Must Watch, Three Minutes of Truth Bombs Delivered in the Australian Senate

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 30, 2022 | Sundance 

People criticize CTH saying ‘stop revealing the evidence of problems and start talking about the solutions‘.  What critics do not realize is we are not trying to win a battle, we are trying to win a war.  Every person who accepts the reality of the problem, becomes the solution.  CTH will not stop revealing, digging, researching and revealing the truth as it can be found.   Again, I am not Paul Revere.  I am the guy who hangs the lantern.  YOU are Paul Revere.

An Australian Senator from South Australia named Alex Antic {Facebook Link} delivered a speech in Parliament that deserves widespread attention.  This is three minutes of unrelenting truth bombs. Each sentence represents a detonation in the heart of globalism.  WATCH:

People want an elevator speech they can share and explain.  Alex Antic just gave you one. [Facebook Link]

Alex Antic did not kill himself.

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