Sunday Talks, Ukraine President Zelenskyy on Face The Nation With Margaret Brennan to Outline War Crimes in Ukraine

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on April 3, 2022 | Sundance 

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy appears on CBS with Margaret Brennan to discuss the current status of the conflict in Ukraine.  One of the interesting sentences is at 01:34 of the video: “The clips that we have shared with you, you have seen for yourself.” This statement is about the latest video snippet used by western media to frame the status of the conflict.  The video clip was the lead on CNN with Anthony Blinken {SEE HERE}.

The video noted reportedly shows civilian bodies in the streets that were killed during the conflict in the city of Bucha, northeast of Kyiv.  Two points about this specific area for context.  First, this was the area where the well discussed 20-mile convoy of Russian equipment was stationary for several weeks.  Second, remember the free weapons that Zelenskyy/Bidenskyy gave away to any civilian who wanted to fight? The main distribution was in this area.

As we might expect, Mrs. Brennan is well rehearsed for maximum dramatic flair – this is another of her moments in the sun, selected to conduct the interview by the DoS/Intel apparatus. Elocution, phrasing, tone all rehearsed for audience impact. Unfortunately, what CBS creates is George Clooney trying to be Richard Burton.  WATCH:


None of our Ukraine analysis is intended to create sympathy for the position of Russia.  Ukraine is a battleground, and its sovereignty was invaded by Russia. None of that is disputed.  Unfortunately, the ordinary Ukrainian people are cannon fodder within Ukraine as the proxy region for a larger conflict between U.S. government interests, NATO and Russia.

The U.S. has been exploiting Ukraine for well over a decade.  The money the U.S. has funneled into Ukraine in order to create, influence and preserve U.S. interests, has only increased the corruption within the political system in that country.  There are no good guys here, only lesser bad guys.

It is from that geopolitical perspective that all western media constructs should be evaluated for the weight of the intended propaganda.  The actual amount of control Zelenskyy holds over the Ukraine military response is unknown.  The scenario this represents creates a larger problem when trying to figure out what is actually taking place.

It is highly unlikely that Zelenskyy holds any control over the ultranationalist factions within eastern Ukraine, like the Azov battalion.  It has become increasingly clear; those eastern Ukraine military units are funded by the U.S./NATO and receive more support from western allies than from the central government in Kyiv.

Much like the U.S. supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan during their fight against Russia, so too is the U.S. supporting factions within Ukraine in their current insurgent fight against Russia.  Zelenskyy has no influence or control over this, and it shows in the weird dynamic whenever he makes an appearance.  We can debate how much of the Ukraine military is under Zelenskyy’s control.  My guess is very little, but the reality of the U.S. operating as the guiding hand is a ground reality clearly visible.

Ukraine is to the United States as North Korea is to China.  As we have well documented on a granular level, Chairman Kim is held hostage by Chairman Xi. Now we see a similar dynamic, Comrade Zelenskyy is held hostage by Comrade Biden.

If you look at Zelenskyy’s position more as a public relations figure, a front man for the U.S. operation in Ukraine, then much of the weirdness starts to make sense.  From all appearances, the U.S. State Dept/CIA provide Zelenskyy with the framework they need him to promote, and Zelenskyy has no option right now other than play along.   It can be argued this outlook makes Zelenskyy a puppet, but when you consider the scale of influence and in country activity the U.S. was controlling prior to the Russian invasion, his current status is simply a logical outcome.

As to the actual logistics of the conflict and the strategy of Russia, the actual location of troops and places of conflict all make sense if you think about the original statements by Vladimir Putin about his intentions for this “military operation.”  Putin is going to carve out eastern Ukraine exactly as he said he would.  How much of eastern Ukraine he intends to control is unknown.

From that perspective, knowing the western alliance was likely to supply supportive weapons into Ukraine from Poland, the strategic deployment of Russian forces northeast of Kyiv would then be considered a proactive positioning against a western-aided offensive.  Keep the supplies of the enemy in check while conducting operations in the east and south where the primary objective is taking place.

If Putin is now working to finalize the regional elements of his carve out, moving those troops out of Western Ukraine, northeast of Kyiv, now would appear to make sense.  In this carve out approach the key Ukraine city would likely become Dnipro.

Putin’s generals would want to surround the eastern Ukraine military combatants under the command, control and support of the U.S. and western military alliance.  Pushing northward from the south, and southward from the north, while using supply lines from the east (Russia) taking Dnipro would be very strategic (see map below); and it is over 1,200 miles from any direct NATO supply and logistical support.

If, as many intellectually honest observers have always believed, Putin never intended to take more than eastern Ukraine, all of the areas west of Kyiv would now have exhausted their usefulness.  Putin kept NATO Commanders Bidenskyy and Blinkinskyy from creating large supply lines into eastern Ukraine, and now Putin gets more detailed in his targeting operations and fortifications.

As NATO Commander Bidenskyy might move to create supply convoys from Poland directly toward the west, the Russian air forces will now deploy to target their movements.  It will be very risky for NATO to move mass weapons eastward, as they would be very vulnerable to air assaults.

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