Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Invoked Emergency Act to Charge Leaders of Protest Group With “Mischief”

Reposted originally on the conservative tree house on February 20, 2022 | sundance | 216 Comments

February 20, 2022 | sundance | 225 Comments

The need for control is a reaction to fear.  What does the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fear so much that he invoked the first ever declaration of the Emergency War Measures Act?   A group of middle class Canadians who challenged him.  That’s it.  That’s the sum total of the Trudeau justification.

Need proof?  Well, here’s the lead organizer of the Trucker rebellion, Tamara Lich, who triggered the declaration of a national emergency and invocation of the federal Emergency Act.  What heinous crime against the state was she charged with?  “Counseling to Commit the Offense of Mischief“.

Think about it.

No, seriously, think about it.

It is true that she may later be charged with removing mattress tags.  However, for right now, the biggest domestic terrorist in the history of Canadian politics is currently charged with the same offense as if she stole the lids off the shampoo bottles at the hotel where the Liberal Party of Canada was holding their national convention.

If the charge of “mischief” rings a bell for some of you, it’s likely because a very famous duo was previously charged with the same criminal offenses.

The Canadian Parliament is currently debating whether or not the members within government will support the use of the Emergency Act.

The members of Parliament are spending hours waxing philosophically, with tremendous seriousness, about the need to support the same declaration that is used when Canada would decide to go to war with another country.  And they are doing this because blue collar workers have infiltrated the capital city with a demand to remove COVID mandates.

The crimes against the truckers are so serious, they require the invocation of the most massive weapon that can be deployed to remove the constitutional freedoms of Canadian citizens, in an effort to protect them from grave and serious harm stemming from…

…. people charged with “MISCHIEF”. 

It would be nice if someone, anyone, in the Canadian Parliament stood up and made this simple point.   “Um, hey folks… ahem…  I don’t mean to be all captain obvious and stuff… and I certainly do not want to deflate your sense of self-importance….  or the seriousness of the debate. However, that said, y’all do realize we are talking about invoking the Emergency War Measures Act against people charged with mischief, right?

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