Canadian Justice Minister David Lametti Says Supporting Trump Is Reason for Government to Seize Bank Accounts Under Trudeau Emergency Act

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on February 16, 2022 | Sundance | 331 Comments

In a stunning admission for a government official, Canadian Justice Minister David Lametti admitted the political motivations for seizing bank accounts during a television appearance today.

Minister Lametti told CTV News today, citizens identified as supporting President Donald Trump are subject to “de-banking” as part of the Canadian government’s official target identification process.

During the segment, Justice Minister Lametti hedged and dodged questioning about what terms and conditions the Canadian government is using to instruct the RCMP and financial institutions.  However, after equating the Trudeau order to the same principles around terrorism, the ‘Justice Minister’ finally said:

...”If you are a member of a pro Trump movement who is donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to this kind of thing, then you ought to be worried.”

What exactly Donald Trump has to do with middle class Canadian citizens asking their government to drop mandates is unknown.  But the statement itself from the Justice Ministry of Canada speaks quite loudly to their political motives.  WATCH (prompted):

Notice how no one in Canadian government is even talking about the COVID restrictions and mandates?  No one is even talking about the virus as a problem or any issues with the pandemic as a justification for continued COVID mitigation efforts.

The only focus of the Canadian government is addressing the protests against them.

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