and tax every transaction right down to an allowance you give your children to cut the grass each week.

However, I do not believe that they thought there would be a nuclear war. Imposing sanctions on Russia was all to create Regime Change no matter how much the handlers try to take back Biden’s declarations – “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.” Biden has claimed we are headed into a long hard war “between democracy and autocracy, between liberty and repression, between a rules-based order and one governed by brute force.

Aside from the fact that neither the United States nor Europe lives in a Democracy when we only vote for “representatives,” which is a Republic, Biden proclaimed in Warsaw that “we must commit now to be in this fight for the long haul.” This is a major shift and it will only end implicitly by defeating Russia and China in their mind. This is the INTENTIONAL creation of World War III no different than FDR crushing Japan with sanctions to force them into war.

It is clear that the sanctions have only one purpose – Regime Change in Moscow. Not only has Biden constantly called Putin a war criminal and moved to try to initiate proceedings to prosecute Russian perpetrators of war crimes in Ukraine, but he has closed the door if not slammed it shut ending any possible resolution or restoring communications on a respectful basis. There is no question that the US and Europe are aiming to get rid of Putin and then Xi. Governments are failing unable to issue bonds continually, and they need this New World Order to shift the burden to the United Nations to govern the world.

Putin is NOT Stalin for Stalin would have used hypersonic nukes by now. Putin is NOT on their agenda but he now understands where this is all headed. The outrageous sanction Biden imposed on Putin right down to his children is uncivilized and intentionally directed at creating Regime Change. There are Neocons in Russia and China and they are screaming for war. Remove Putin and you will get the followers of Stalin seeking to even the score.

Even Hillary Clinton compares Ukraine to Afghanistan and believes they can defeat Russia by a combination of attrition in Ukraine and sanctions on the Russian people – not just the government. Hillary and the Neocons believed a political crisis in Moscow is possible, comparable to the one that dissolved the Soviet Union. However, they fail to comprehend that the abuse of always attacking Russians and their culture has turned the Russian population not against Putin, but the West. While we do not judge all Germans to be Hitler, or Italians to be supporters of Mussolini, when it comes to Russians, the West hates them as a people and attributes Stalin to all Russians who were never even Russians and his #1 was Polish. They seized Russia and turned it authoritarian against the dreams of Lenin.

Putin is not some Middle Eastern despot who they could topple, promoting the Iraq War and the Arab Spring. Russia has been assaulted on an individual level, and Russia does possess weapons of mass destruction. They have the largest arsenal of nuclear warheads in the world. No doubt, they too have chemical and biological weapons just like the Americans.

Those who proclaim that Ukraine must win seem to forget that the worse things go for Russia in conventional warfare, the higher the probability rises that Putin will respond with serious weapons. Ukraine may not have been inside NATO, but NATO trained the Ukrainian army. Putin now understands that and has suffered serious losses due to the weapons that were handed to Ukraine against the Belgrade Agreement of Neutrality.

China’s supersonic missiles can take out the United States faster than it can respond. The Belgrade Agreement of 1991 was supposed to ensure that Ukraine would remain neutral. The 2014 Minsk Agreement was supposed to allow the Donbas to separate as its own independent republic. It has been Zalensky who has sought to overturn both – not Putin.

Zelensky promised to reduce the tensions with Russia, for even CNN said back in 2019 that “Ukraine has been locked in a proxy war with Russia for five years, and the conflict has claimed around 13,000 lives in the country’s east.” Of course, now nobody will report the truth that the United States has been fueling this civil war in Ukraine all to stab Russia in the gut – the hated enemies of the Neocons who see all Russians as Stalin.

Interestingly, the Kremlin was hopeful that Zelensky would end the proxy war of the United States against Russia. His predecessor, Poroshenko, was seen as pro-war. In fact, CNN also reported that Russia was optimistic. They wrote:

“There are chances to improve Ukraine’s interaction with our country,” Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Facebook. “What is needed for this? Honesty. And we need a pragmatic and responsible approach.

CNN further reported that Maria Zakharova, the spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, had suggested Kyiv could actually change the direction of the country. CNN quoted her saying“With all the understanding of how the world works behind the scenes, I’ll still say: Ukraine can go for a reset.”

CNN also reported that the polls were very high at that time for anti-Russian sentiment in Ukraine.

It has been no secret that Ukraine is one of the top 10 most corrupt governments in history. Since 2017, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been demanding reforms, which have never really been implemented.  Just here in 2022, Zelensky has said that the IMF should now take into account the war and release money. Zelensky keeps asking for money from everyone he sees and there are deep concerns that the money people are sending to Ukraine to help the Ukrainian people never helps anyone other than corrupt politicians.

If anyone wants to donate money to Ukraine, ONLY send it to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). Even I am getting texts from Ukrainian politicians asking me personally to send money, meaning they have my phone number.

As the Tribune Reported: The IMF had agreed to a $5 billion standby arrangement with Kyiv a year ago. $2.1 billion of that was disbursed quickly, but subsequent tranches have been withheld. The IMF is demanding progress on judicial and legal reforms, guarantees of central bank independence, and an end to heavily-subsidized energy prices. Other lenders, including the European Union, have also made new credits contingent on reforms. The United States has also criticized the pace of reforms. Ukraine is just hopelessly corrupt, and changing the head of state will NEVER clean house.

Zelensky believed that goal here of the US and its allies is to overthrow Putin. In his mind, Zelensky tried to attack targets inside Russia hoping that would force Russia to be more aggressive, and in turn that would bring in NATO. Zelensky has been doing everything he can to avoid peace and escalate the conflict. Those that think this will force Putin to resign are flirting with real danger. Putin is the most RESTRAINED of the top guys in power in Russia and removing Putin will guarantee World War III for the others clearly understand this is really a “TOTAL WAR” with the United States as the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has stated and the Ukrainians are just cannon fodder.

Zelensky is happy to sacrifice his own people for the agenda of the World Economic Forum. He has even supported attacking the Russian language but also Zelensky has been proposing the draft Law of Ukraine No. 7204 of March 22, 2022 “On Banning the Moscow Patriarchate on the Territory of Ukraine”, published on the VR website. Zelensky is doing everything he can to create war with Russia. Zelensky has supported the Ukrainian Nazis who have even bragged that they feed the bones of Russian-speaking children to their pet wolves and has called this guy a hero.

Then there are those who merely dismiss the risk of World War III preferring to overlook this stark reality that this is a Neocon war against Russia that will then turn against China backed by the World Economic Forum. They seem to think that threatening China with the same sanctions will prevent them from joining Putin. They are counting on China being stupid and assuming they will continue as normal if Russia falls. They know they will be next.

Back during the Cold War days, NATO surmised that it could not even hope to win a conventional war with the Soviet Union. That was why NATO relied on tactical nuclear weapons as a deterrent to prevent Russia from marching into Western Europe. Putin knows that today there is no chance of winning a conventional war with NATO and it too relies on nuclear weapons. Putin was NOT interested in conquering Ukraine. His mistake was being soft and his historical view that Kyiv was the mother country. The hardliners view that Putin has been soft and should have aggressively wiped out the Ukrainians. The danger will be any Regime Change in Russia and that may just wipe out the plans of the Neocons in league with Schwab.

The Kremlin has already made the argument that such an attack upon Russia is underway and this was deliberately using the civil war in Ukraine to compel Putin to defend the Donbas when he knew it was funded by the United States as always with their Proxy wars. The Russian foreign ministry has made it very clear: “Such statements from the American president, unworthy of a statesman of such high rank, put Russian-American relations on the verge of rupture.” Biden is clearly engaging in the typical Neocon rhetoric of DEMONIZING your opponent.

The Kremlin has described the comments as “personal insults” against Putin. Indeed, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov took aim at the sanctions the United States and other countries have imposed on Moscow for its invasion of Ukraine, saying he believes that the West has declared “total war” on Russia and he is correct. Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of Russia’s Security Council, stated on Feb. 21, that “in its doctrinal documents, the United States calls Russia an enemy” and its goal is “none other than the collapse of the Russian Federation.” On March 16, Putin stated that the West was waging “a war by economic, political, and informational means” of “a comprehensive and blatant nature.

Russia will regroup and move to defend the Donbas which was the original goal, and Zelensky has acknowledged that he will not try to invade Donbas thereby leaving Biden’s sanctions never-ending and thus destroying the world economy. Zelensky refuses to relinquish the Donbas or Crimea, and by doing this, he will prolong the sanctions against Russia and hope Russia just collapses while using his own people as cannon fodder. But our models point to January and April of 2023, and it appears that there will be a resurgence of war in 2023. We will be doing a special report on this, for it does not look to be a bright future beyond 2022. The US Neocons indeed declared outright war on Russia and they understand that Ukraine is just cannon fodder for sport.

It is up to Ukrainians to Save the World by removing Zelensky from Power and simply releasing the Donbas & Crimea. Only that will stop the Neocons from this global assault on all our lives.

Worsening Food Price Increases Gain Global Attention – UN Food and Agriculture Organization Tracks Highest Prices Ever Recorded

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on April 8, 2022 | Sundance

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization reported on Friday they are recording the highest Food Price Index since they started recording thirty years ago. With record highs in prices for cereals, vegetable oils, dairy and meats

This issue has been a slow burning fuse toward the biggest powder keg in modern history, and it is about to get very serious.  We have been warning about it since last fall {Go Deep}.  In the most deliberate and painstaking ways possible, we have been urging everyone to take this issue seriously.

The background cause is complex and started with the 2020 government response to the pandemic.  U.S. and international government intervention in the food supply process has been FUBAR from the beginning. Every action taken since early 2020 has been one bad policy after another; building failure upon failure, crisis upon crisis, bad decision upon bad decision, bringing us to a precipice summed up by saying “the absence of food will change things.”

Some will say the food prices we are about to experience –and the crisis it will create– was deliberate.  Others will say this was the cumulative outcome of major failures on the part of the government.  At this point the former makes more sense, and the latter looks like a justification and excuse, because if government entities were really serious about food prices and shortages, they would be taking pragmatic steps to mitigate the problem; they are not.

There are simple things government could do, such as helping farmers offset targeted fertilizer costs, providing relief for diesel fuel and energy costs, and taking other simple steps that would help the agricultural industry.

Instead of responding with the urgency this would demand, the collective government action has been to ignore the problem (talk soundbites), and give speeches about using subsidies to offset the end result (consumers) – without ever addressing the root cause.  All this while fueling conflict in Ukraine and chasing radical energy policies under the guise of global climate change.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (UNFAO) keeps track of food prices and projections using a global index [SEE HERE].  What they are calculating, and what they are projecting based on the current calculations, is a major increase in food prices combined with a major increase in food scarcity due to the unaffordability of food products.

The baseline of 100 is the monthly rate of change for a basket of food products using the period from 2014 to 2016.

The current rate of change is indexing at 159.3, meaning the monthly increases in price are almost 60% higher than the base period.  Trying to chart this rate of index is almost impossible, as it seems literally exponential. (red line in graphic)

In 2020, the monthly rate of change increased to an index of around 110.  In 2021, the monthly rate of increase went from 110 to around 135.  In the first three months of 2022, the index has jumped from 135 to almost 160 (in three months), and there is no end in sight.

The FAO Food Price Index* (FFPI) averaged 159.3 points in March 2022, up 17.9 points (12.6 percent) from February, making a giant leap to a new highest level since its inception in 1990. The latest increase reflects new all-time highs for vegetable oils, cereals and meat sub-indices, while those of sugar and dairy products also rose significantly.

The FAO Cereal Price Index averaged 170.1 points in March, up 24.9 points (17.1 percent) from February, marking its highest level on record since 1990. This month’s increase reflected a surge in world prices of wheat and coarse grains, largely driven by conflict-related export disruptions from Ukraine and, to a lesser extent, the Russian Federation. The expected loss of exports from the Black Sea region exacerbated the already tight global availability of wheat. With concerns over crop conditions in the United States of America (USA) also adding support, world wheat prices rose sharply in March, soaring by 19.7 percent.

The FAO Vegetable Oil Price Index averaged 248.6 points in March, up 46.9 points (23.2 percent) from February and hitting a new record high. The sharp rise of the index was driven by higher sunflower, palm, soy and rapeseed oil prices.

The FAO Dairy Price Index averaged 145.2 points in March, up 3.7 points (2.6 percent) from February, marking the seventh consecutive monthly increase and lifting the index 27.7 points (23.6 percent) above its value a year ago. The upward trend of dairy product prices persisted, mainly supported by the tightening of global markets due to inadequate milk output in Western Europe and Oceania to meet global demand. Quotations for butter and milk powders rose steeply.

The FAO Meat Price Index* averaged 120.0 points in March, up 5.5 points (4.8 percent) from February, also reaching an all-time high. In March, pig meat prices registered the steepest monthly increase on record since 1995.

The FAO Sugar Price Index averaged 117.9 points in March, up 7.4 points (6.7 percent) from February, reversing most of the previous three months’ decline and reaching levels more than 20 percent above those registered in the corresponding month last year. [DETAILS]

In the United States and North America as a whole we are blessed and fortunate.  We have abundant, healthy and fertile land that allows us to grow more food than we consume.  We are a net exporter of food products.  However, while we do not have to worry about shortages at the scale of other nations, there will be scarcity.

Additionally, the price increases will hit the U.S. consumer at a lesser, yet still big time significant, scale.  The issue in the U.S. will be food insecurity due to massive increases in price.   The middle class will spend more of their earnings and wages on food, and people will literally make changes to their food purchases based on these massive increases in price.

In food dependent nations, the scale of the issue will be far greater.  In part, this is the reason the southern border crisis will be much more severe this year.  We will see an influx of migration due to food availability and unaffordability issues, that is certain; however, that issue is also incidental to the massive influx that is going to happen as a result of the Biden open-border policy.

In the strongly food dependent nations, the food price and scarcity issue has already triggered panic.

We are several generations separated from any time in history where people have worried about the United States having abundant affordable food.  Arguably, those under 40 to 45-years of age do not have any reference to the type of food scarcity and food inflation that is coming.

As we have mentioned for quite some time, “the absence of food will change things.”

We are in an abusive relationship with government leaders.