Latest CBS Poll Reflects No Hope for Anyone, Including Joe Biden and Democrats

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on April 10, 2022 | sundance

CBS has released their latest YouGov Poll [DATA HERE], again showing the top priorities of the American people are not even on the radar of the American government.  The DC beltway disconnect is stark.

Interestingly, the recent survey of Pennsylvania voters done by Reuters, turned up this almost identical priority list, only Rusia/Ukraine did not even appear in the top five.  The economy, inflation, gas prices, crime and immigration are the top five issues across the board, in almost every poll.

Russia/Ukraine is a non-existent issue. Yet, that is the actionable priority -with questionable importance for U.S. security interests- for a totally out of touch government and media to focus on.  Sending $14 billion to help Ukraine’s border fight, while our borders are crushed with illegal aliens, is a sharp stick in the eye for every American.

Unfortunately, our opinion doesn’t matter, and frustratingly, the people using Biden as a tool to achieve their goals do not have any concern whatsoever about political fallout.  Biden is a disposable tool for a program of rapid single-term advancement of the democrat-communist agenda.

Under ordinary circumstances, this level of disapproval would automatically create panic and start a change in policy.  However, under their current program, a kamikaze mission to create maximum ‘fundamental change’, the people creating the policy outcomes simply don’t care.  Biden is a disposable tool to be thrown on the trash heap of history.

Joe Biden is clueless and entirely irrelevant to the objective.  He sits around eating pudding and muttering to himself until called upon to head to the stage set, and literally read what has been written for him.  Biden has no clue, other than, (a) he is in complete agreement with the goals, and (b) it takes a lot of pancakes to fill a canoe.  I swear, the puppet masters keep putting little girls in his orbit during public appearances just to laugh about it.

These people are sick.

(CBS) Higher prices are leading people to say they’re making cutbacks, especially on more discretionary items like entertainment and travel. (That may, of course, have a wider impact on the economy later.) About half are cutting back on food and groceries, and this is especially the case among those with lower incomes. (read more)

Ya think?

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