State Dept Launch New Division to “Support U.S. Values Associated With Cyberspace”

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on April 4, 2022 | Sundance

Whenever the United States government launches a new control agency from within the State Dept./CIA mission, we can always be assured it is not in the best interests of domestic policy.  [State Dept Announcement Here]

With the current context of rising corporate fascism and western authoritarianism in the forefront, the creation of a cyber division within the State Department looks more like another tool to promote globalism and block any on-line cyber activity that would be created or distributed against their interests.

As Orwell would predict, a U.S. version of the Ministry of Truth and democracy.  The State Dept will officially define the U.S. values that will be permitted in the cyber-space.  Any violation of those values will now be reviewed by the “Digital Freedom Coordinator”.

(State Dept) – The Department is pleased to announce that the Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy (CDP) began operations today. A key piece of Secretary Blinken’s modernization agenda, the CDP bureau will address the national security challenges, economic opportunities, and implications for U.S. values associated with cyberspace, digital technologies, and digital policy.

The CDP bureau includes three policy units: International Cyberspace Security, International Information and Communications Policy, and Digital Freedom. Ultimately, the bureau will be led by a Senate-confirmed Ambassador-at-Large. Starting today, Jennifer Bachus, a career member of the Senior Foreign Service, is serving as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for the CDP bureau. PDAS Bachus will serve as Senior Bureau Official until an Ambassador-at-Large is confirmed. Michele Markoff is serving as Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Cyberspace Security, Stephen Anderson is serving as Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Information and Communications Policy, and Blake Peterson is serving as Acting Digital Freedom Coordinator.

The Department appreciates the service and collaboration of all who will work with and within the CDP bureau in the coming months and years to empower it to achieve its vital mission. (LINK)

It all looks sketchy…

…. because it is sketchy.

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