It Always Starts With a Cultural Shift – The Totalitarian Left Begin Backing Toward the COVID Exits

Posted originally on the Conservative tree house on February 27, 2022 | Sundance | 561 Comments

In case you missed it, March 1st has been declared as the unofficial end date for COVID-19 as a political weapon.

Domestically, the political leftists, who weaponized science for their totalitarian control, have decided it is time to head for the exits.  We are now supposed to ignore the last two years of brutal impact they inflicted on society.  You can always spot the shift by looking at how Hollywood and pop culture are triggered by the messaging from the political crew.

Once given the nod, there’s a silent move toward the exits while everyone is distracted.  Of course, the exit strategy is always frustrating for those who have watched this play out.  The SNL segment is presented as humor, but when you recognize the inherent message, there’s nothing funny about it.

The left weaponized COVID for their political needs.  However, within this COVID fiasco there were real victims.  Many people lost incomes, small businesses were closed, families were torn apart as people were caught up in the frenzy.  All of that now positioned as a joke, as the professionally political left try to find a way to tell their tribe it’s over.

We are supposed to forget the pain they inflicted as loved ones were choking in anguish, unable to visit family in hospital, the funerals that were not permitted, the catastrophic damage to our children’s lives, and the massive ridicule deployed (with maximum snark) in their condescending attacks against anyone who did not kneel at the altar of COVID virtue signaling.  All of it…. ALL OF IT… now boiled down to a few jokes as they walk backwards trying to avoid the political fallout.

They are declaring victory, and moving on.

These are sick people.

They promise, the invisible thing that was going to kill you has now left the room.

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