Ottawa Police Chief Confirms Federal Law Enforcement Will Use Intelligence Gathered to Continue Investigating, Hunting, Targeting and Arresting Protest Attendees Long After Protests End

February 19, 2022 | sundance | 441 Comments

Taking a page from the J6 playbook, today interim Ottawa Police Chief Steve Bell confirmed that local, provincial and federal law enforcement will use the intelligence they have gathered to target and arrest any Canadian citizen who supported any of the protests.

From the outset, the nervousness, agitation, breathing and body language of Steve Bell reflects a highly agitated person who is barely able to retain his anger.  If you’ve ever been close to an angry person as their central nervous system starts to overload, there is a physical rage that starts to surface as twitchiness, shaking and fidgeting.  Timing the moment of their explosion then becomes important.  Bell shows all those indicators of rage instability in this presser.

Bell noted cameras, photographs, video surveillance and geolocation systems will be used to assemble information on all the attendees to the protests, and anyone who came into the areas will be hunted by law enforcement for many months and years that follow in order to prosecute and arrest them for non-compliance.   His visibly unstable remarks seem intended to create fear and anxiety purposefully in the Canadian people.  WATCH (prompted): 

Within the presser, Steve Bell said 47 arrests were made Saturday bringing the total arrests to 170. Police added helmets and batons to their gear on Saturday, as they faced a “barrage of resistance, shoving and vitriol.” Bell says the officers have shown “unparalleled discipline, restraint and the utmost professionalism” in the face of “aggressive” behavior from the protesters. Asked about an incident that occurred on Friday with police mounted on horses, Bell said, “There were two members of the protesters who did collide with the horses, they fell down, they immediately got back up and started again to engage in their protest and demonstration activity.”

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