Ukraine & 911

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QUESTION: I have the deepest and highest respect for your work and your sources.If it was not the CIA orchestrating the Ukraine events who could all the Billions Obama and Nuland spent there have been going to and being used for??Nuland stating USA behind regime change on camera. Chevron Oil sign indicative?


ANSWER: The Ukraine Revolution and 911 have a common thread. In both cases, they were instigated by non-CIA type parties. Yanukovich himself inspired the revolution when he passed a bill in parliament with a quick show of hands by his communist loyal MPs contrary to the usual system of electronic voting.

Yanukovich outlawed unauthorized tents in public areas as well as erecting stages or amplifiers in public places. Those who violate the law now face a hefty fine or detention. In addition, he outlawed more than five vehicles in “Automaidan” motorcades which prompted people to display signs I am the 5th car – do not follow.

He then outlawed free speech making it a criminal act to slander any government official, including himself. The penalty was one year of hard labor in prison.

This is what caused the uprising. The Western powers could not have pulled that off. Then Yanukovich brought in Russians for his police from the East and that resulted in the Western Ukrainian police supporting the people.

The US THREATENED the people who were NOT satisfied over the politicians who then stepped up to seize power for they were still part of the same system who claimed to see the light. Without those punitive actions by Yanukovich, the people would not have risen up in such mass. The CIA was not capable of getting Yanukovich to act so irrationally.

In the case of 911, the first World Trade Center bombers drew the twin towers with planes flying into them on the wall of their cell in Manhattan’s MCC.

In both cases, the government did not instigate the events, but they stepped in a used them for political advantage. I really do not care what they may think they did, I was actually advising the people in Ukraine, not the government politicians.

Ukraine the Key to WWIII

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QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I remember you had a Ukrainian girlfriend who attended the WEC in Berlin back in 2015. Obviously, you have ties to Ukraine and have an inside view of their feelings and culture. Is this why you have little respect for Zelensky when the world calls him a hero?


ANSWER: Thanks for the picture. I have known a number of Ukrainians on both sides from Kyiv and Donestk. Nevertheless, back in 2013, I warned that our model had highlighted Ukraine as the region to focus on for war. So yes, when our computer had targeted Ukraine, I naturally sought to understand its history and culture. Even learning the spoken language gives you tremendous insight into the thinking process.

My father was a colonel under General Patton from North Africa into Berlin. He told me how Patton read Romel’s book on tactical warfare and beat him. It is NEVER what you think, it is always what your opponent thinks. This nonsense that Ukraine can defeat Putin is propaganda and it seems to cheer every death of a Ukrainian to justify hating Putin and all Russians even more. This is not just reckless, but highly dangerous for the world. It ensures that you will lose. Read Putin’s biography, “Vladimir Putin. Life History” where he states: “I just understood that if you want to win, then you have to fight to the finish in every fight, as if it was the last and decisive battle…you need to assume that there is no retreat.”

Zelensky is a fool who is too caught up in his own celebrity to make rational decisions for his own people. This has become a media blitz for him and you can see he is enjoying it. This is not the quality you want in a leader. But we seem to be plagued with the worst crop of world leaders in human history.

There was much hope when he was elected that the inherent corruption would come to an end. The leadership was either the puppet of Russia or the United States and both sides had an interest in playing. The people did not share this entrenched idea that the Donbas had to remain Ukrainian. There was a deep resentment toward Russia from the days of Stalin who starved Ukraine to pretend Communism was succeeding. I suggest you watch the film, Mr. Jones.

Most Ukrainian were raised and knew how to speak Russian as well as Ukrainian. When Yanukovich became President, he was corrupt and his sons were running protection rackets. But he was Russian ethnically and could only speak Ukrainian with an accent. He pushed the language law to make the official language both Russian and Ukrainian. Zelensky push the opposite view and passed the Ukrainian ONLY law which was a slap in the face to Donbas.

Zelensky is a puppet. He has done NOTHING to avoid war. All he has done is poke the bear intentionally. He knew well that the Belgrade Agreement required Ukraine was to remain neutral. It gave up its nuclear weapons when it was the 3rd most powerful nuclear power for it had more nukes than even China. The deal was that it would neither join NATO and for the first time, it would become an independent nation free of Russia. By pushing to join NATO Zelensky KNEW that it was breaking the Belgrade agreement of 1991 and he was refusing to allow the Donbas to vote to seek its own independence since that region was Russian. So Zelensky was playing empire claiming to hold that territory which was created by Kruchev in the first place along with Crimea which was always Russian territory.

Clearly, Zelensky has not done what he was elected for and he has constantly been trying to create World War III demanding NATO action. He is more concerned about his image than his people. Some feel that if enough Ukrainian blood is spilled, then perhaps NATO will respond and all of this for what purpose? To keep the Donbas when he has even outlawed Russian as an official language? He is either a puppet taking orders or a complete egotistical fool enjoying the world stage and not thinking about the end game. There is no defeating Putin. Putin does not believe in retreat. If he retreats it is only leading to a trap. There must be negotiation and the surrender of Donbas and Crimea and the Belgrade Agreement must be maintained – UKRAINIAN NEUTRALITY.

Many in Ukraine feel that he is taking orders from some master. Is it the World Economic Forum, the EU, NATO, or the CIA? There are plenty of rumors flying around. In the end, the truth will surface. Until then, all we are left with are our opinions. We must be careful that we are not driven to conclusions that are being fed to us by the media to achieve a particular goal determine those who pull the strings behind the curtail. What I can say is this demonizing Putin is highly dangerous and it is a physiological war tactic that is necessary to get the people hating the opposition so they will rush in to kill them without remorse.

Lara Logan Gives a Brutally Honest Assessment of Ukraine and U.S. Politics

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 20, 2022 | Sundance

Lara Logan is not the type of journalist who will pull punches when she shares insight and information.  Logan cuts to the chase and avoids pretending the issues are something other than what reality exists.

In this short interview segment, Lara Logan outlines her brutally honest perspective on why Ukraine is ultimately so important to people in power within the DC system. {Direct Rumble Link Here WATCH:

Russia Appears To Be Using Hypersonic Missiles in Ukraine

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Russia is reportedly now using hypersonic missiles to reach underground weapons storage bunkers Western Ukraine {BBC Report}.

Additionally, as a result of a missile attack on the location of the Ukrainian 79th Airborne Assault Brigade in Nikolaev (aka Mykolaiv), at least 40 Ukrainian soldiers were killed.

Western media, including Fox News, continue claiming that innocent civilian populations are being intentionally targeted by the Russian military.  However, there is scant evidence to support the claim of civilians being intentionally targeted.  That narrative appears to be part of the unfortunate western media propaganda campaign to keep support for Ukraine in the headlines.  The currently confirmed facilities targeted by Russia all appear to be military targets.

Warning graphic image below of Mykolaiv aftermath:

Bloomberg Has Inflation Advice for Proles Making Less Than $300k a Year – Shut Up, Eat Lentils, Ride the Bus and Kill Your Pets

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You might wonder what the ruling class thinks of how inflation is hitting middle America.   For insight into their perspective, Bloomberg News just published some suggestions for all the unwashed masses – as defined as those who don’t earn $300,000 per year.

The advice includes, shut up about the price of food, and eat lentils instead of meat. Quit bitching about gasoline prices, and just ride the bus, and the coup de grâce, “If you’re one of the many Americans who became a new pet owner during the pandemic, you might want to rethink those costly pet medical needs.”

Yeah, they said that.  Us pesky proles and our pets are just mucking up the planet for the rest of them.

Tweet Source Link – Article Link ]

The ‘inflation sucks, but that’s your issue, not ours’ article is authored by Teresa Ghilarducci.  According to her self-described bio, she “is the Schwartz Professor of Economics at the New School for Social Research. She’s the co-author of “Rescuing Retirement” and a member of the board of directors of the Economic Policy Institute.”

So, the think-tank economists who shape policy have a solution for all the complaining scrubs earning less than $300,000/yr who are now dealing with the inflation that leftist policy has created.  The elitist arrogance, in the “no one said this would be fun” approach, is quite remarkable.  However, it does show the snob-set no longer feel the need to filter their elitism.

The class gap has always existed, and whenever leftist policies are in place, that gap gets wider every second.

It would appear that somewhere in the recesses of Ms. Ghilarducci’s frontal cortex, she has snuffed out the glowing ember of the common sense particle given by her parents.  In the brain of the Bloomberg author, the synapse for the common sense particle was pinched between the ‘Smarter than thou tumor‘ and the expanding grey brain matter of moral relativity needed to sit and type this bulls**t.

Within her diatribe, you can see the author is lacking a guilt hypothalamus, which removes any feeling of being uncomfortable in her elitist pontifications. She types away, without a clue, as the party groupthink metastasizes in her brain.

The working class really, I mean REALLY, needs to stop servicing the group who hold this mentality.  I’ve said this before and I’ll repeat it again. Don’t do their shopping, don’t make them coffee, don’t pick up their trash, don’t clean their pools, cook their meals, accept their laundry or dry cleaning, or facilitate any process in their lives.

Don’t serve them, don’t wait on them, don’t deliver to them; instead, make them do everything themselves, and you know what will happen – they’ll collapse.

Neil Oliver, Government Creating Another Brick for Us To Place in the Walls Around Us

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Forty years ago, a rock band named Pink Floyd had a hit song, The Wall, describing the institutions of education as indoctrination machines generating thought controls.   In the era of the internet, the thought control mechanisms metastasized, but the intents of the gatekeepers remain the same.

In his weekly monologue, Neil Oliver frames new internet safety legislation in the U.K. around the issues of government-controlled speech, free thought and the recent examples of weaponized outcomes in the example of our COVID era.  [The transcript is HERE, and the internal citation he mentions from Alana Newhouse is HERE].  Oliver’s perspective is thoughtful.  WATCH:

[Transcript] – […] “Moving faster and faster, from the 1970s onwards, the online culture enabled the tiny, ideologically driven elite that created it to win and take all. The online safety bill now making its way through parliament feels a whole lot like yet another move from a playbook that is well worn by now – make us, the little folk, feel we’re in danger from something we cannot see, and promise to make us feel safe by assuming yet more control over our lives.

The technocrats moved fast and they broke stuff. They broke the national boundaries that stopped them making more money in every part of the world. All the same stuff – made for the lowest price at the expense of human beings – is, increasingly, available everywhere, so that it is harder and harder even to know where you are. Rather than setting us free, the online world is, more and more, about uniformity and conformity. Much more of this and it won’t matter where you are anyway.

This is not just about the online safety bill – obviously it’s not. That piece of legislation is just another brick in the wall. During the past two years, we have been swiftly and efficiently herded to the opening of a whole new era. Most people did what they were told, in hopes of feeling safe.

And yet let’s stop for a minute and look at where we are, right now, on account of what we were told to do for the best: a cost of living crisis of the sort few alive today have ever seen and no credible ideas about how most might cope with the hits that are coming; spiking inflation; energy prices rising in a way that is out of control; restated commitment to carbon Net-Zero and, now, a land war in Europe that could go in any direction at the drop of a hat. This is where and what we’ve been brought to by those that insisted, with the full weight and force of the law behind them, they would keep us safe, safe from ourselves. In fact, while a handful of billionaires doubled their wealth, the world is apparently more dangerous than ever before.

In recent years, faster and faster every day, the technocrats, corporations and the governments with whom they enjoyed a relationship you might describe as friends with benefits, saw to the breaking or the setting aside of the institutions, long in the building, that really had kept us safe and allowed us freedom to transact with one another, in all manner of fruitful ways: education, bodily autonomy, parliament, employment rights, journalism, even the privately owned businesses on the High Street.

The authorities told the churches to close their doors on their congregations during Covid and most, shamefully, complied. Even the past itself was vilified and dismissed as corrupt, malign, only to be ashamed of. So much of what had grown over centuries, even millennia, to give us real shelter and protection, meaning in our lives, has been methodically steamrollered flat and replaced with the thinking and morals of so-called and self-proclaimed progressives who looked around at all that had been and merely sneered. Most recently, even the biological difference between men and women has been discarded – so that much of the foundation of medical science and also feminism, has been dismissed as mere bigotry. To declare that there are two sexes, and that those sexes matter, is hate-speak.

Across the board we have replaced discussion and debate with a new game where the only acceptable move is to take turns repeating and so validating the narrow world view of those progressives who have so efficiently exploited the technological revolution to create a world shaped in their own image and designed to benefit them and them only.

But of course, every one of you still awake already knows all of what I have just said, anyway. We have this understanding in common and, if nothing else, it has kept us connected and sane in an increasingly insane world that has been deliberately manipulated to make every last one of us feel alone. They shut the pubs, the schools, the churches and made us stay in our homes so that our only means of communication was via the online world they controlled.

Here’s the thing: I don’t know about you, but I have had about as much doom and gloom as I can take, these two years past, and I am a naturally miserable person, I will be the first to admit it! From now on, and as much as possible, I propose to look for the light and the fresh air of promise and potential.

What I feel, more strongly every day, is that there is a way to fix this. Or if not to fix it exactly – because some things are beyond fixing – at least to resist its effects and to offer other ways. Ways for those of like mind to turn away from what is being broadcast at us every moment of every day by every means available – and to try something different. (read more)

You Were Born With a Brain Allowing You To Process Information

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CTH has encountered criticism for our position on information.  Perhaps it is important to step back and explain exactly why we should not be playing by rules established to control us while engaged in the battle of ideas.  First, my position:

…”There is no such thing as “disinformation” or “misinformation”.  There is only information you accept and information you do not accept.  You were not born with a requirement to believe everything you are told; rather, you were born with a brain that allows you to process the information you receive and make independent decisions.”… 

There are only two elements within the public discussion of information, truth and not truth.

In an era filled with “fact-checkers” and institutional guardians at the gates of Big Tech, let me explain exactly why it is important not to accept the speech rules of the guards.

When you accept the terms “disinformation”, “misinformation” or the newest lingo, “malinformation,” you are beginning to categorize truth and lies in various shades.  You are merging black and white, right and wrong, into various shades of grey.

When your mind works in the grey zone, you are, by direct and factual consequence, saying there is a problem.  You are correct; however, this is where people may make a mistake. That problem is supposed to be there.

It is not a solution to the problem to try and remove the grey simply because it takes too much work to separate the white pixels from the black ones.  You were born with a gift, the greatest gift a loving God could provide.  You were born with a brain and set of natural instincts that are tools to do this pixel separation, use them.

If you define the grey work as a problem you cannot solve on your own, you open the door for others to solve that problem for you.  You begin to abdicate the work, and that’s when trouble can enter.  The sliding scale of Pinocchios is one of the most familiar yet goofy outcomes.

Put more clearly, when you accept the terminology “disinformation”, you accept a problem.  The problem is then the tool by which authorities will step in to make judgements.  Speech, in its most consequential form, is then qualified by others to whom you have sub-contracted your thinking.

When you willingly sub-contract information filters to others, you have lost connection with the raw information.   CTH was founded upon the belief that truth has no agenda, nor does it care about you, your feelings, or your opinion of it.  It just sits there, empirically existing as evidence of information in its most pure form.

The search for truth, in all things, is the mission objective of this assembly.   Often, we don’t like the truth; often, the truth is bitter, cold, challenging and even painful to accept.  However, the truth doesn’t care.  Information in its most raw form is ambivalent to your opinion.  If you struggle to accept these things, that’s when you need grey.  The New York Times is not called the “grey lady” accidentally.

Personally, I am an absorber of information – perhaps on a scale that is unusual.  But I do not discount information from any form until I can put context to it and see if the information makes sense given all the variables present.  When something doesn’t feel right, it’s almost always because it isn’t right.

Often, I find myself struggling in the grey and complex.  It is not unusual to spend days researching, digging, clarifying a situation, only to discover the path to finding the truth is in another direction entirely.   Erasing everything and starting over is frustrating, but it is genuinely the only approach that works; and often finding truth is supposed to be difficult, that’s why it is rewarding.

In the digital information age, we are bombarded with information.  It is easy to be overwhelmed and need to find something or someone who has better skills at separating the black grains from the white ones.  All opinions in this quest should be considered; thus, it is important to allow the free flow of information.

I am not necessarily a speech absolutist.  There is some language that needs to be constrained if we are to participate in a respectful society, with grandma’s rules and knowing the audience.  The CTH has guidelines for comments for this exact reason.  However, those constraints need to be based on a set of inherent values.   When it comes to information it is important to draw a distinction from speech.

There needs to be an open venue for all information. Unfortunately, when we begin to apply labels or categorization to information, there’s an opportunity for information to be manipulated – even weaponized.  Saul Alinsky spent decades pondering the best techniques to weaponize information and speech.  Alinsky’s intentions in the endeavor to change society by changing how language and information was used were not good. He devoted his completed rulebook book to Lucifer.

Be careful about anyone saying we need to label or categorize information in order to control or remove speech from the discussion.

You were not born with a requirement to believe everything you are told; rather, you were born with a God-given brain that allows you to process the information you receive and make independent decisions.

If U.S. Intelligence Will Lie So Easily About Anything, Why Would We Believe Them About Ukraine?

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 19, 2022 | Sundance

Why would we believe anything from them about Ukraine?

(New York Post) […] “There have been no consequences. Twitter and Facebook still censor information based on political bias, and Congress takes no action. Many of the letter signers continue to be used as “experts” by the media.” (read more)

When we wrote about the media effort in 2018 {Go Deep}, specifically the collusion between the intelligence and national security agencies of the United States government, I asked the question, “Do we really think such a catastrophic level of corrupted journalism could reconstitute into genuine reporting of fact-based information?”  The answer then, as now, is the same, NO.  Indeed, it has only gotten worse in the past four years.

For the past several days, I have been highlighting a simple question on social media about something missing in the Ukraine story.

Where are the social media posts, from Ukraine citizens, that would support the narrative, as it is being told by Western media, about events happening in Ukraine?

Seemingly, Ukraine is the only conflict in modern human history where a pop culture society of more than 40 million technologically connected people decided not to document every moment of it on social media.

Considering the scale and scope of the conflict, and considering the Ukraine population of more than 40 million is far larger than Canada, and considering that population is located in a country the size of Texas, and considering they are a western technologically connected society with tens of millions of cell phones, we should be seeing a great deal of footage, pictures and images from ordinary Ukrainian citizens.  However, we don’t. Why?

I’m not talking about the professional war social media accounts, and/or military-centric accounts, which, to be fair do have lots of images and footage of Russian and Ukrainian conflicts.  I’m talking about the ordinary man/woman in the major population centers, who under normal circumstances would be generating tens-of-thousands of social media posts to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, YouTube, etc.

Western media are telling us that Russia is randomly shelling, bombing and targeting all of these civilian targets in urban areas.  Yet, there’s nothing visible.  Almost everything you see is from Eastern Ukraine where a civil war has been ongoing for over a decade.

Whatever is happening in the rest of Ukraine is the least documented conflict in modern social media.  It just seems odd.  It’s as if there is a massive disconnect between the portrayal of western media, in comparison to the actual reality inside Ukraine.

(CNN Portugal) – [TRANSLATED] – Ukraine has opened the barracks to foreign fighters, who join an army that has to adapt those who have not been trained there. Some are Portuguese, “fighters in quotation marks”, as the government of the government Portuguese. Among these Portuguese there are former commandos, ex-paratroopers – and a 29-year-old mechanic, who spent 15 days at the Yavoriv military base, was bombed and left for not giving him weapons. I’ve never taken one before. It is the first account of a Portuguese about how the fighting lived at the military base and why he gave up fighting.

We call it n.s. The 29-year-old Portuguese mechanic had never taken a weapon of war in his life, but it was in the first waves of foreigners joining the Ukrainian military in the so-called international legion. He entered the Yavoriv military base on March 1. He left two weeks later – after the heavy Russian bombardments on this city of Ukraine, which caught him with the Ukrainians but unarmed.

N.S.’s account serves to realize an ongoing history in the war in Ukraine, which opened the borders, doors, barracks and arms to foreign fighters. Many continue to arrive, “knock on the door” at the border and say they want to fight. The first ones entered soon, now there are those who have signed up and are in hotels waiting to be called.

The international legion is seen with reservations by many experts and even governments – such as Portuguese – because there is everything: professionals and amateurs, mercenaries and volunteers, ex-military and people with no experience, who receive quick formations and weapons to hand.

They are “fighters in quotes”, so called them two days ago the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Augusto Santos Silva, without hiding their reservations. Portugal “does not agree with these procedures” of people, he stressed. “We understand that this is not the most effective way to support Ukrainians in their right to self-defense and is not part of the tradition or way of being of the Portuguese, nor is it the way Portugal contributes to international security,” explained the head of Portuguese diplomacy. Santos Silva commented on the news that at least seven Portuguese were in Ukraine with military objectives. Some of them were at the Yavoriv military base when it was attacked on Sunday by Russian troops

One of them was N.S.

From the couch to the war – What made N.S. take the car and go from southern France, where he has lived since 2014, to poland’s border with Ukraine to say he wanted to fight? One impulse: “I didn’t think it made sense to sit around and watch a country, civilians, including children, being killed. In addition, there is a risk that one day the Russians will attack the rest of Europe.” He made the decision and left overnight, leaving his wife and four-year-old son at home. “I left a letter explaining. It was a shock to her. It’s all right now.”

“When I got to the Ukrainian border I told him what I was going to. They then called some men who took me to the advanced command post. I was the subject of an interrogation. In the end, they took me to the military base, which was already active.” When he arrived, he signed an uncertain term contract “until the war was over” – that’s how he said it – and they gave him the uniform.

At first, he says, platoons with foreigners were not yet well organized and constituted. The volunteers walked around the base – a large structure, with several buildings and dressing rooms. He soon met Portuguese, a former paratrooper who, meanwhile, was placed on special forces teams that are on missions through Ukraine, to “clean up the cities attacked by the Russians”.

He spent 15 days at the base in training. He’d wake up at 6:30 a.m. and join the military parade in the courtyard to listen to the commander. At 7:00 a.m. they exercised and an hour later they had breakfast. The morning was then devoted to training. “They gave us lectures of various kinds. Some to know the Russian weapons and the weak points of the opponent, others about first-hand.” They had lunch and were still in training. In the second week he lived at the base began to have intensive training of combat tactics, offensive, lines of defense, among many other topics. “I learned the art of war,” says N.S., who at a young age tried to join the Marines but broke an arm, which prevented him from following his career.

N.S. was one of the Portuguese volunteers who were at the Yavoriv military base on Sunday when Russia bombed the land in that area, just 25 kilometres from the NATO border. A few hours later, at least 35 people were killed and 134 wounded in the attack on the base near Lviv.

Because he had no military experience, he did not have weapons assigned that day. Unlike other colleagues, I had never left the base on a mission. “It was planned that that day – when the bombing took place – my platoon would finally receive the weapons.”

It was a night of terror, he reports. “I was in bed when I was 4 in the morning I noticed from the noise that we were going to be attacked.” At the first explosion he jumped out of bed. Since he always slept dressed in his uniform, he just had to stick his boots on his feet – he didn’t even tie them – pick up his phone and get out of the dressing room.

Unarmed, he even made a first attempt to go to the area where the special forces were installed, to see if there were weapons, “but at that time everything was still locked.” He was in the middle of the explosions.

“I watched live two explosions and two buildings falling. About 100 meters away, a missile went straight into a barracks where people were, was destroyed, burned. The same thing happened in front of me in a building by the canteen.” I could feel the missiles going over him. “I’m not quite sure of the time, I think there were many for 30 minutes.”

Without weapons, he recalls, he went into hiding in the nearby forest, as the security protocol that was transmitted to them. He stood there, in the middle of the trees, where other colleagues were, until everything calmed down. “When the missiles were over, we returned to the base and were regrouped to see if there were dead, missing or injured. It took four hours to regroup and put together the defense plan.”

At the base there would be about 2000 in several companies, he estimates. These, based on the strategic plan defined, were spread over several points of defense of the base, that of N.S. was on the runway of helicopters. They were ordered to stay in line with the defense, “to defend the basis of the Russian attack that everyone believed was going to happen.” In the area where it was placed there would be about 200 volunteers, mostly unarmed. That’s when his distress and that of some other military personnel began. “We made ‘pools’ trying to get supplies and weapons.”

It was after he decided to abandon the Ukrainian army, leave the base and return home. “After the bombing, everyone in the army thought there was going to be a russian ground attack. And that’s why they told us to stay in lines of defense. I stood there, no gun, no vest, no helmet. I realized that I could not continue like this”, tells CNN Portugal the volunteer who prefers to keep discretion in his identification for fear of being confused with a mercenary, which he guarantees not to be. “My goal was to fight, and if I died, it would be a gun in my hand. So we were just cannon meat.” (read more)

Planet Lockdown Interview (Full Interview)

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Let Them Eat Pie

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