Ottawa Judge Denies Bail for Convoy Organizer Tamara Lich Charged With Mischief, Trudeau Government Seek Gag Order Forbidding Her Speech From Prison, Canadian Truckers Are ISIS

Posted originally of the conservative tree house on February 22, 2022 | Sundance | 816 Comments

And so it begins… An Ottawa Judge has denied bail for convoy organizer Tamara Lich citing the severe threat she poses to the Canadian government and the destabilization of democracy in Canada.

From the 30,000-ft level, the timed delay of the judicial determination appears connected to last night’s parliamentary approval of the Emergency War Measures Act. The Crown stalled the judicial appearance until Parliament affirmed authorization of the EA.  The Act provides increased legal measures for the Crown to keep Lich in the bowels of the dungeon as punishment for her high crimes and heinous mischief.

Despite the government and judicial framing of her actions, Mrs. Lich remains only charged with “counseling to create mischief,” interpreted by the communists in the Canadian judiciary as a grievous offense so serious in nature that her incarceration status must remain higher than all former terrorists encountered by the Canadian state.

“You have had plenty of opportunity to remove yourself and even others from this criminal activity but obstinately chose not to, and persistently counselled others not to either,” the judge said, adding that “this community has already been impacted enough.” (link)

Additionally, the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has requested a gag order against Mrs. Lich, which would forbid her speaking to any of the accused co-conspirator dissidents; “A non-communication order that would bar Lich from any communications with three fellow convoy organizers and leaders: Chris Barber, Pat King and B.J. Dichter.”

Following the J6 playbook to a tee, the government of Canada will likely transfer Mrs Lich to a detainment and isolation facility for re-education.  As expressed by actions of the Crown, Tamara Lich is considered more dangerous to the Canadian government than ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Now, let’s talk about Vladimir Putin in context.

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