Biden Delivers Remarks on Ukraine, Video and Transcript

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on February 22, 2022 | Sundance | 148 Comments

The installed occupant of the White House took his turn at the lectern today to read words prepared for him by others.  He took no questions. The transcript of the remarks is HERE and the nine-minute video is below.

Within the speech Biden waxed philosophically about the financial impact to Americans from his actions against Russia for their support of the eastern Ukraine breakaway effort.  “I want to limit the pain the American people are feeling at the gas pump,” Biden said, “This is critical to me.

In the bigger picture I don’t think many Americans outside the DC beltway give a flip about internal Ukrainian squabbles and Russia’s support for the Eastern Ukrainian independence effort.  However, inside the DC beltway Ukraine is very important, stunningly important, because Ukraine functions as the corrupt money laundry operation for DC politicians to receive taxpayer kickbacks from their financial support into Ukraine.

Outline of Newest Sanctions HERE

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