Soros trying to Overthrow the USA?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Police Re-Posted Oct 8, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

George Soros is providing money to perhaps overthrow essentially our way of life. He donated $500,000 in Austin Texas to defund the police in order to destabilize society. Why Austin Texas? It is a Republican state and the objective is to destabilize Texas with also all the illegal immigrants to flip it to Democrat. This is outright treason. Money coming from a foreign source into local elections should be prosecuted.

The objective of this entire defund the police movement is to (1) divide the United States on a class and race basis precisely as Hitler did in Germany, and (2) by defunding local police, crime will rise and people will then accept a FEDERAL police force answerable to Pelosi, Schumer, and Biden or the really the people pulling the strings.

We have a very serious political crisis. Not only are elections being stolen, but we have people deliberately trying to destabilize society turning one group against the other so everyone cries for help from Washington

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