Sunday Talks, Zelenskyy Says Willing To Talk to Russian President Putin, but if Talks Fail It Would Mean World War III

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 20, 2022

Appearing on CNN, the official state broadcast network for the U.S. State Department, Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy told the DoS Public Relations spokesperson Fareed Zakaria that he is willing to sit down to negotiate with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  However, in the worldview of Zelenskyy, if those talks failed it would mean World War III.

That’s an odd statement by Zelenskyy considering that any WW-III triggering would need NATO and the U.S. to enter it.  Why would Zelenskyy speak on behalf of the United States and NATO unless he has received that message in advance?   If the U.S. and NATO have assured Zelenskyy they would directly engage in a war with Russia, wouldn’t that be something the citizens of those countries -especially us- would have to be consulted on?

Either: (1) the statement by Zelenskyy is undiplomatically presumptuous; or (2), he’s trying to drag us into his war; or (3), U.S. government officials speaking on our behalf have already made those assurances.  None of those scenarios are good.  WATCH:

(Via CNN) […] “I’m ready for negotiations with him. I was ready for the last two years. And I think that without negotiations we cannot end this war.  I think that we have to use any format, any chance in order to have a possibility of negotiating, possibility of talking to Putin. But if these attempts fail, that would mean that this is a third World War.” 

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