The word in the subject line is one that I came up with to describe the following link. I’ve changed my mind – there are no words that describe these animals or their repulsive behavior. Depending on their news source many Americans have not seen this yet. Many will never see it. For the most part the main stream media is still referring to what is taking place as a demonstration and the participants as protesters. What is taking place across the nation is no longer about the death of George Floyd, or the cop charged with his murder. What we are now witnessing is an attack on the foundation of our Republic, the constitution, and the rule of law. This man from Dallas was beaten to near death because he dared to protect his business.

Many are beginning to understand that the government is unable, or in some cases unwilling, to protect us. And all the while trying desperately to deny us our Second Amendment rights. Good luck with that.



This is graphic

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