CNN Ukraine War Correspondent Admits Producers Scour Social Media for Content to Broadcast

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on February 27, 2022 | Sundance | 272 Comments

CNN ‘War Correspondent’ Clarissa Ward accidentally explained why the public is confused about what the corporate media are saying about the Ukraine war with Russia, compared to what is actually visible about the Ukraine war with Russia.

During a segment with Brian Stelter, Ms Ward explained how CNN war corresponding in Ukraine consists of talking about material provided to her by CNN production crews who sit and scour through YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and social media posts to find the input material for their stories.

Clarissa Ward didn’t mean to expose how the propaganda of modern warfare is created, but she did.

Ward was thanking the people in the background of CNN who search social media for their Ukraine content; however, in talking about what they do, she affirmed what we already knew was taking place.

People wondering why there is no visible ‘fight’ in this war, now find the baseline which Deputy National Security Advisor Daleep Singh was talking about last week.  The State Department, intelligence community and political participants in the U.S. government are constructing the “war” against Vladimir Putin through the prism of social likeability as a cultural weapon.

When the goal is to produce content that tells the “better story,” social media becomes the battlefield.  War corresponding is reduced to using the corporate media platform to enhance the social media battlefield.  Essentially you might call this “World War Reddit.”

The CNN war correspondent doesn’t even need to be in Ukraine, except for the fact they need some form of geographical context to create the credibility.  The actual content of Ukraine material for the broadcast can just as easily be assembled in New York, California or mom’s basement in Illinois.

The social media content extracted by CNN workers, stationed anywhere, is then transmitted to the network producers who assemble the material, and a “war correspondent’ puts on a helmet and appears live on camera in Ukraine to discuss it.

This is modern journalism, aka propaganda creation, aka narrative engineering, and why there’s a lack of actual evidence for anything being attributed to the narrative surrounding the war between Ukraine and Russia.  WATCH:

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