Interesting Discussion – David Sacks Provides Context on Using the Twitter Files as Gateway for New House Subcommittee

Posted originally on the CTH on January 16, 2023 | sundance 

I generally hit and miss most podcasts, often stumbling across content as an outcome of other people sharing and asking for review, analysis and opinion.  You could spend all day listening/watching various podcasts, and quite frankly who has that much time.  That said, this discussion has some great content as outlined by David Sacks.

Mr. Sacks is connected to some of the Twitter aspects and has a good perspective on processes being revealed in the Twitter Files.  Essentially the internal filtration team is applying keystroke inquiries into the Twitter electronic archives, based on terms given by the journalists.  Similar to FOIA but in a public company.  Something akin to how the discovery process would work if being done by lawyers.  {Direct Rumble Link}

Sacks has a very pragmatic outlook on the bigger picture but shares his overall perspective on what he views as the most disturbing revelations about the entire Deep State connection to efforts at controlling public speech.   Forward the interview to around the 00:07:50 point, for a great several minutes of analysis.  WATCH:

Twitter Files, Deep State and the Future of the GOP – A Discussion with Tech Visionary David Sacks

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