Czechoslovakia Returning to Communism?

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From Monday almost 30,000 police and 5,000 soldiers will be policing Czech Republic “covid” lockdown which is total home imprisonment and respirator (N95 mask) mandates. Of course, there was the Velvet Revolution which took place Nov 17, 1989 – Dec 29, 1989 as communism collapsed. The Czechoslovak Socialist Republic was the name of Czechoslovakia from 1948 to April 23, 1990, when the country was under Communist rule. It was simply a satellite state of the Soviet Union. The Communists were the big winners in the 1946 elections, taking a total of 114 seats. Hence, with a strong Communist position, the Soviet Union did not have to install its own puppets.

The Prague Spring, as it is know, was a period of political liberalization in Czechoslovakia whereby it was recognized that the economy was stagnating under Communism. This liberalization began on January 5, 1968, when reformist Alexander Dubček was elected First Secretary of the Communist Party. The liberalization continued until the Soviet Union and other members of the Warsaw Pact invaded the country to halt the reforms on August 20-21 August.

The Prague Spring reforms included a grant of additional rights to the citizens in an attempt to decentralization of the economy and democratization. Dubček granted freedoms which loosened of restrictions on the media, speech and travel. There was even the discussion of dividing the country into a federation of three republics, Bohemia, Moravia–Silesia and Slovakia. Dubček wanted to split the country into the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. The Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia was clearly an act of deperation to maintain Communism. The fear was that allowing this reform and its success would bring down the entire Soviet Union.

Therefore, the previous cucle had begun in mid 1916. This second wave which began in 1968, came to an end ironically precisely March 24th, 2020 one day after the COVID crasg low. Once more, we see the Czech government moving to restore effectively complete authoritarian rule under the pretense of this COVID virus. The next peak in the first 8.6 year wave will align with 2024. The following was reported by a reader living there.

This is to enforce the new total lockdown rules: no social contacts permitted with anyone who doesn’t live with you (not even with close family who don’t live in your household), no movement outside your district permitted (unless for essential work that must be documented), ban on leaving home between 21:00 and 05:00, all schools, kindegardens etc closed, all shops – except supermarkets and drugstores – and services closed (incl. car repair and home repair services), respirators mandatory everywhere at all time (but in open air where there is not a high concentration of people “only” surgical masks are mandatory).

And, everyone who was in any contact (even brief) with a positively tested person must quarantine for 14 to 21 days (21 days if they live with the “positive” person) AND get a mandatory test after this period (without a negative test they can’t leave quarantine ever).

And, same in Slovakia. Mandatory respirators/N95 everywhere, total ban on leaving home between 20:00 and 05:00, and the rest of the time you can only go out with a negative test certificate (same as before, since October pretty much). All commerce and services remain closed (since early October many of them, and since early December all the rest, except supermarkets and drugstores – but supermarkets are only allowed to sell basic food products and nothing else).

Now they’re also saying they’ll close all factories and industry next.

Snowden on Did we Agree to All of This?

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Why Global Warming was a Total Farce & it’s Now Incorporated into the Great Reset

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QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, your computer and you have been correct on everything from politics to markets and even climate. You said we would be headed back to global cooling.  Was this based on the solar waves of energy from the sun?

Thank you for the thought-provoking blog


ANSWER: This is the Western Plague in research. They always seek to reduce whatever it is to a single cause and effect. I am so tired of this nonsense about CO2. Here in Flordia, we had a red tide and instantly the politicians were blaming it on farmers that certainly are not in this area. All I did was Google red tides and there it was, the first one reported was by the Spanish during the 17th century long before farmers in Florida using chemicals.

The output of energy from the Sun oscillates but that is NOT the single cause of the effect of global warming and cooling. There are other aspects that come into play such as Arctic Oscillations.

The Arctic Oscillation (AO) refers to an atmospheric circulation pattern over the mid-to-high latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere. The most obvious reflection of the phase of this oscillation is the north-to-south location of the storm-steering, mid-latitude jet stream. This is what impacts the “jet-stream” which they will refer to on weather reports. Thus, the AO can have a strong influence on weather and climate in major population centers in North America, Europe, and Asia, especially during winter. This is something the Climate Change people seem to be oblivious to these days.

The Weather forecasters are probably much to blame because they will refer to the Jet Stream dipping down which brings cold and ice storms to Texas for example. This will typically shut down electricity as we see all over the United States. However, what seems to NEVER be articulated is what makes the Jet Stream dip in the first place? The AO’s positive phase is characterized by lower-than-average air pressure over the Arctic paired with higher-than-average pressure over the northern Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The Jet Stream is farther north than average under these conditions, and storms can be shifted northward of their usual paths. Thus, the mid-latitudes of North America, Europe, Siberia, and East Asia generally see fewer cold air outbreaks than usual during the positive phase of the AO.

Conversely, AO’s negative phase has higher-than-average air pressure over the Arctic region and lower-than-average pressure over the northern Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The Jet Stream shifts toward the equator under these conditions, so the globe-encircling river of air is south of its average position. Consequently, locations in the mid-latitudes are more likely to experience outbreaks of frigid, polar air during winters when the AO is negative. In New England, for example, higher frequencies of coastal storms known as “Nor’easters” are linked to AO’s negative phase.

Now look closely at this chart. Note that the strong negative spikes down were going into 1970 and again in the mid-1970s. I really cannot explain why in the West science seems to be void of really comprehending that everything functions in a cycle. Because the summer in 2020 was hot, they immediately say it’s global warming and I am wrong. They shut up then when 50% of the country is freezing right now or claim this is because of CO2 with no proof at all.

During the 1970s, we had climate charlatans calling for a new ice age. Looking at this no different than any time series, the low was 1977 at -3.767 which was followed by a gradual warming trend where the high took place in 1993 at 3.495 on the AO index and the low thereafter was 2010 at -4.266. Thereafter, the AO index swung up into 2020 at 3.417 which was a retest of the 1993 high.

However, 2020 then went into a Panic Cycle and by year-end, it had closed negative extremely rapidly.  This warned that the extreme heat into 2020 would then be followed by a crash into extreme cold into 2021 no different from a market crash pattern. Cyclically looking ahead, it will be extremely cold post-2032 into 2037. If we are going to see a sharp reduction in the population at that time, it will be primarily because of the weather. We are looking at wild swings and post 2032, where we are likely to make new historic lows in this index which will be very cold temperatures. By shutting down fossil fuels, this environmentalist movement may become the primary reason for the drop in population post-2032 that our model is suggesting most likely brought on malnutrition as food shortages dominate the end of this cycle. Life expectancy is already declining and is now down 15 years from the high. This will decline further into 2024 accelerated by the lockdowns.

Here we have the front cover of Time Magazine predicting climate change back to an ice age. That was dated January 31, 1977 corresponding to the sharp spike down into a negative AO in 1977. In the April 28, 1975 edition of Newsweek, they actually proposed solutions for climate change that included outlawing internal combustion engines.

This is when Al Gore came to the rescue. Just like the poles flip on the sun every 11 years, Al Gore flipped the argument from manmade cooling to manmade warming to save the end goal — eliminating all fossil fuels regardless of the evidence. Who needs science when you can just make up the studies and cherry-pick the facts to support whatever you want.

The extreme cold also hit in 2010. I remember in New Jersey, we had not seen snow like that since I was a kid. The increase in volatility is heading into a cataclysm by 3021-2037. Indeed, 2020 closed negative warning that this winter would be a highly volatile and cold year which may even exceed 1977 or 2010 on the negative side with respect to the AO index.

We now have the World Economic Forum, Bill Gates, and Al Gore, all swearing the global warming trend from the 1977 low into the 1990s was all man-made added by soccer-moms drive the kids around in SUVs. I just cannot get over the total lack of any scientific investigation that is now being used to destroy economies and jobs because these people are total idiots when it comes to understanding weather, science, or cycles.

No worries, you will NEVER read anything about cycles in mainstream media. They will NEVER print anything along these lines because they will NOT tolerate any possible debate. The United Nations needs the climate change argument for that is the only way they can gain power. They argue that no single country can stop global warming. It will take a one-world government with mandatory compliance by member states. Yes, my bias is to freedom whereas their agenda is to suppress the world.

Then there is the complexity of the Milankovitch Cycles. The climate activists dismiss it because they argue while physical evidence shows that the variation in Earth’s climate is much more extreme than the variation in the intensity of solar radiation calculated as the Earth’s orbit evolves. If orbital forcing causes climate change, science needs to explain why the observed effect is amplified out of linear proportion to the theoretical cause. They simply do not understand the complexity and it cannot be reduced to a single cause and effect as they have done with CO2.

Still, there is other research the United Nations ignores because they are using climate change to argue for a one-world government. The real experts on the oceans and how they function were at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University. It was in 1956 when they published A theory of Ice Age by Maurice Ewing and William Donn. They were the most influential oceanographers to date, yet the Global Warming people have completely ignored their work and bastardized it for political gain. The core of what they unveiled was that if the Arctic Ocean would get warmer and the ice melted, this would signal an Ice Age, not the sinking of coastal cities. A warmer Arctic Ocean would mean that water would flow more freely between it and the Atlantic, dissipating the cold making the Atlantic colder. There is the key to an Ice Age. If all the ice melted in the Arctic Ocean leaving open water that was then warmer by mixing with the Atlantic, then a warmer Arctic Ocean surrounded by colder land around it would produce evaporation and that water would then return back to the land as snow. More snow that falls in Greenland and Northern Canada is what makes glaciers grow deeper. When the Arctic Ocean is covered in ice, then there is NO EVAPORATION and thus we do not move into an Ice Age.

We are dealing with people who think only in a single dimension and constantly try to reduce everything to a single cause and effect.  They are seriously causing the West to collapse and their theories of Climate Change are leading us into absolute disaster post-2032. They will not tolerate opposition. To further illustrate my point, Joe Biden has taken down your right to Petition the White House. The petition system has been around for many years. There were hundreds of active petitions but Biden did not want petitions filed because his Great Reset and Climate Change agenda is opposed by Republicans he refuses to answer.

Moreover, he is imposing his Build Back Better Climate Change Agenda by executive order to deny even Congress the right to debate any of these issues. Biden is taking his marching orders from the World Economic Forum and the United Nations – not the American people. This is outright tyranny and anti-Democratic no matter what side you are on. If the White House had previously gotten 100,000 signatures, the White House was supposed to give an answer.

Under his previous Obama Administration, there was the “Free Assange” petition that the Obama Administration was obligated to answer. Biden does not want to answer anything with respect to his Build Back Better or Climate Change Agenda where he is taking direction from the United Nations and the World Economic Forum. So much for We the People! Biden is doing the very same thing as Big Tech – censorship.

The Biden White House does not promote unity nor does it represent 49.6% of the population it did not win. Biden has fully embraced that Cancel Culture where someone is shutdown from social or professional circles both online and in the real world. Those who are subject to this ostracism are said to be “canceled” so Biden has canceled 49.6% of the American public. Trump’s lawyer has been canceled by the law school for representing Trump during the impeachment. Lawyers are supposed to defend even the guilty. Looks like this is one law school you better not attend!

As one client wrote in: “I really enjoy your work. Thank you for sharing it with us. The world is going crazy and we are just along for the ride.” JC

Facebook & Zuckerberg’s New World Order – Tyranny

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When will these people stop with the censorship that is designed to push an agenda and why is it so important? In a free society, you debate the issues. We have turned into a tyrannical society where we are to be denied the right to think for ourselves or consider that whatever they are pushing is not compatible with our personal desires. There is just something wrong with what is going on. If someone says these are cloned aliens, they have a right to say that and the majority of people will listen and laugh. Sure, there are always a few who will believe such things. But this is what humanity is all about. We even have two primary political parties because people will have different views. This censorship is trying to impose ONE PARTY RULE and that is tyranny.

Brazil Minister tells WEF – “I’m not a great fan of … Great Reset”

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Brazil’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Ernesto Araujo stresses the importance of freedom which is absent from the BigTech monopoly that has been forming. He added that he’s not a fan of the great reset, telling World Economic Forum (WEF) President Børge Brende that freedom and democracy are missing on the agenda, who did not kindly give his anti-democracy element in the Great Reset.

“You know, Børge, I’m not a great fan of the concept of the great reset. And why is that? We don’t have anything against what’s in it, which is sustainable development, equality, everything, but the question of what’s not there, and that’s basically the concept of freedom and democracy,” said the Brazilian foreign minister.

Well, I guess Brazil will now be censored by BigTech for disagreeing with their trip to shut down freedom of ideas, expression, and speech. I suppose they forgot to tell him the Great Reset is a conspiracy theory to anyone who disagrees.

Governments are Creating Horror Scenarios for Lockdowns to Retain Power

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Magdalena Martullo-Blocher: “The federal government has introduced a dictatorship. He switched off democracy »

The entrepreneur Magdalena Martullo-Blocher, a Swiss billionaire, businesswoman, Swiss People’s Party politician, the CEO of Ems-Chemie, and the daughter and an heiress of former Swiss Federal Councillor Christoph Blocher has come out and called for an end to the partial lockdown in Switzerland. The social and financial costs for the measures are far too high, and the benefits are far too low. She says: “The federal government governs with horror scenarios so that it can retain power.”

More and more people are starting to come out against these lockdowns which were all instigated by Imperial College’s Neil Ferguson after getting grants from Bill Gates who had to resign for breaking the lockdown he said was vital to impose so he could have sex with his married girlfriend on the side.

There is ABSOLUTELY no scientific evidence whatsoever that lockdowns work, but worse still, they have NEVER before ever been used in 6,000 years of history where a country has been locked down because of some disease. This entire thing is UNQUESTIONABLE a scam to further climate change which they already tried but failed after exploiting a 16-year-old girl Greta Thunberg.

This is the entire agenda and they are counting on the dishonesty of bribing doctors paying 100% if the patient had COVID but zero if they have the flu. They are counting on BigTech censoring everything that shows the truth even removing doctors from YouTube in testimony before Congress which is a public record. The corruption in BigTech is off the charts. Then we have the corrupt left-wing media from the New York Times to CNN who are trying once again to usher in Marxist Utopia ad they tried supporting Stalin during the 1930s high his genocide of 7 million Ukrainians because they were just collateral damage for the GREATER GOOD which somehow made it different than what the Nazis did.

We have all world leaders mouthing the very same script which was written for them by the World Economic Forum. This is absolutely unprecedented. When Biden stands up and said he has named his program “Build Back Better” nobody in mainstream press asks is the rest of the world copying your platform? Or are you copying theirs?

Then we have Fauci lying to the American public who is acting more like the Nazi doctor Josef Mengele (1911 – 1979) carrying out experimental vaccines that skipped animal trials and switching every position from where masks do nothing to now you need to wear two. He is not only implicated in experimenting with this very virus, but has accepted money from Gates as has the FDA, and on top of all of that, he is appearing in World Economic Forum promotional videos for the Great Reset talking about economic inequality is the major crisis (Marxism). Nobody in the press will address any of this.

And now Joe Biden is threatening to restrict the movement of all Americans claiming he has the power to do that while opening the borders for illegal aliens.

Even the Royal Family has been anti-population claiming the human species is itself a plague and that was back in 1984! Then you have Bill Gates and Boris Johnson who has been advocating the reduction of the population for many years. I suppose if you starve people and turn off their heat so they freeze to death, that does not make you a genocidal maniac. Not sure how this dynamic duo justifies their philosophies or what they are not on some list like pedophiles since they threaten all of society, not just a select group.

When is enough going to be enough? These people are incredibly dangerous!

What is Bill Gates Up too with His Vaccines and Dominance in the Medical Field, if You are Curious then you Must Read this entire post!

A dozen, or so, years ago, Bill Gates became worried about Climate Change and gave a TED talk on what the world had to do to save us from extinction (that post is no longer there). In that presentation Gates stated that one of the variables in his equation had to go to zero to stop Carbon Dioxide from killing all of us.  Now keep in mind that Gates does not have any degrees (he dropped out of college to form Microsoft) and knows little about anything but making money with software. We do however recognize that he was very good at that but we must also understand that he had no formal training or studies in anything else. Power without knowledge is very dangerous.

Gates’ vision is a world with less than a billion people and probably closer to 500 million. This world will be very clean and use only solar PV or Wind to power this Utopian Dream. Everything will be perfect and safe for those that reside in that world. Dreams of that kind are neither practical nor doable but that never stops those that have these visions: like Karl Marx who also had a vision of a perfect world Marxism. Unfortunately that vision brought us WW I,  WW II and the cold war and hundreds of millions of dead people, and Marxism has still not been eliminated as the evil system that it is.

Gates has managed to merge Marxism, Environmentalism, Climate change and World health into one Political system using technology, which he is very good at. His vision makes George Orwell’s “1984” look like it was done by a rank amateur. If Gates even comes close to achieving his objectives we will be living in utter Hell! His vision will destroy western civilization in total.

The first time I posted the following information I thought that James Corbett did a decent summery of Gates and it was worth watching. The videos were posted on U Tube.

The story of Bill gates from James Corbett. These four U Tube videos were available in October 2020. Today only one is still on U Tube Part Two of a Four part series see below. This post was Re-Posted On February 11, 20211.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

When I found that these U Tube videos were taken down a few weeks ago (the end of January 2021) I went back to the original source The Corbett Report and found that they were still available there albeit they were hard to find on his site. What follows next are the four videos from The Corbett Report. They are not in the original order.

I also found that there was a post that combined the four parts and I have a link at after the individual ones. The combined video is two hours long and that is why the original was in four parts.

The purpose of this post is to show how Big tech is censoring information so that, we the people, do not have all the information to make informed decisions. It is critical that we know who Bill Gates is as he is a very evil man.

Mitch McConnell – Swamp Creature

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I have warned that Mitch McConnell is one of the Swamp Creatures. He has been secretly been anti-Trump from the start. Sources are now saying that he is instructing Republican senators that they are free to convict Trump and it is a matter of personal conscience. This has been his plan all along. The elite Republicans, like John McCain, were always anti-Trump because he was an outsider. McConnell is the very reason we may see a third party rise up in 2022. I would think that the only Republican who could perhaps stand his ground would be Governor DeSantis of Florida.

McConnell thinks that they can ban Trump from running again and he can return Washington to the Swamp. Even the whole GameStop event was inspired by the same anti-establishment. Both the Democrats and Republicans think the people are just stupid sheep and banning Trump from ever running again will kill the movement. What we are witnessing is McConnel destroying the Republican Party for it will split. This is no longer about Trump, this is about his dishonest actions all along which encouraged the Democrats to bring the impeachment with the sole objective of banned Trump from holding any office ever again. McConnell just wants the swamp back the way it was and you can bet he will no defend your liberty.

These people in Washington live in their own bubble. They have become the enemy of the people who they can run on one issue and then impose a host of other things nobody ever voted for and they have the audacity to call this “democracy” but it goes against then it is suddenly evil “populism.” Congress is at the very bottom of the Gallup Poll on trustworthy careers. They have become not “honorable” as they call themselves, but the scum of society.

Extermi9nating Trump from politics will not end the anti-establishment movement. They will unleash a garage of legal actions against him to further try to prevent him from entering any role in politics running even for dog-catcher. Yet Trumpism, as they call it,  is not new at all and they prefer to think this is all just Trump and not about them in the least.

This anti-establishment has been a growing philosophy of distrust and discontent which over the course of years has manifested a bipartisan populist undercurrent that stretches back through Pat Buchanan, Ross Perot, Barry Goldwater, George Wallace, Huey Long, William Jennings Bryan, and even Andrew Jackson – the people against the establishment.

The London FT did a piece on “populism” and how all the politicians were frightened that they could be thrown out after Trump won in 2016. As the FT said, populism “horrified” the global political elite because they feared losing power!

They hate democracy and see “populism” as something not to be tolerated. Even Schwab is hinting that we, the Great Unwashed, who are just too stupid to be able to vote should just resolve to be like worker ants and serve the hive.

Mitch McConnell is no different from Pelosi or Schumer. They are all keepers of the Swamp.

Unemployment & Velocity

Armstrong Economics Blog/Economics Re-Posted Feb 11, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

The Democrats are really destroying jobs and the economy in order to bring about Biden’s Build Back Better agenda created by Klau Schwab. They are deliberately trying to destroy jobs that they think threaten the environment which will result also in higher heating bills for people in the very northern states that are so Democratic. The effort to shut down Pipeline #5 which feeds much of Michigan with natural gas from Canada will leave people freezing in the winter with no viable green alternative.

Germany rejected nuclear power after the Japanese problem. Then Merkel has put the country on wind and solar reducing coal all for the green agenda. But as our models have been warning, we are NOT headed into global warming, but toward global cooling. This introduces a serious problem. During severe winter storms, wind declines and temperature plummet. The expansion of wind power in 2020 has resulted in the collapse of Renewable Energy production to its lowest level since the introduction of the Renewable Energy Act (EEG) in 2000. As solar panels are buried in snow and the lack of wind, Germans are having to bear a very cold winter yearning to bring back coal production and nuclear. What may sound good in theory,  like equality for all under Communism, results in a very different outcome.

The stark collapse in the velocity of money reflects the real expectations of the future. With Biden taking the White House, international capital simply does not believe the election was fair. The doubt about Biden really winning the election seems to be even stronger outside the United States than within based on all the emails we are getting. This lack of confidence is what we are witnessing in the stunning collapse in the velocity of money. That decline from 2007 subsided and began to improve with the election of Trump. But as the Pandemic was created, that velocity took a nosedive that looks more like the collapse of the monetary system of Rome during the 3rd century AD. This collapse has been simply unprecedented thanks to this politically manufactured pandemic.

The Swamp Strikes Back

Armstrong Economics Blog/Conspiracy Re-Posted Feb 11, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

The movement against capitalism is very broad and the politicians have caused this crisis to further their agenda. Governments were shaken by the election of Donald Trump in 2016. That is why they have brought this impeachment – they are trying to drive a stake in the heart of democracy which they call “populism” for we are too stupid to know who to vote for.

They have had the audacity to even claim that this pandemic has created a further gap in inequality so they must avenge the poor, who they deliberately made poorer knowing they can not work remotely. Kristalina Georgieva, managing director of the International Monetary Fund board member of the World Economic Forum with Schwab. Her lack of impartiality is deeply disturbing. She says neoliberalism has failed. With every breath, she pushes for the end of democracy.

She now supports the surrender of all liberty as he hinted at the WEF and clearly said that “unless capitalism globally brings people closer together, we won’t be winners after this crisis.” She added that the pandemic had widened the gap between wealthy and poorer nations and that global cooperation on addressing a crisis that knew no borders was “not up to par.” But it has been the very lockdowns that has destroyed our culture. There are studies showing that these lockdowns have been ineffective. Indeed, never before in 6,000 years of recorded history has any government EVER shut down its entire economy because of some disease. There is absolutely NO historical precedent that any such measure has EVER be used. This has been a huge experiment by the left to take control of the globe counting on the stupidity of the majority to just follow orders as the Nazis defended themselves at the Nuremberg trials.

Hospitality is dead because they do not people traveling for that will add to CO2 and pose a risk of revolution ios people are allowed to freely communicate. That’s where BigTech comes in to shut down free speech. Theatre and the arts have been wiped out. Even fashion shows have come to an end.

They have terrorized people with this virus with a kill ratio of only 0.028% far below the 1918 Spanish Flu which was nearly 3%. The birth rate has collapsed even by 15% in China in 2020. If the sheep do not wake up and very soon, they will see only with hindsight what liberty once was. They desperately needed to create this Pandemic because unemployment under Trump reached a historic post-Depression low. The only times unemployment was lower was during war. Capitalism was improving and even black unemployment reached a historic low.

Even in the United States, the Democrats’ victory is razor-thin holding just 50.4%. The left was losing so they needed so desperately to create a false narrative or risk forever collapsing. We have plenty of readers who were once behind the Iron Curtain. They fear more than anyone for they see what took place there is unfolding right here. I cannot stress enough that beware of QAnon. I believe this is a false move intended to draw out people who would resist the take over by the left. Anatoliy Golitsyn was a former KGB officer who defected. He exposed fake dissents to the West which were a ploy of disinformation.

Golitsyn’s book is very good at explaining what I have been warning about. They create fake movements to draw out opposition and identify who they are. He wrote:

The Soviet security service was reorganized, renamed the OGPU, and given new political tasks. It was directed to mount disinformation and political operations. False opposition movements were set up and controlled secretly by the OGPU. They were designed to attract to their ranks genuine opponents of the regime inside and outside the country. These innocent persons could then be used by the regime in various ways. They could act as channels for disinformation; they could be blackmailed and recruited as agents; they could be arrested and given public trials. A characteristic, but not unique, example of this technique is provided by the so-called “Trust” operation.

This entire Impeachment is organized by the Swamp for the sole purpose to strip Trump of the right to ever hold office again. This is a democracy they are trying to prevent. I have stated many times that when Ronald Regan was elected, he was a mere governor they considered in Washington to be an “outsider” and thereby not trustworthy. When he was elected, the word was that they will have to “train” him to reduce his threat to the swamp. This is why they hated Trump so much and this included Republicans like John McCain. It was McCain who handed the fake dossier from Hillary to the FBI to start the entire Russia conspiracy. I have stated plenty of times that it was the Clinton’s behind the bankers’ attempt to take over Russia and blackmail Yeltsin in 2000 which ended up resulting in Yeltsin turning to Putin. That is why Hillary claim it was a retaliation of Putin against her in 2016 to put Trump in the White House.

This entire impeachment is the Swamp trying to prevent Trump from ever running again. If he was criminally charged he could still run for president. That is not a bar to an office like Nelson Mandella. They will always imprison people on fake charges to stop them politically. Impeachment is the ONLY way to prevent Trump from running so that is what is going on here. This is the Swamp Strikes Back.