White House Defines Strategic Success Against Russia As the Value of Their Story, Who Is More Attractive to the World

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on February 24, 2022 | Sundance | 562 Comments

THIS video from the White House briefing today, you absolutely must watch to gain a fulsome understanding of how the modern political left views the world of geopolitical contests in 2022.

Deputy National Security Advisor and Deputy Director of the National Economic Council, Daleep Singh, was presented at the podium today to explain the strategic policy of the Biden administration toward Russia.

Singh’s remarks outlining the view of the ‘west’ toward defeating Russia are eloquent yet batshit crazy in their ideological context.  Daleep Singh sounds like the senior head of a Google Human Resources operation telling the department heads how they need to convey their feelings in order to hire the talent for continued growth in the industry.  This is a direct quote:

…”Ultimately, the goal of our sanctions is to make this a strategic failure for Russia; and let’s define a little bit of what that means. Strategic success in the 21st century is not about a physical land grab of territory; that’s what Putin has done.  In this century, strategic power is increasingly measured and exercised by economic strength, by technological sophistication and your story – who you are, what your values are; can you attract ideas and talent and goodwill? And on each of those measures, this will be a failure for Russia.”

WATCH (14:31, prompted):

Deputy National Security Advisor Daleep Singh boils down geopolitical power to a cultural issue of social likeability.

Let this sink in.

Realize that what he is saying is the strategy leading our foreign policy.

Even if what he was saying is reasonable, and it’s not, I’m thinking strong Russians with hot chicks, nice cars, fast boats and a culture of polite strength, loyalty and fierce protection are winning the “story” side of the argument.

In essence, he is saying the quiet part out loud…. which explains why Obama, Clinton and now Biden are using social media to advance geopolitical strategies.

Pop icons are used as influencers and ambassadors. Hollywood is the quintessential State Department.  What Singh is saying is really the true way the modern political left view politics in general, but they rarely say this stuff so openly.

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