Neil Oliver, People Should Not Fear Government – Do Not Forget WHY the Canadian Truckers Were Protesting, Justin Trudeau Wants You to Forget

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on February 19, 2022 | sundance | 219 Comments

Neil Oliver delivers his remarks this weekend against the background of oppressive government on display in Canada.

The issues around the vaccines that Oliver notes are at the heart of what the Canadian truckers were protesting. Yet, those original grievances have been lost, intentionally lost and buried by the government of Justin Trudeau, because the Canadian government finds it less of a risk to trigger a national emergency act declaration than discuss the issues around forced vaccination.  Think about that carefully.

As common in his monologues, Oliver outlines the baseline issue, lost in the shadows of the national emergency declaration, and eloquently drags it back into the spotlight. This is exceptionally well done. I appreciate the way Oliver can eloquently frame his argument, build it to the key takeaway – the central point, and then hit it hard at the end.  WATCH: 

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