Anger Games, Night 7 – Tuesday Tussles – Open Discussion Thread…

The riots, arson, looting and related violence is in the backlash phase. Key political and racial leadership are now attempting to slow down the visible looting, fearful that it’s starting to hurt Joe ‘you ain’t black’ Biden. The violence and anarchy is in direct proportion to the depth of the Deep Blue Democrat leadership in the state/city.

Antifa groups (aka White ISIS) have organized for chaos, but their bricks-for-tricks are being exposed in many simultaneous areas. Black Lives Matter looting has narrowed to random opportunism.

Politically speaking, the merging of Antifa (revolution communists) & Black Lives Matter (sub-text political Islam), has a purposeful agenda unknown to the standard brick thrower.

Suburban white liberals and elitist minded political activists, essentially modern affiliates of the former Bill Ayers Weather Underground, are the organizing entities. Most of the people on the street are oblivious opportunists within the anarchy.

Local authorities in/around the urban danger zones have the primary responsibility to maintain domestic tranquility. Federal intervention to replace local political ineptitude, and lack of desire to confront a crisis of their own creation, is short-sighted.

If local officials and/or state governors are not going to take action; factually they do not want to take action because they are fearful of backlash from their own tribe; then federal assistance doesn’t work.

It is better for President Trump to keep reminding the U.S. electorate how he supports, but will not replace, local officials.

The 2020 Anger Games were predictable.

“Gotta do it Joe”…

Katie Daviscourt🇺🇸@KatieDaviscourt

SEATTLE PD DOES NOT MESS AROUND. If you continue to be piece-of-shit rioters and terrorists, this what what you’re going to get!

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Big League Politics@bigleaguepol


“You’re not a black ally!”

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Right now in the Upper East Side in NYC the crowd trying to get to Gracie Mansion (the mayor’s residence).
Video recorded by friend

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JUST IN: Duo Arrested For Fire-Bombing Minnesota Courthouse – 

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MAYHEM IN NYC: Officers attacked by looters coming out of ZARA in Manhattan.

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Jack Posobiec


BREAKING: Van without plates seen dropping off boxes of concrete blocks in Brooklyn

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Yaakov (Jack) Kaplan@JackKaplanNY

NYPD removing bricks from Ave X in Brooklyn. Bricks have been places strategically around Brooklyn in anticipation of protests. ANTIFA is way more organized than politicians pretend.

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Emily Ngo


.@RepEliotEngel, criticized by primary challengers for not returning to his Bronx/Westchester district for months during COVID crisis, now at presser in the Bronx with city and state elected officials 


Last night was a tough night, says @rubendiazjr, speaking at a news conference following last night’s protests in the #Bronx.

Says that between #GeorgeFloyd and #COVID19 it makes sense that there are protests.

He condemns the vandalism in the community.

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Emily Ngo


!!! @RepEliotEngel heard on hot mic asking @rubendiazjr for a turn to speak, says twice, “If I didn’t have a primary, I wouldn’t care.”

Diaz responds, “Don’t do that to me.”

(h/t @News12BX livestream)

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