Joe Biden Holds a Press Conference Declaring “No one expected the sanctions to prevent anything from happening”

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on February 24, 2022 | Sundance | 435 Comments

Earlier today the installed current occupant of the White House delivered remarks and held a brief press conference to discuss the latest Russian entrance into Ukraine.  Simultaneously, the White House also released their latest sanctions on Russia [SEE HERE]

For well over a month Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, the White House and State Department have promoted the assembly of “harsh sanctions” as the deterrent that would keep Russia out of Ukraine.  However, when Biden was questioned by the media about the ineffectiveness of sanctions he declared, “no one expected the sanctions to prevent anything from happening.”  WATCH (prompted):

[Transcript Available Here]

Russia knows from watching Biden execute his domestic energy and regulatory policy, that Joe Biden has no intention to do anything that would support U.S. energy development.  As a consequence, Putin knows the U.S. will remain dependent on OPEC where Russia is a member.

Additionally, Europe writ large, and Germany specifically, are dependent on Russia’s oil and natural gas.  Underneath all of the saber rattling from the U.S. and NATO allies this truth remains Putin’s biggest weapon.  In essence, Putin is leveraging the western ‘global climate change’ and energy initiatives as a weapon to do whatever he wants to do, while knowing his adversaries have no options.

As the proverbial ‘west’ chases the Build Back Better climate change agenda, it becomes a structural weakness that Vladimir Putin knows he can exploit.

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