Biden Says U.S. Govt Has No Money to Fight Pandemic, Moments Later Biden Says U.S. Govt Sending $500 Million to Ukraine

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 30, 2022 | Sundance 

During a speech to highlight the administration’s ongoing effort to battle COVID-19, today Joe Biden said:

WHITE HOUSE – […] “Congress hasn’t provided enough money to keep purchasing these monoclonal bo- — antibodies.  We’ve had to cancel planned orders and cut the supply we’re sending to the states.  Without more funding, we’ll start to run out of them by the end of May — the end of May.  We’ve also had to scale back our plan to purchase more preventive therapies for Americans who are immunocompromised — critical tools to protect the most vulnerable among us.  Without more funding, we risk running out of the supply by this fall.” (link)

Approximately 3 minutes after making that speech, the White House provided a readout from a telephone call between Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy that took place shortly before the speech:

WHITE HOUSE – “President Biden informed President Zelenskyy that the United States intends to provide the Ukrainian government with $500 million in direct budgetary aid” (link)

We the People are in an abusive relationship with our government.

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