Putin Goes All-in Beyond Eastern Ukraine, Tactically Appearing to Advance for All Ukraine

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on February 24, 2022 | Sundance | 1,028 Comments

First, I did not anticipate Russia going beyond their allied region in Eastern Ukraine. I was wrong.  It appears Vladimir Putin is going for the whole enchilada as reports indicate his military operations are positioned to capture all of Ukraine, specifically the western Ukraine areas under control of the U.S. State Department.

Second, with all the prior Ukraine issues serving as a reference, it is important to remember that every media outlet in the U.S. machinery of information is untrustworthy.

U.S. intelligence manipulated information, some call misinformation and disinformation, is rampant as the U.S. has specific motives for everything that takes place in Ukraine.

In many ways Ukraine is a vassal state of U.S. leftist politics.

Ukraine has been a satellite operation for the U.S. State Department for approximately 15 to 20 years.  The U.S. has held control over Ukraine, and manipulated every political outcome inside Ukraine, for well over a decade.  This reality is the source of Vladimir Putin’s angst toward the west for the same amount of time, and it’s the same reason why the EU, specifically Germany, is tenuous in any collaborative response.

The EU, writ large (including NATO), are less interested in Ukraine, because they know Ukraine is the U.S. playground in Europe.  This truism explains why we see a conflict when it comes to responses and sanctions from the U.S. compared to the European NATO allies.

The outcome is along the line of NATO countries telling us, Ukraine is our playground, the issues are our creation, therefore when it comes to responsive action – you do you and we will look out for ourselves, but we in the EU have to live with the reality of the outcome, so our interests will likely diverge from yours depending on what Putin intends.

Vladimir Putin seeking to take the entire country of Ukraine back under his control – highlights, at least to me, that when Joe Biden took office, the scale of U.S. manipulation and influence went back to maximum levels.  This is in contrast to four years of President Trump not manipulating Ukraine or trying to use Ukraine as a vassal for U.S. foreign policy interests. Obviously, this puts the DC and Deep State (CIA and State Dept) attack on Trump, using Ukraine, into a specific context.

While there is no justification for President Putin to take all of Ukraine, an independent nation under Russian control, the Occam’s Razor geopolitical explanation would indicate Putin just reached a point where enough was enough.  Taking all of Ukraine away from U.S. control puts a stop to our using the Russian border state for our own interests.

Again, the scale and scope of Putin’s commitment here shows a particular radically strong motive to cut out what he sees as the U.S. cancer completely. This is the aspect I did not anticipate.  I expected Putin to throw a strong brush back pitch against the U.S. and retake control over eastern Ukraine, where he is appreciated.  I did not expect Putin to throw multiple fast balls directly at the head of team U.S.A.

Now, we get to the part where information warfare begins.  The same U.S. media who support the deepest part of the DC deep state, will be spinning the U.S. State Department position exclusively and with a massive amount of manipulation.  We cannot trust the CNN, WaPo, NYT version of events, because they are in alignment with the globalist intents of the Dept of State.

Inside the dynamic is another layer of ideology around climate change and energy.  The same U.S. interests who will clutch their pearls over the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, will not step up to increase energy development within the U.S. that could offset Russian influence in Europe.

It is difficult to blame Germany for not supporting the Biden demands of sanctions against Russia (SWIFT, Nordstream II, etc.), because energy dependent Germany can see the hypocrisy in the U.S. position toward energy development.

Stuck in the middle of this are the Ukraine people.   The manipulative U.S. State Dept has held control over Ukraine politics for so long, most of the Ukraine people suffer Stockholm syndrome toward us.  I doubt most of the western Ukrainian people can see how the U.S. involvement in their political affairs has put their country into this vulnerable position, in the same way most of the American people do not see the manipulation in the U.S. 2020 election.

In the big picture, China and Iran support Russia and are allies with Russia.  Collectively China, Iran and Russia will have increased direct involvement as their alliance will now confront the U.S- western alliance.   We can expect the cyber battleground (hacking etc) will be China and Russia working together, while the U.S. and western allies work together.

The bottom line is…. eventually physical power is what determines the outcome of war.

If Putin wants all of Ukraine, he will get all of Ukraine.

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