Prime Minister Trudeau Announces That Canadians Do Not Appreciate Him Enough, Therefore a National Emergency Should Remain

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on February 21, 2022 | sundance | 564 Comments

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau exhibits the classic pathological traits of an abuser, refusing to allow his victims to question his authority.  It really is quite remarkable, and we are not saying that in the figurative sense, we mean it literally.  Think of an abusing spouse who is finally confronted by his victim after their family intervenes to confront the situation.  The parallels of the dynamic are remarkable in the context of Trudeau’s effort.

During his public remarks earlier today when addressing his victims, Trudeau takes the classic abuser stance and claims outside influences have poisoned their minds and provided “misinformation and disinformation” against him and his government.  He demands that members of Parliament respond to the victim’s protests against his authority by supporting his need for more powerful tools against anyone who would challenge him.  The Canadian government must keep their victims isolated and weak.

All of Trudeau’s heavily ideological remarks are couched with passive aggressive tones and linguistics.  He claims it is not his fault the people rose up in protest to challenge his unilateral COVID mandates; however, now that they have, the government must punish them as a result of their challenge in order to restore the peace that he provides.  The remarks are classic abuser obfuscations. WATCH (prompted 2:30):

Psychologically, this is a profoundly unstable and insecure little man who is filled with fear.  This type of personality disorder needs a very small echo-chamber of sycophants to remain mentally and emotionally functional.

If individual members of his government or the stenographers in the Canadian media start to question him critically, he will collapse very quickly.

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