Western Leaders Blame Russia-Ukraine Conflict for Energy Prices, Deflecting From G7 Build Back Better and Climate Change Agenda

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on February 22, 2022 | Sundance | 328 Comments

The agenda really is quite transparent when you stop and look at it overall.  Riddle me this…

Why would the Biden administration announce yesterday they were cancelling new oil and gas leases if they were worried about the Russia-Ukraine impact on oil and gas prices?

The short answer is, they wouldn’t.

If the Biden team were worried about gas prices, they would be doing everything possible to lower gas prices as the Russia-Ukraine crisis unfolds…. but they are not.  They are doing the exact opposite.  Why? Because the Biden administration wants high gas prices as part of the Green New Deal as executed within their energy and regulatory policy.

High gas prices and high energy prices are a feature, not a flaw of Biden policy.  The goal is to achieve approximately $10/gal gasoline at which point the economics of the climate change agenda find parity over fossil fuels for the average person.

So far, it looks like gasoline will easily reach $10/gal in Biden’s term as the disposable front man for the larger agenda.  By the end of this year, we are on track to see the first $7/gal rate for gasoline in the U.S.  From there they only need increases of $1/gal per year for a few years.

In the U.S. it was previously called “The Green New Deal.”  However, the wording was shifted to “Build Back Better” upon the instructions of the global leaders who engineer the narratives.  Both plans are versions of climate change policy as deployed by the World Economic Forum.   Build Back Better is the program to push climate change policy in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Overall, the global climate change agenda is a system of new economics.  Climate change gets us to the global carbon trading system that is the holy grail of the World Economic Forum.  Carbon trading, when triggered, would automatically supersede financial market trading in scope and scale.  Again, we repeat the baseline, there are trillions at stake, and everything is about the economics.

The Biden administration and western leaders of the G7 are all chasing the same objective.  However, they do not want their citizens to realize the pain they feel is an intentional construct of their political leadership.  That’s where Vladimir Putin and the Russia-Ukraine crisis come into play as a useful tool for blame-casting.

Check out this article from today:  “Ukraine-Russia crisis could lead to highest gas prices in California history, expert says.”

(VIA ABC) – SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) — California’s already record-high gas prices are expected to get even more expensive in the coming months, according to experts, and it’s all being fueled by the crisis between Russia and Ukraine.

[…] “If Western countries come after Russia with sanctions, Russia could just say, ‘Hey, we’re just going to cut off oil,’” explained Patrick De Haan of GasBuddy. “And that could cause oil prices to spike at a time that gasoline demand is continuing to recover as COVID numbers decline.” (read more)

None of the current gas price increases have anything to do with Russia or Ukraine.   The U.S. government has completely shut down our own oil and gas industry development as intended by Joe Biden policy.  It was the very first executive order signed on the very first day in office.

YESTERDAY – “Biden revived the social cost of carbon on his first day in office, setting it at $51 per ton of CO2 emissions — the same level as set by the Obama administration. The administration was expected to release an updated figure this February”  (LINK)

The climate change agenda is at the heart of the collective world order push for a global carbon trading system.   That system is what the Paris Climate Treaty was intended to facilitate.

However, when you chase climate change policy to its logical conclusion, there was always going to be a time when the financial pain felt by the citizens was considered a major hurdle to achieve the carbon trade exchanges.   Gas prices and energy prices are going to hurt people, working families especially.  That’s why they need Vladimir Putin portrayed in the role of the bad guy who the G7 can blame for gas price increases.

Global oil demand about to surge, U.S. shale development and growth is over (Biden policy), and OPEC’s spare capacity is set to be exhausted.

All of the western leaders just need to keep the average person blaming the Russia-Ukraine crisis for the rising cost of gasoline, and all will be well.

Gas will reach $7/gal.

Putin will be blamed.



Prepare your affairs accordingly.

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