The Hypocrisy of Biden Speaking About Democracy vs Autocracy in Poland Is Choking When Contrast Against Western Govt Behavior During COVID

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 25, 2022

There comes a time when a person has no more tongue to bite.  Joe Biden speaking to U.S. troops in Poland about “democracies at an inflection” point in history, is jaw-dropping when you consider the behavior of every western government leader over the past two years.

Once again, Joe Biden, the same authoritarian who mandated that every American worker undergo a medical procedure in order to qualify as a person who might earn a living, sits atop his high-horse and pretends that western government leaders have some inherent claim to the protection of democracy.

Given their collective behavior over the past two years, the hypocrisy of this continued talking point is beyond outlandish.

[Transcript] …”We’re in the midst of — and I don’t want to sound too philosophic here — but you’re in the midst of a fight between democracies and oligarchs.  Xi Jinping — who I’ve spent more time with, they tell me, than any other world leader — points out to me that he believes, in China, that democracies can’t succeed in the 21st century.  The reason is things are moving so fast, change is happening so quickly that democracies require consensus, and we can’t put together consensus as quickly as autocrats can.

So, what’s at stake — not just in what we’re doing here in Ukraine to try to help the Ukrainian people and keep the massacre from continuing — but beyond that, what’s at stake is: What’s — what’s — what are your kids and grandkids going to look like in terms of their — their freedom?  What’s happening?  The last 10 years, there have been fewer democracies that have been formed than we’ve lost in the world. 

So, this is — what you’re engaged in is much more than just whether or not you can alleviate the pain and suffering of the people of Ukraine. 

We’re in a new phase — your generation.  We’re at an inflection point.  About every four or five generations, there comes along a change — a fundamental change takes place.  The world ain’t going to be the same — not because of Ukraine, but — not going to be the same 10, 15 years from now in terms of our organizational structures. 

So, the question is: Who is going to prevail?  Are democracies going to prevail on the — and the values we share?  Or are autocracies going to prevail?  And that’s really what’s at stake. 

So, what you’re doing is consequential — really consequential.  (read more)

I know Emmanuel Macron, Boris Johnson, Jacinda Ardern, Scott Morrison, Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden himself, would like to think that we do not remember the past two years of complete unilateral dictatorship they enjoyed while hiding behind the shield of “emergency authorizations,” but this is one website that will continue to document – for the historical record – the brutal reality of these pontificating liars.

Do they really think we have forgotten how they never once asked the representative government for authorization before triggering their unilateral fiats?  The economic lockdowns, the loss of liberty, the collapse of freedom, the shutting down of any form of petition for grievance, the use and weaponization of the regulatory system, the manipulation of courts, the unilateral mask and vaccination mandates, the demands for compliance to some of the most ridiculous rules and regulations, and yes, even the lies and double-standards they applied to the masses while they themselves ignored the rules they forced upon everyone else….  Do they really thing we have forgotten this?

There’s a lot of white-hot anger amid the citizenry of those aforementioned nations, righteous anger – yet these government creatures of entitlement stand on a soapbox today and decry autocracy and/or oligarchs.


Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping did not arrest moms in playgrounds in Michigan.  Russian police officers did not arrest paddleboarders off the beach in Malibu. The Chinese state police didn’t fill skate parks with sand, or shut down restaurants, or destroy the livelihoods of middle America.

It wasn’t the Kremlin police arresting people in New York City for going to restaurants without authorization papers.

It wasn’t the FSB firing bullets into the crowds in Melbourne, Australia, because the people refused to wear masks.  It wasn’t Moscow who created “bubbles” in New Zealand demanding a person apply for a permit before visiting their elderly parents, or arresting people for going to McDonalds and trying to navigate through police checkpoints and roadblocks.

It wasn’t the armed Chinese military who set up involuntary detainment facilities in Australia and then called them quarantine camps- where if you crossed the arbitrary yellow line painted on the porch, you would be arrested and thrown into solitary confinement.  It was “democratic” premiers and national democratic leaders of the Scott Morrison administration.

It wasn’t the North Korean army who monitored Facebook accounts in Canada and questioned people who dare speak about the concept of liberty, or raise concerns about totalitarian dictates.

It wasn’t Kim Jong-un who declared a national emergency, then arrested his political opposition for protesting in downtown Ottawa.  It wasn’t Chairman Xi who confiscated the bank accounts of dissident citizens who dared to raise their voices in support of truck drivers.  It was Justin Trudeau.

It wasn’t Beijing who hired state-sponsored hunters to track down unvaccinated citizens in Austria, fine them and confiscate their wages if they did not comply with vaccines.

It wasn’t Chairman Xi who blocked those citizens from shopping in supermarkets forcing citizens into a black-market just to scrounge for food and essential medicine.  It was the government of Austria.

It wasn’t the police in Pyongyang who set up vaccine checkpoints in Paris, and demanded formerly free citizens to show their authorization papers to sit outside at a cafe table.

If these Western leaders like Joe Biden think they have some credibility to stand in Poland and talk about the value of democracy, they would be well served if their handlers mentioned these insufferable protestations are falling on deaf ears.

Few things raise the anger of people to a level where foul language is the better option than the physical violence that might surface without it, but this level of hypocrisy and pretense is surely one of them.

To all the leaders of various “western democracies” who will now clutch their pearls as the backlash from the brutalized citizens starts to come full circle, you did this to yourself.

No one is to blame other than Biden, Trudeau, Ardern, Morrison, Macron, Johnson et al and the leaders of NATO who now suddenly need the support of the citizens they abused in order to fend off their new enemy, Vladimir Putin.

Western government leaders intentionally and willfully positioned themselves as the enemy of freedom.  They do not now get to grab back the torch of liberty and wield it as a talking point weapon against totalitarianism.

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