The Immigration Crisis is Intended to Change Politics Terminating Republican Opposition

Armstrong Economics Blog/Immigration Re-Posted Oct 8, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

The Biden Administration is deliberately trying to allow illegal aliens in and it is intended to grant them residency and then voting rights before the Nov 2022 election. Biden sent his proposal to Congress in January 2021 he calls the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021 which includes:

  • Create an earned roadmap to citizenship for undocumented individuals. The bill allows undocumented individuals to apply for temporary legal status, with the ability to apply for green cards after five years if they pass criminal and national security background checks and pay their taxes.
  • Keep families together. 
  • Embrace diversity.  The bill includes the NO BAN Act that prohibits discrimination based on religion and limits presidential authority to issue future bans.
  • Promote immigrant and refugee integration and citizenship. 
  • Grow our economy.
  • Protect workers from exploitation and improve the employment verification process. 

It has been argued that Biden intends to grant 11 million illegal aliens citizenship to tip the balance of power to the Democrats. Some fear that this may be as much as 20 million and the Democrats hope this will end the Republican Party. I have told the story of how I was negotiating for Hong Kong to try to buy land in Australia. I met with former Prine Minister Paul Keating which was Secretary of the Treasury at the time. After much frustration of not being able to get a deal, I asked if this was a racist issue. He replied no. If he let the people from Hong Kong in they would vote conservative and change the balance of political power for he was Labour. I have first-hand knowledge of how they look at immigration solely of the political mix. This is all about wiping out Republicans and creating a welfare-dependent society that gives them the authority to oppress those who actually produce.

Biden is pushing Congress to do this ASAP. Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has already ordered authorities to prioritize illegal immigrants for deportation who “pose a threat to national security, public safety, and border security” — claiming that the government does not have the resources to apprehend every person who has entered the US unlawfully. Thus, ONLY those deemed to be a threat to national security will be deported. This is an open invitation for all of South America to come to the USA and get Guaranteed Basic Income. Skills will no longer be required. Reports are that hundreds of thousands are now headed to the border. Europeans are not welcome – anyone without skills is welcome.

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