Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok Has Found Another Vast Russian Conspiracy To Investigate

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 15, 2022 

It is pathetic and laughable, and it would be more pathetic and laughable if the ancillary issues represented by the idiocy were not so serious.

Former FBI lead Counterintelligence Agent Peter Strzok, the person who investigated the vast Trump-Russia conspiracy theory for two years and spent hundreds of millions of taxpayer funds in the process, has found another Russian conspiracy theory to promote.

Stand back and look at this from an intellectual and reasonable standard for a moment and just accept the insanity of it all.  Peter Strzok is claiming that Fox News Host Tucker Carlson and former Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard are actual Russian operatives working for the Kremlin.


Mr. Strzok has appeared on MSNBC and various other platforms to make his claim that Carlson and Gabbard are actually controlled operatives of the Russian government.  Ordinarily this would be silly, and we would laugh at him for these ridiculous political games.  But there’s something else…

What does Strzok’s outlook tell us about the current state of competency within the FBI?  This is the same guy who accused CIA asset Carter Page of being an agent of a foreign power in a fraudulent FISA application, that eventually was granted by the court to permit Title-1 surveillance on Mr. Page by Agent Strzok and his colleagues.

This is the type of person working at the top of the FBI counterintelligence operation?  It is pathetic, but unfortunately, not funny.

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