Los Angeles County Defers Enforcement of Vaccination Suspension Until They Hire Enough Staff to Begin Suspensions

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on February 16, 2022 | Sundance | 89 Comments

This is one of the goofiest notification letters for noncompliance with the ridiculous COVID vaccination mandate.  LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva shared via Twitter.  Read this letter from the original baseline that vaccine mandates were about health:

Presumably the entire reason for the Fire Department vaccination mandate was about health.  If you are not vaccinated, something about your health or other people’s health is an issue.  However, if you are an LAFD worker and you do not get the vaccine, you can still work but you must get tested.

If you are non-compliant with the vaccine/testing rule you must get a suspension for five days as punishment for not getting the vaccine or missing a test.  However, the County cannot suspend the firefighter because they don’t have staff.  So, the vaccine/testing suspension is delayed until they get enough staff to suspend you…..  And somewhere, in some bureaucratic office of some knucklehead, this all makes sense.

COVID-19 appears to have created a dissociative condition called cognitive COVID madness.  Fewer people are injured by covid related respiratory damage than are injured by covid related brain damage.

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