Biden Administration Preparing Illegal Aliens to Rig 2022 Election

Armstrong Economics Blog/Immigration Re-Posted Jan 28, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

We have a major crisis brewing which appears to be why our computer has projected a Panic Cycle in 2022 and 2024 in politics, which it has not done since the Great Depression. This is a major effort by the left to take over the country, and undermine the Constitution if not scrap it entirely. The scheme is to filter in illegal aliens who are now pouring into the country, shipping them off to key states that the Democrats need to take like Florida. Plane after plane is dumping illegal aliens in Miami, in particular.

FOX News has captured on video what everyone knows has been taking place. DeSantis has proposed spending $8 million to deport all the illegal aliens Biden is dumping into Florida in the middle of the night. I have warned back in November that the Biden Administration is deliberately allowing illegal aliens in, granting them residency and then voting rights before the November 2022 election. Biden sent his proposal to Congress in January 2021 that he calls the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021,

Every trick in the book is being played out to rig the 2022 election. That is why the Democrats were trying to change the voting to where no ID was necessary, claiming they were doing this for clacks. This is a fraud, for blacks have IDs like everyone else. You cannot get a job without ID, welfare, unemployment, or travel. The only people who do not have IDs are all the illegal UNDOCUMENTED aliens Biden is allowing to pour into the country so they can vote against Americans of all races and religions.

This is all about the globalist Agenda 2030 being directed by the World Economic Forum. Schwab is out to overthrow the United States and to strip our nation of all sovereignty and hand even our military force to be “shared” among nations directed by the United Nations. Every politician supporting this agenda is committing treason but because the very people in charge of running the country are in fact committing treason, there is ZERO chance anyone will investigate. The Press has surrendered its role to protect the people and the nation.

Welcome to the REAL conspiracy, and they use WOKE to divide us and hope we will never WAKE UP to the real threat to our future and that of our children.

Trudeau Can’t Hide

Armstrong Economics Blog/Canada Re-Posted Jan 28, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Days before the Freedom Convoy was expected to arrive in Ottawa, Justin Trudeau announced that he would be self-isolating after being exposed to COVID. Luckily the protestors are in no rush. In fact, they plan to gridlock Ottawa until all vaccine mandates are eliminated.

“This is not about the vaccine, by the way. There’s nobody in here that’ll tell you it’s about vaccines on this entire convoy. We’ve got double jabbed, we’ve got single jabbed, we’ve got no jabbed, we’ve got the boosted,” said James Bauder, founder of the Canada Unity Foundation, one of the groups organizing the Freedom Convoy.

Trudeau has dismissed the movement that he feels represents a “small fringe minority of people” with “unacceptable views.” Trudeau is so out of touch with reality that he does not realize that most Canadians are fed up with mandates and are not willing to give up their remaining freedoms. Even the Ottawa police have said that the Freedom Convoy has been cooperative and peaceful. “We don’t have any risk information to suggest that people or business owners need to barricade themselves into their homes or businesses or that they need to close,” said Chief Peter Sloly.

Trudeau can run, but he can’t hide. This is not about the vaccine itself. This is about retaining freedom and taking back liberties that Trudeau ripped away from Canadians. According to the Guinness World Records, the longest convoy occurred in Egypt during 2020 and reached almost five miles. Will the Freedom Convoy 2022 break this record? The parade of trucks in Egypt consisted of 480 trucks, but the Toronto Sun estimates 50,000 trucks could participate in this demonstration.

GoFundMe Freezes Over $4 Million in Funds Raised for Canada’s Truckers

Armstrong Economics Blog/Corruption Re-Posted Jan 28, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Canadian truckers have continually demonstrated their resistance to tyranny with ongoing demonstrations amid freezing temperatures. Over 55,000 people supported “The ‘Freedom Convoy 2022” and donated over $4 million on the crowdfunding site GoFundMe. In response, the company has frozen access to all donated funds with a vague explanation as to why.

“We require that fundraisers be transparent about the flow of funds and have a clear plan for how those funds will be spent. In this case, we are in touch with the organizer to verify that information,” Rachel Hollis, a spokeswoman for GoFundMe, said in an email. “Funds will be safely held until the organizer is able to provide the documentation to our team about how funds will be properly distributed.”

Tamara Lich, the campaign’s creator, said that this was simply a scare tactic. “Freedom Convoy 2022” has a clear message on its site: “We are taking our fight to the doorsteps of our Federal Government and demanding that they cease all mandates against its people. Small businesses are being destroyed, homes are being destroyed, and people are being mistreated and denied fundamental necessities to survive.” Furthermore, the site said that all donated funds would go toward “fuel, food and lodgings to help ease the pressures of this arduous task.” Since over 50,000 truckers have been protesting across Western Canada to Ottawa, the expenses are rising.

This is not the first time GoFundMe has frozen funds intended for a good cause. A 16-year-old boy passed away days after receiving the Pfizer vaccine due to heart failure. In response, GoFundMe removed the boy’s campaign from their website for “prohibited conduct.” The grieving father launched another campaign on the crowdfunding site Life Funder, which may become more popular as people move away from GoFundMe. I would not want to donate money through a platform that feels the pious obligation to decide which causes are worthy of donations.

Has the Sea Level Really Risen?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Climate Re-Posted Jan 28, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

NASA claims: Over the past 100 years, global temperatures have risen about 1 degree C (1.8 degrees F), with sea-level response to that warming totaling about 160 to 210 mm (with about half of that amount occurring since 1993), or about 6 to 8 inches. And the current rate of sea-level rise is unprecedented over the past several millennia.

I have lived on the beach most of my life. I have yet to see any noticeable rise in sea levels. The 2007 Climate Change report said that if the entire North Pole melted, this would result in a rise of 23

Here is Gore explaining that forecast with a map of Florida. I will point out the bottom part of the state is wetlands and marsh. They call it the Everglades. I live by Tampa, and that does not go beneath the sea, nor do most sea-hugging cities.

Not a single forecast Gore has made EVER came true. In fact, his film was held in a court of law to be untrue and misleading. Al Gore used his theory to gather a personal fortune that has exceeded $300 million. Gore’s movie, “An Inconvenient Truth,” put forth nothing but propaganda. It was challenged in the courts in London when they were trying to force students to watch it. The court found that Gore’s documentary contains nine key scientific errors. The judge declined to ban the Academy Award-winning film from British schools but ruled that it can ONLY be shown with guidance notes to prevent political indoctrination (see Telegraph 10/11/2007).

Yet this is the guy pushing the climate change agenda at the World Economic Forum. It has been Gore who is in league with Green Peace, and it was Green Peace’s Jennifer Morgan who escorted Greta Thurnberg to Davos. They have used Greta to try to sell their agenda and that failed.

No matter what evidence you supply, they are INCAPABLE of ever admitting a mistake. They raise tons of money on their theories. If they admitted they were wrong, the money would stop, and they would find themselves in court by all the people they have harmed.

There is far too much self-interest here to simply admit they made a mistake. The worst-case scenario was 23 inches if the entire North Pole melted. This has become a joke, but the joke is on us. In Canada, every house pays a global warming tax. The United Nations seeks to get all the nationals of the world to hand them the power to rule the world and to tax everyone on the planet 10% to fill the storage rooms at the UN with endless supplies of money.

Welcome to the Climate Scam.

US & NATO Refuse to Grant any Concession to Russia

Armstrong Economics Blog/War Re-Posted Jan 27, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

It appears that the powers that be, have been wanting Russia to invade Ukraine and are probably going to church every day to light candles and pray for war. They desperately need a war to move on from COVID and the standard belief is that Biden needs to get his polls up. Pelosi has postponed her retirement because Biden is such a disaster that the Democrats fear they need to maintain some familiar voice and the is Pelosi and Schumer.

What they are NOT counting on is a coordinated effort between Russia and China. Next week starts the volatility. So be mindful that these people now need a war for the resistance against COVID has been far greater than they anticipated.

Is Government the New God? – The Religion of Totalitarianism

Posted originally on Rumble by Academy of Ideas  on January 5, 2022

Japan Restricts Exports of AI Facial Technology

Armstrong Economics Blog/Technology Re-Posted Jan 8, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

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(The video above shows Chinese university students using facial recognition technology to pay for their meals)

The Japanese government is restricting facial recognition exports over growing concern of China’s extreme surveillance measures. A recent report from Tokyo’s Central News Agency (CNA) states that China has been using AI-powered facial recognition technology to “deploy large-scale surveillance systems to restrict people’s movement in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and other places.” In addition to citing national security, the nation is aiming to prevent advanced technology from infringing upon human rights.

Japan is not alone in its plight as numerous countries, including the US, are now assessing whether technology ranging from facial recognition to cameras coming from China are safe for use. This is mainly for the government’s safety; your government is already tracking you.

You Know the Global Elites are Triggered When the Propaganda Institutions Collaborate to Refute “Mass Formation Psychosis”

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Well, butter my buns and call me a biscuit… if this ain’t the biggest revealing tell in years.

Apparently Big Tech and big propaganda media, Reuters and the Associated Press, have joined together to refute the concept of “Mass Formation Psychosis”, and pushed their collective narrative into the narrative engineering system:

The Associated Press – SEE HERE and Reuters – SEE HERE, quickly rush to the “fact check” typeset to stop people from recognizing what is most likely the cause of their own psychosis.   In a world where things are no longer shocking, this is, well, a little shocking, in a weird and seemingly Orwellian kind of way.

Yes Alice, the same “experts” and media who are credibly accused of creating/enabling the mass formation psychosis would like to assure us that no such reality exists.  This is almost too funny.

(AP) – […] “The concept has no academic credibility,” Stephen Reicher, a social psychology professor at the University of St Andrews in the U.K., wrote in an email to The Associated Press.  The term also does not appear in the American Psychological Association’s Dictionary of Psychology.

“Psychosis” is a term that refers to conditions that involve some disconnect from reality. According to a National Institutes of Health estimate, about 3% of people experience some form of psychosis at some time in their lives.

[…]  The description of “mass formation psychosis” offered by Malone resembles discredited concepts, such as “mob mentality” and “group mind,” according to John Drury, a social psychologist at the University of Sussex in the U.K. who studies collective behavior. The ideas suggest that “when people form part of a psychological crowd they lose their identities and their self-control; they become suggestible, and primitive instinctive impulses predominate,” he said in an email.

That notion has been discredited by decades of research on crowd behavior, Drury said. “No respectable psychologist agrees with these ideas now,” he said.

Multiple experts told the AP that while there is evidence that groups can shape or influence one’s behaviors — and that people can and do believe falsehoods that are put forward by the leader of a group — those concepts do not involve the masses experiencing “psychosis” or “hypnosis.” (read more)

Reuters offers this simultaneous rebuttal:

(Reuters) – “Mass formation psychosis” is not an academic term recognized in the field of psychology, nor is there evidence of any such phenomenon occurring during the COVID-19 pandemic, multiple experts in crowd psychology have told Reuters.

[…] There is no evidence to suggest a “mass formation psychosis” has occurred during the pandemic, experts told Reuters. The term itself is not recognised among academics, and modern research into crowd psychology has shown that crowds do not behave in mindless or non-individualistic ways. (more)

Once a collective group creates an alternate reality of itself, in this case a totalitarian reality based on government needing to create an irrational illusion of fear that becomes part of the accepted national identity, how can anyone call attention to the outcomes without finding themselves in front of the board of inquisition who organizes the collective?

Put another way… if the pod under your bed malfunctioned, but the pods under all the other beds in the city worked, what happens when you awaken and realize you are not one of them, but you must engage in the world of them while looking for others -like yourself- whose pods hopefully malfunctioned?   That is the current challenge for anyone trying to communicate on contrary evidence and yet avoid the ire from the collective board of COVID compliance who have successfully brainwashed the audience.

As a rather prescient Lewis Carroll shared so brilliantly in his novel of Alice, Through The Looking Glass:

“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be. And what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?”

So here we are.

Cheers !

Epic, Jeff Perrine 3 Minute Remarks to Lincoln, California, School Board Go Viral

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Jeff Perrine is a California dad who has had enough.  A December confrontation with the Lincoln, California, school board is going viral on Twitter because his words speak for so many.   Jeff Perrine Twitter HERE.   Jeff Perrine YouTube HERE.

Only has 294 views on YouTube, but LOL that won’t last long.  There are a few salty words amid the speech.  As noted by Mr. Perrine: “I give an extemporaneous impromptu talk at the local School Board meeting in Lincoln CA Dec. 21st 2021. About the mask mandate and other things, they want to mandate.”  ENJOY:

Another viewpoint showing the faces of the board members.

Brilliant, Neil Oliver Goes There

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Neil Oliver goes there, directly to the epicenter of “build back better.”   In this monologue not only does Oliver highlight the connective tissue and motives of the elite, but he also references their words to point out the bigger leftist agenda at work.  WATCH:

Point One – The “Build Back Better” agenda (in every nation) was never about anything except radical climate change legislation.  Once you accept that baseline, things start to become much clearer.

Point Two – The “Build Back Better” phrase came from the World Economic Forum and was promoted by a multitude of international leaders and left-wing organizations.   That reality then brings up the most important point.  To get to “building back better”, you first need to destroy something.  That thing they needed to destroy was the global economic dependency on carbon-based fuel supplies (oil, gas, coal, etc.).

Point Three – In order to destroy the ‘something of that scale’, the energy program for the entire world, something massive is needed to fundamentally change the entire world approach toward energy production.  Something is needed to create the crisis that provides the origin for the process to initiate.

Point Four – That triggering mechanism was/is SARS-CoV-2, or what we now call COVID-19 and all variants therein.

There you have it.  That’s the summary soup to nuts explanation of why a virus was created, and the subsequent panic pushing to create social structures that would facilitate the global acceptance of an entire new economic system that would be designed around saving the planet.

Through the prism of that motive, all irreconcilable panic-selling from government entities starts to make sense.

You don’t have to be a true believer at the top of the climate change pyramid to see the massive financial opportunities created by an agenda to structurally change the entire foundation of energy use on a global scale.

Factually, I would be surprised if the biggest people within Klaus Schwab’s WEF believed in anything even resembling climate change.  However, they would see the opportunity for a massive shift in global wealth, and with that comes a myriad of mechanisms and more opportunities to control it.

As I have repeated on these pages for a decade, everything is downstream from the economics of everything.  The love of money and power is at the root of all evil.

Fascism was traditionally defined as an authoritarian government working hand-in-glove with corporations to achieve objectives. A centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, using severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

That system of government didn’t work in the long-term, because the underlying principles of free people reject government authoritarianism.  Fascist governments collapsed, and the corporate beneficiaries were nulled and scorned for participating.  Then, along came a new approach to achieve the same objective.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) was created to use the same fundamental associations of government and corporations.  Only this time it was the multinational corporations who organized to tell the government(s) what to do.  The WEF was organized for multinational corporations to assemble and tell the various governments how to cooperate with them, in order to be rewarded by them.   Corporatism was/is the outcome.  The government now doing what the multinationals tell them to do, and in return the multinationals install the compliant politicians

Fascism, the cooperation between government and corporations, is still the underlying premise; the World Economic Forum simply flipped the internal dynamic putting the corporations in charge of handing out the instructions.

What results is a slightly modified definition of fascism:

A massive multinational corporate conglomerate; telling a centralized autocratic government leader what to do; and using severe economic and social regimentation as a control mechanism; combined with forcible suppression of opposition by both the corporations and government.

Doesn’t that define our current reality, especially in the era of COVID?

The instructions from the multinationals to government would be called “Build Back Better”.

The triggering mechanism to create the crisis (BBB is designed to solve), is called SARS-CoV-2.

The program to control backlash and ensure sheeple compliance from various populations would be called “a vaccine.”

Driving fear of the Rona would be needed and disproportionate to the risk itself.   This keeps backlash in line (lockdowns, regulations etc).  If any opposition to the agenda begins to mount, the same people pushing the originating narrative then create and push a variant.  The variant, real or imagined, is then pushed forward in order to get compliance (acceptance of the BBB objective) back on track.

In my opinion, structurally changing the global economy around the threat of climate change is what this entire Coronavirus mess is all about.  They needed the virus to trigger the crisis.  The crisis then creates the roadmap to rebuilding all society -on a global level- away from fossil fuels.

Put another way: the motive behind the origin of the Coronavirus is climate change.